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A Rally of Reasoners

An Argument of Atheists

Our reader and commenter Frank sent us the link to this video. He thinks we did not do justice to the Reason Rally of atheists in Washington, D.C., on March 24, 2012. (See our post Atheists in a Feel-Good Rally, March 30, 2012.)

If any of our readers were at the rally, comment from them on what they thought of it, what in particular they liked, disliked, learnt, and what they hope will come of it, would be welcome.

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  • Frank

    Here’s a follow up on the Reason Rally from Greta Christina’s blog.
    If Everyone Does One Thing….

  • Liz

    I can see this as extremely positive in several ways. 
    One, just the basic fact that atheists, regardless of what their political viewpoints may be, are coming out and supporting a rally is great – I hope this gains momentum.  It will help to validate atheism as a reasonable point of view (as if it needed justifying as such!)

    Another positive thing is that it should be much easier to convince people who are consciously committed to reason of, say, the positive aspects of free enterprise, by presenting them with the facts, than it is to convince “believers”  of ANYTHING that contradicts their beliefs with facts or rational argument, since they have already either consciously or unconsciously rejected both.

    So as far as the advancement of conservative atheism is concerned, this group should prove more fertile ground.

  • George

    Oh wow —-two posters that read  —   ” Hi Mom , I’m an Atheist “.   What about Dad ?  Why not–  ” Hi mom and dad , I’m an atheist” ?  Or why not a poster that reads —- Hi parents,  I’m an atheist ” ?    Or Hi family ,  relatives ,  friends , associates and co-workers —-I’m an Atheist ” ?  What’s wrong with this picture ?