The treason of the intellectuals 2

How did it come about that academia, the media, intelligence agencies, and eventually government became positively supportive of Islam and opposed to the American ideals of individualism and liberty?

The answer has much to do with the baleful influence of two dim “intellectuals”, Noam Chomsky and Edward Said.

Michael Widlanski explains what happened in his book Battle for Our Minds: Western Elites and the Terror Threat, which we confidently recommend.

It is discussed in this video:

  • Liz

    He hit in on the head when he referred to these people as a “fifth column”.

    • George

      I used that term [ fifth column ] a few times before on this discussion forum on previous articles and that’s exactly what it is Liz for sure. Most certainly he hit the nail on the head or even better—– he drove it home.