Pat Condell says what needs to be said 3

Pat Condell at his splendid best talks about “the bogus Palestinian cause”,  the “crooked court” of the UN, Saudi Arabia being “the moral anus of the universe”, the Organization of Islamic Co-operation being “the Organization of Islamic Fascists”, and more.

The UN must be destroyed.

  • Pat Condell is the man!!!

    But, I just had to pass this along…  It was one of the other videos that popped up after Condell’s finished.  The guy is more of a typical Democrat-voting atheist, but his rant is so darn funny!  Check it out.

    • George

                                 You’re right Paresh  and the reason why so many atheists are both liberals and Democrats ( aka- Damnacrats )  is because the conservative society in  America overwhelmingly has been  “hijacked”   by the right wing Republican bible-humping  fundamentalist Christians who hate  and make ad hominem  ” attacks”   upon  Atheists vehemently.  Just like the radical looney liberal left has virtually  “hijacked” the atheist / secular freethought society in America.   How f***ed up can it get ?  THAT’S WHY !!!!!!!!!!

  • George

    I wish Pat Condell were running for President . I would vote for him in a heartbeat. He nailed it. He told it bluntly , straightforward and directly to the point and honestly. Amazing how liberal atheists don’t even give this man the credit he deserves .  Oh gee , I forgot , liberals pander to our enemies and support an anti-American agenda .  Way to go Pat .  High five !!!!!