Latest news of the perpetual jihad 2

From time to time we quote a day’s count of deadly Islamic terrorist attacks kept by the excellent site, The Religion of Peace.

Here is the tally for March 31:

Islam’s Latest Contributions to Peace

2012.03.31 (Yala, Thailand) – A Religion of Peace bombing at a hotel ignites a fire that kills five and injures over three-hundred.

2012.03.31 (Yala, Thailand) – A brutal double-bombing in a commercial hub leaves at least nine shoppers dead and over one-hundred injured.

2012.03.30 (Askira Uba, Nigeria) – Radical Islamists shoot two people to death at a bank.

2012.03.30 (Yayakhil, Afghanistan) – Nine Afghan police are shot to death in their sleep by a Taliban wearing a uniform.

2012.03.29 (Quetta, Pakistan) – Sunni militants open up on a group of Shiites with automatic weapons, taking down at least five, including a woman.

2012.03.28 (Nazimabad, Pakistan) – Wahhabi gunmen pick off a Shiite tailor outside his shop.

Today the total of deadly terrorist attacks carried out by Muslims since 9/11, quoted daily in our margin, stands at 18,665.

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  • Liz

    This clearly demonstrates the ultimate consequences of religion – just as “absolute power corrupts absolutely”, so absolute surrender of ones mental faculties to primitive, barbaric superstition disintegrates sanity absolutely, producing total psychosis. 

  • George

    Where is this news report in the mainstream media ? Where ? Tell me ! Show me !