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Gary Johnson, former Governor of New Mexico and Libertarian Party presidential candidate, makes a case for ending the “war on drugs”.

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  • Liz

    I’m still not sure about this issue. It seems to make sense, but I’ve also heard the other side of the arguement, that the use of it will go up if legalized.  For pot that may be a minor issue, but what about the harder drugs?  He doesn’t fully address that.  They will still be the worst part of the problem, and I can’t see how legalizing a drug like meth would be a good thing. 

    • George

      I have always shared these same sentiments Liz and that is one of the primary complaints that I have had with the Libertarian Party ——–that is until I heard Wayne A. Root speak on a conservative talk radio show and went  into details on this. Personally I hate drugs  ( of all kinds ). I personally think it’s stupid to injest substances into your body that harm your body and /or impair  your faculties , sobriety and judgement.  When I was enforcing these laws myself in my previous career , I began to notice from my own observations and personal experiences who the targeted group  actually was. At first I didn’t want to believe it and then after decades of observations  of even my own colleagues  , I noticed a pattern that I found not only disturbing but outlandish.
                        I also noticed that ALL of the DUI arrests ( including fatalities ) I made ( except one ) all were high on alcohol ( a legal liquid drug—-and primarily beer ).  The only other was a guy high on an overdose of his own prescription medicine and totally impaired. This bogus “war on drugs”  hasn’t stopped any drug usage or even slowed it down.  I spoke to young teenage kids who told me they could get any type of drug they wanted if they had the money.  The usage, sell , cultivation and distribution simply went “underground” on the “black market” and as a result criminals became rich and then “drug wars” and violence resulted in the aftermath. 
                               Then you have our stupid government officials who supplied the drug cartels and smugglers with arms —via :  ” Fast and furious ”  scandal.  I saw vice-squads swarm into black ghettos and arrest minorities in droves who were standing on the street corners dealing ( for a few pot joints or rocks of crack  ) because they were easy targets and out in the open but these same vice-squad members and the supervisors knew about the rich white execs in their condos and watrerfront homes and mansions were doing lines of cocaine in their parties just like the movie flick –Scarface , but they were out of sight and out of mind and got a free pass and were ignored. I even had a couple of my own colleagues admit this and they left that division because they saw the bigoted corruption.     As Mr. Johnson stated –the usage actually went down and was the opposite of what was expected .  Actually it “curved”.  At first it went up for a while  and then dropped like a brick. I know of kids sniffing glue which causes severe brain damage and yet it is available at any hobby shop or local store. I can go on and on.  Our society needs to take responsibility and teachj their children to stay away from drugs and be responsible parents to begin with which would eleviate this problem from the onset.

      • George

        Just for the record , Gary Johnson is only advocating the legalization of one drug ( marijuana ) —-nothing else.  He feels it is safer than booze and he’s right.  As I stated before —-I personally hate drugs (all kinds ) but this so-called war on drugs is indeed a farce and a sham.

        • Liz

          Thanks for the info, George.  I agree that no drug is good including alcohol, but just as in the case with alcohol, is would probably be better to legalize at least pot in order to take control away from the drug lords.  If it worked that way with harder drugs I suppose that would be better in the long run, also. 

  • George

    Mr. Johnson makes rational sense.  As a former law enforcement officer for decades , I can surely state that the so-called  ” war on drugs ” is a farce and a sham.   An outrageously large amount of people are in jail or prison or have served in such because of having possessed a substance they  injest for their own personal pleasure.  During prohibition , alcohol was illegal and then “bootlegging ” and home-made stills flourished and then later the government made alcohol legal and taxed it.   The drug cartels are getting “filthy  rich ” because of drugs being illegal and THEY along with the gangs are the ones who actually DO NOT want drugs to be legal. I do NOT advocate drug usage , have NEVER done drugs and have no intent to,  but I have seen the devastation that this carzy f***ed up system has done to our society.   I have seen fellow law enforcement officers go into the poor communities  ( primarly the ghettos or poor slums ) and arrest the people there in droves and as such , their lives are ruined forever   by them now having a life long felony criminal record and a stigma to go along with it while the rich “upper class ” elite have their fancy “powdered cocaine parties ” and the same law enforcement agencies  and their vice-squads intentionally ignore them , since in some cases much of their campaign financing comes from them. Corruption is wide-spread.  Read the book titled– ” The New Jim Crow “.   I am Libertarian and I would vote for Mr. Johnson if he were running for President in a heart beat.

    • Elizabeth

      George, Gary Johnson is running, on the Libertarian ticket and will be on the ballot in all 50 states.

      • George

        Thanks Elizabeth , as I had not kept up since I had heard of Wayne A. Root. I will definately be voting for him . I have been out of the loop admitingly so and I’m glad you posted that. I wish that the Libertarian Party had been given more media coverage as that of the Democrat party and the Republican party , but it seems like the ones with the most money get the most media attention and coverage. I also wish the Libertarian Party had made more public  “noise” and spoke  out more. I became interested in the Libertarian Party when Andreau Mareau  ( pardon any mispelling ) was running for President and he was promoting the Fair Tax or his version of it back then.   I’m going to do more studying and I think you may have even inspired me to get more involved . Thanks again Elizabeth for your post.   Take care.      

    • Harold

      Hi George, been a while.  For once I am in agreement with you.  Prohibition was not succesful for alcohol, and is not succesful for drugs.  Use may or may not go up – some people will surely be put off because it is illegal, and some of these (at the margin) will respond by trying drugs.  However, we muist not underestimate the marketing efforts of the current drug providers.  They don’t just stand around waiting for people to come to them.