The disguised tyranny of infantilization 10

In order to work, the dependency agenda needs not only to cultivate … a population of dependents. It also needs to foster a population of controlling bureaucrats, … warders of the system. And this brings us to … “the real entitlement mentality that threatens to bankrupt the nation: A political class that feels entitled to rule over the rest of us.”

So Roger Kimball writes at PJ Media:

Republicans … are often heard grumbling about the “entitlement mentality.” I sing in that chorus myself. Usually, the song dilates on the growing habit of dependency and appetite for … “goodies provided by the government and financed by taxpayers.”  …

It is a corollary of that “psychological change” in a people that Friedrich von Hayek diagnosed in The Road to Serfdom: a transformation from the practice of autonomy and self-reliance to the habit of dependency. It was, Hayek noted, both a regular result and precondition of “extensive government control.” Cause and effect fed upon and abetted each other. It was … a textbook case of what Tocqueville described in his famous paragraphs on “democratic despotism.”

How would despotism come to a modern democracy? Tocqueville asked. Not through the imposition of old-fashioned tyranny. No, that instrument is too blunt, too crude for modern democratic regimes. Much more effective is the disguised tyranny of infantilization. Turn government into the sole provider of all those “goodies” and you enslave the population far more effectively than an old-style tyranny ever managed. …

Entitlements are bait on the hook  of totalitarianism. Don’t take it.

What the state gives the state can withhold. Don’t depend on it.

The state should be neither a nanny nor a sugar-daddy. It should do only what it alone can do – protect our liberty.

  • The most insidious thing about this ruling class is that many of them are blind to their real motives.  ObamaCare, for instance, is for our own good.  We’re just too stupid / selfish / bigoted / whatever to realize it.

    • George

      I totally disagree with your commentary here CONSVLTVS and I will tell you why.    First , the ruling class are totally aware of their real motives. It is the blind “sheeple” who are overwhelmingly NOT aware of the true motives.  Secondly ObamaCare is NOT for our own good . Obamacare is nothing but disguised socialized medicine . Yes we do need some form of modifications regarding the corruption in various medical practices but forcing working taxpayers  to pay for the medical care of people who do not work or make no attempt to improve their lot is NOT the responsibility of working taxpayers. I am NOT responsible for the medical care of others. The government is therefore literally stealing taxpayer money and giving it to losers who invested absolutely NOTHING toward being the recipients of such health care benefits.    The government also  has no right to force anyone to purchase any healthcare whatsoever. This is the decision and choice of the private citizen and is not to be dictated to or mandated by  government. The real hard truth is that people who have this entitlement mentality are actually the ones who are too stupid , selfish, bigoted and even BRAINWASHED to realize it . 

    • Liz

      Your right – for the ruling class, it conveniently fits in with their true motive (which is to control everyone else) to convince themselves that everyone else NEEDS to be controlled, because everyone else is so dumb.  Human nature never changes – so predictable!   

      • George

        I agree Liz that the ruling class feels that others need to be controlled as you have pointed out but I respectfully disagree with CONSVLTVS assertion that these people are actually   “blind”    to  THEIR  real motives ( the rulers  themselves that is ) . They are well aware of what they are doing .  In general , people who have agendas and motives do indeed know what they are doing even though the course they are taking is indeed stupid, destructive and bad for the society.  The stupid and ignorant ones are the masses who fall for it . I may be biased in saying this but IMHO , ALL politicians are corrupt and most people in the ruling class are only concerned for their own situation but I must say as before that they are aware of it .  As I stated previously I am not for ObamaCare  ( Obama’s socialist medical care system ) , but I will concede that we do indeed need to overhaul our medical  system , however  having said that , I still take the position IMO that we have a medical treatment industry  second to none and yet most certainly there is room for improvement. 

        • George

           CORRECTION —- 

          Correction on above post to Liz. I meant to say that the ruling class does feel the need to control the people ( not vice versa ) as I had stated .  One thing that must seriously be addressed is the extremely high cost of medical care and treatment in America . For example , we have some hospitals charging insurance companies $10.00 for an aspirin to a patient. Doctors are charging outrageous amounts of money for simply having a “quickie” chit chat with a patient and literally doing nothing. My comment to CONSVLTVS was by no means meant to be adversarial but to  point out my staunch opposition to Obama’s government health care plan which I am tremendously NOT in favor of.

      • George

        Absolutely Liz and my apology for the previous misinterpretation of consvltvs.   Disregard my previous comment reply to your post. Thanks . Now I’m laughing at the humor.    It’s called my “foot in mouth” disease.  Ha ha

    • George

      I conferred with Jillian regarding the meaning of your post CONASVLTVS  and I now understand it was meant as a “tongue in cheek” commentary lingo.  Having now recognized this , I offer my apology and I understand now that we are indeed in agreement after all.  I agree with Liz also and sorry for my previous misunderstanding.  Again sorry for the misunderstanding.  My bad.    Please ignore all previous comments by me regarding my replys to you.    I gave a “like” checkmark as well.   Ditto !

  • Ralph

    Agreed. Now who do we vote for? Is there any real choice? More Obama, RomenyCare, or Santorum’s religion?

    • George

      You’re right again Ralph .    We are beyond being between a rock and a hard place . We are now in a position that can be compared to trying to chose between being put into a giant microwave oven or a large convection furnace —————–     either way your butt  is still cooked  ( one is just faster than the other )  !

    • George

      I  just may end up voting  Libertarian even though I know my guy is not going to win. I know that if I end up voting for  a Democrat or a Republican  , I’m contributing to an anti-secular (Republican ) or  anti-American ( Democrat ) stance.   A few liberal atheists have said to me that I’m throwing my vote away or wasting my vote if I vote Libertarian  or even worse if I don’t vote at all , but I certainly don’t want Obama to get re-elected . If a Republican gets elected then we as secular freethinkers can just hang it up.  If you think we as secular freethinkers have an uphill battle now , just imagine if a hardcore right-wing conservative bible-thumping religious zealot Christian theocrat Republican gets in office as President . What’s the alternative ? Another four  years of socialist  and treasonist Obama ?  We as secular conservative freethinkers are going to be screwed either way !