Justified anger 5

Bill Whittle recalls some of the reasons why he and many of us are angry with the gang in power –

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  • Before watching this video, I was very torn about whether I would vote for the nominated Republican or a third-party candidate.

    Now there is no question in my mind. I may not be happy about my choice, but this is no time for idealism. Barack Obama must leave office. The economy will take years to fix, but our morale will improve instantly by his simple removal from this nation’s highest office.

    • Liz

      Good for you, Andrew!  Voting third- party would only guarantee Obama winning again, which as Bill W. here has so clearly demonstrated, would be the worst possible disaster in our history.

      • George

        You and Andrew are both right. I recall when Ross Perot split the conservative vote and look what happened .  We as conservatives need to collectively get behind a singular candidate and come out in masses and vote for that conservative ( read– Republican ) candidate. I think Romney will be the guy as someone stated previously that he is not wearing his Mormon religion on his sleeve.  Santorum is out of the question as he will only try to turn American into a Christian theocracy and we all know what the disaster will be if Obama ( alias —Otrauma ) gets re-elected.  Third parties such as Independent and Libertarian don’t have a chance because they don’t have media support or monetary support and the populace in general do not support or vote for them , so we need to pull together in large numbers to assure that Otrauma doesn’t get re-elected and finishes destroying our society which is his ultimate plan. I still can’t understand why that SOB hasn’t been impeached  . On the other hand I know why he hasn’t and that’s because the left wing liberal media and corrupt political structure gives him a free pass out of support. This next election will be crucial for the future of America and probably the world.

        • Liz

          Yes, I guess elections will always be about electing the least of the worst, and being glad if you get it, because the worst is so bad you don’t even want to think about it!

  • George

    Bill Whittle has stated here in this video exactly what I have stated numerous times. He has pointed out that 30 million conservative voters DON’T VOTE and yet they are the very ones whinning and complaining about how bad things are . Conservatives had better get their ( or our ) act together before it’s too late and vote a true pro-American President into office or we’re finished . This situation is dreadfully serious and getting worse every day.   We are now living in horribly dangerous times and our freedoms and future is at stake here and it will depend on us to reverse this dangerous course.  If we falter , then we have no one to blame but ourselves .    The enemies of freedom are winning because of the cowardly stance that the citizenry and body politic  at large have  taken. If civilized and advanced world society dosn’t show some guts and stand up for what is right and just , then we all can just kiss our a***** goodbye and our future generations as well.   We could  all perish because of “political correctness” ,  cowardice ,  lazyness ,  ignorance , stupidity , foolish mentalities , and gullibility.   One hundred thousand years from now if we still have a human race left, people will look back in history and say what a stupid and foolish species of people we were for letting it happen and how right they will be.    It’s sickening and pathetic !