Ayn Rand talking about religion 3

These extracts from interviews with Ayn Rand are probably familiar to many of our readers, but why not enjoy them again?

How well she parries the patronizing Phil Donahue!

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  • Liz

    She makes Donahue look silly.  She had such clear, rational way of laying out the plain facts, and she was never intimidated by anyone. He accuses her of being arrogant, but she wasn’t – she was just confident in her knowledge, and he knew he had no good argument against it, so he resorted to the ad-hominem attack.   

    • Liz

      You have to give Donahue credit for giving her a platform to speak, though.  It reached alot of people that wouldn’t have otherwise thought about it.
      I never get tired of watching these – thanks for posting them!

  • George

    She made many good and interesting points except her comment when she said  ” I am against God ” . I am not against GOD because I don’t believe any god exists in the first place , therefore I cannot be AGAINST something that I  do not believe even exists. That is an impossibility. That would be the equivalent of accusing someone of being against the Tooth Fairy .  Imagine someone saying , — How can you prove there is no Tooth Fairy  ? ,   or — How can you prove that there is no Flying Spaghetti Monster ? The burden of proof is upon the individual(s) making the claim that something exists —- not vice versa .  All I have to do is say that I haven’t been given any reason to believe in such a thing until someone provides me definate proof or irrefutable evidence of such a being. 
                           Even if someone did indeed prove to me that there is some supernatural being out there in outer space —- so what ? What good is the being ? Where was this supposedly good God during all the natural disasters, enslavement of humans, torture of humans, diseases/plagues , and other attrocities   ?   I wouldn’t worship or praise such a being even if someone did prove to me that such a being exists . Why would any benevolent , merciful and protective deity who proclaims to be our savior allow such horrors to exist in the first freakin” place ? Such a being that allows this and yet has all the power to stop it or even prevent it and does nothing is by no means whatsoever worthy of any praise but only scorn and contempt.   Such a supernatural being is therefore an accessory after the fact  and for even allowing such is also complicit in the horror itself.  If such a being was proven to ecist then I would curse such a being and I woul spit on such a being and publicly loathe and vilify such a being.   Yet look at all the stupid, foolish and gullible people who blindlyb accept such beliefs based solely on FAITH  ( aka – blind acceptance ). It’s mind boggling.
                             On quite a few occassion I have heard radio talk show hosts speaking positively of  Ayn Rand in spite of the fact that she is an atheist.  Listen to Donahue and his comments . It’s amazing .   I have also heard Christians say that God is under attack. Really ? How is that possible ? How can someone attack an invisible, immaterial, formless and indescribable spirit ?   What am I going to do , punch a spirit in the face ? Am I going to shoot a spirit ?  Am I going to get a baseball bat and beat the living crap out of a spirit ?   Am I going to use karate, judo , and kung fu and kick Gods a** ?  How then can a person attack a god ?  If the deity is immaterial and a formless spirit then of what use would an immaterial being have in a material universe ? It takes one like me to judge me . A spirit doesn’t have a brain, or a nervous system or emotional feelings of any kind and is certainly not like me so therefore how can such a being  judge me ?  If we were created in God’s image then we would be invisible people but these brainwashed theologians or religionists (THEISTS ) don’t think but only believe blindly and then mock people who do embrace their superstition and mythology. I wish I was on that panel with Donahue and then again it’s a good thing I wasn’t because I would have been labeled a radical for being blunt and to the point without “biting my tongue “. 
                               Religious proselytizers can get in our faces constantly and try to impose THEIR religious dogmatic beliefs upon us and then when we stand up to them  ,  they have the unmitigated gall to malign and denigrate us.  Here we have Donahue claiming that we are arrogant for NOT believing in a deity (GOD ) , so therefore we should reciprocate and accuse him of being arrogant for not believing in Mother Goose , The Three  Little Pigs , and  Peter Pan & Tinker Bell.    I know of many conservative Christians who love and admire Ayn Rand even though she is an atheist and  especially her book — Atlas Shrugged . Unbelieveble !