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  • George

    Ha ha  !  ——————–  This is funny as heck , but that’s how these warped minded and entitlement mentality individuals think.  Here’s a parody for you—————–  We have ONN ( Obama News Network ) , NPR ( Nancy Pelosi Radio ) , and of course last but not least : HRB ( Harry Reid Broadcasting ) .   Welcome to the world of — GIMMIE ! GIMMIE ! GIMMIE ! GIMMIE !  and MORE ! MORE ! MORE ! MORE !.     Obama just reversed the slogan of JFK .  Acording to Obama , his slogan would be   :   ” Ask not what you can do for your country , ask what your country (government) can do for you –because you’re entitled to it at others expense” .  How sad that we now have in this era of the Space Age and advanced technology & science ,  a bunch of traitorous inept and cowardly nitwits running our nation and other modern nations.   This is what happens when “political correctness”  and  entitlement minded  liberals take over .  Kinda pathetic  I would say !

    • Anonymous

       Ayn Rand reminded us eloquently that tyrants can only prevail with the sanction of their victims.
      When we refuse to be victimized by the entitlement tyrants, there will be nothing left for them to loot.

      • George

        You’re right Cheongyei  , and it’s the most pathetic among my people ( black people ) I’m embarrassed and ashamed to say , but as I stated before  , I call it the way I see it.   Among my ethnic group (blacks)  , you have the   black  [  poverty pimps , race-hustlers, and race-baiters   ]  who exploit our own ethnic group and then point fingers at others when they don’t get enough entitlement.  As a result my ethnic group has become overwhelmingly wards of the state , and dependents upon government handouts, and massive modern social slaves of the GOVERNMENT.   The ones who are destroying my ethnic group today are not the Klan , the skinheads, or any white racist hate-mongers but rather these self-righteous , self-apointed , phony , self-destructive , self-exploiting  , pathetic so-called “black leaders ‘   .  Have you noticed that ALL of these so-called black leaders in America are religious clergymen ?  And yet look at the condition we’re still in as a result. It’s no freakin’ wonder . It’s makes me want to puke.