Beware – babies are coming! 8

We breed at the planet’s peril. They say.

The Daily Caller reports:

During a discussion series … at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars in Washington, D.C., speaker and activist Kavita Ramdas argued that contraceptives should be part of a strategy to save the planet, calling lower birth rates a “common sense” part of a climate-change reduction strategy.

Kavita Ramdas is “executive director of the Program on Social Entrepreneurship at Stanford University”.

“Social Entrepreneurship”. Another pseudo-science to entice kids into dead-end courses at universities?

At the event, titled “Women’s Health: Key to Climate Adaptation Strategies,” Ramdas pointed to studies conducted by health consultants at the for-profit Futures Group, the government-funded National Center for Atmospheric Research and the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis, in Austria, to connect contraception with climate change.

Ramdas told The Daily Caller that the research shows “empowering women to time their pregnancies” and avoid unwanted births would reduce carbon emissions between 8 to 15 percent globally.

8 to 15 percent? Wonderful what they can calculate, these mathematical geniuses of the global warming lobby!

“It is common sense that when women are able to plan their pregnancies, populations grow more slowly and as a result so do greenhouse gas emissions,” she explained. “Providing access to contraception and preventative health should be one of the many effective strategies used to fight climate change.” …

Global warming activists argue increasing greenhouse gas emissions, partly resulting from unsustainable population growth, is resulting in “environmental devastation” such as frequent severe weather events and rising sea levels.

There it is. Doom. You go and have babies and what happens? Tornados whip up, seas rise, the earth heats, deserts spread.

The United States and other countries with high levels of emissions, Ramdas [said], have the potential to make the biggest impact by making contraception more accessible.

So it’s not the ignorant Third World that’s breeding too much; its the First World, and in particular the USA.

She said every child in America absorbs, on average, 40 percent more of the earth’s resources than children in other countries.

Greedy little imperialist pigs!

Ramdas isn’t the first activist to suggest a connection between global warming and birth rates.

At a January “Climate Change, Population and Sustainability” event organized by Aspen Global Health and Development, International Planned Parenthood Federation regional director Carmen Barroso said limiting population growth may reduce carbon emissions significantly. …

“It’s about the facts,” said Barroso. … “Recent research shows that meeting this need, and thereby slowing population growth, could reduce carbon emissions by 16 to 29 percent of the emission reductions necessary to avoid dangerous climate change.”

16 to 29 percent now, not 8 to 15? Or is it just fluffy math?

The anti-human ethos is not without its critics in the profession:

Myron Ebell, director of the Center for Energy and Environment, said the “population issue” has been underneath the surface of the global warming debate since it began. Activists’ solution to that particular problem, he explained, has always been to decrease the human population somehow.

“It is the case that less people [fewer people, please Myron – JB] means less carbon emissions [emission],” Ebell told TheDC. [About grammar none of them gives a damn.] But we fundamentally disagree with the effect that it is having on the planet. We believe that people are an asset, not a burden, to the world.”

To the world? What world is there to be benefited or harmed if there are no people?

Kavita Ramdas confesses that her big concern is not after all the saving of the earth but the prevention of births as a cause in itself.

In her address … Ramdas said there was a growing global consensus about putting “population development and women’s rights” in the same argument. [She]  later told The Daily Caller, however, that her contraception advocacy isn’t about population control, but rather supporting a woman’s right to decide when to get pregnant. The two causes, she insisted, just happened to complement one another.

And besides, if you say you’re working on population/carbon control, you get the big bucks.

President Obama is an anti-birth enthusiast:

The president’s proposed 2013 budget, which calls for $296.8 million in funding for the Title X Family Planning Progress, $104.8 million for the Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program and $530 million for USAID family planning and reproductive health programs.

And of course wherever there’s interference in private lives, a plan to redistribute your property, accusation that you’re guilty because you’re a prosperous Westerner (extra so if you’re American), you can be certain the United Nations is involved.

The United Nations Population Fund would also receive $39 million, a $4 million increase over 2011 funding. It supports family planning, population development and climate change mitigation work, among other causes.

A publication by the U.N. agency called “Population Dynamics and Climate Change” argues that “the lack of consideration of population dynamics hampers the development of stronger, more effective solutions to the challenges climate change poses.”

In other words: people are bad for the earth.

The UN’s number two obsession (after the need to excoriate Israel) is to save the earth from people. That’s where the two causes – climate control and population control – connect.

So let fewer babies be born. Eventually, with enough US funding, perhaps none at all. Free of the burden of raising the next generation, existing adult populations will age delightfully and live longer. Until the last generation, coming quite soon.

But … wait a moment. Who will work to support the carefree life of the old?

In Russia, in Japan, in Italy, Portugal and Spain, and many another country where the professors’ writ runs, the population is just about halving with each generation.

A world without children is a dying world.

Once cleansed of people, it may become a “healthy” planet spinning round the sun, but who will know it?

  • Ralph

    There is a double standard at work in the UN. Every thing the US does is wrong. We are the root of all evil. Every other nation and/or their religion is above criticism. I’m tired of working ten hours a day five days a week just to pay bills and then being told what an evil person I am by the left and the UN. I’m about to quit working and let them pay their own bills.

    • George

      Hi Ralph
                     I can imagine how you feel Ralph. However,  sad to say  , the problem with that is you’ll be on welfare or government assistance and then you will be a financial slave dependent upon Big Government to exist and thus worse off than you were before.  You’re right about the UN . They give rights and respect to terrorist regiemes  and allow nations that violate human rights to have  a deciding vote on how people should be treated. Their actions and decisions have been most certainly anti-American but the left and the mainstream left-wing liberal media gives them a “free pass” .   
                         We need to get the   %$#@   out of the UN and stop financing them ( considering we are the most overwhelming finacier  of that corrupt and “sinister” organization ). We need to kick them out of the USA  asap .  As a nation , the US has contributed a gazillion dollars  around the world  helping everyone else while these same nations play us for fools  ( which we are )  and practically “spit” on us in return.  Our political structure and economy is in shambles and yet we’re busting our butts still further  to help everyone else but ourselves.  Self preservation is the first law of nature  , however these new age politicians and media pundits so far haven’t been able to  “grasp”  that concept.

  • Frank

    The Anti-Human Mindset Of Environmentalists

    • George

      You’re absolutely right Frank and I have lost count how many fiery arguments I have gotten into with the radical enviromentalist wackos and also the radical animal rights activist extremists .    This is not to say that everyone who cares abouit the environment or animals are extremists but these radical extremist activists  certainly are. They do indeed have an  anti-human mindset for sure.  

      • Frank

        This on is great!
        George Carlin – Saving the planet

        • George

          Ha ha !   I’ve seen that before and it’s funny as heck.   Also checkout the George Carlin video  on  YouTube  :  titled—      “George Carlin– On Religion and God ”    and also ” George  Carlin—- You are all diseased ” .  Some of these videos on YouTube may be the same –just renamed  ( I’m not sure ——I’ll check later ).  I’ve always loved his humor and it is well known that he was an atheist   and yet the Christians loved the guy –now deceased.   I guess it’s because he used humor to make his point stand out.    It reallly makes you wonder.   

  • Liz

    Odd how none of these de-population advocates ever target the biggest producers of babies on the planet, our peace-loving 7th Century friends.  Why don’t they take all these proposals to them (think a door-to-door campaign might be effective?) 
    That would not only reduce the world’s population by a sizeable chunk, it would also go a long way toward attaining world peace! But of course that would offend their religious sensitivities, and we can’t have that. 
    And of course it doesn’t matter if any non-muslims might be offended by being condemned as the guilty party in every case whatsoever, we must be the ones to submit to the decree, commit reproductive suicide,  and atone for our sins with cash in every transparent scheme that they come up with. 

    • George

      You’re right Liz.  Do you ever see them ranting & raving in China ?  What’s the population of China now ?  Do we ever see them ranting & raving about all the Muslims having maybe 5 or 6 babies in Europe as has been allegedly  reported  while the indigenous European people are having around one  or two babies ?    Where is their public outcry regarding this ?  Why not ? Could it be fear, ignorance and being indoctrinated with  junk “pseudo-science” education ( or rather miseducation ) ?