The joy of wrecks 2

Steven Hayward writes at Powerline about a French intellectual, Pascal Bruckner, who explains why  –

… apocalyptic fear has gripped so many of our leaders, scientists and intellectuals … You’ll get what you’ve got coming! That is the death wish that our misanthropes address to us. These are not great souls who alert us to troubles but tiny minds who wish us suffering if we have the presumption to refuse to listen to them.

Catastrophe is not their fear but their joy. …

It is the paradox of open societies that they seem to be disordered … threatened by crime, loneliness, and drugs because they display their indignity before the whole world, never ceasing to admit their defects, whereas other, more oppressive societies seem harmonious because the press and the opposition are muzzled. “Where there are no visible conflicts, there is no freedom,” Montesquieu said. Democracies are by their nature uneasy, they never realize their ideal; they necessarily disappoint us, creating a gap between the hope they elicit and the realities they construct.

Freedom is messy, and messiness is fecund. Only where there is freedom do great things grow.

  • Liz

    A very important point.  It shows how different political world-views really all boil down to differing psychological conditions.  Leftists, like the religious, have a psychological need to either be controlled or be in control of others. 
    To desire individual freedom, for both oneself and others, is a much healthier mental state, and results in a healthier environment for all.
    The former state can be seen in individuals (“control freaks”), in families (child abuse by parents who are control freaks), in churches (mind control and abuse by authoritarian, control freak pastors), and in our current example of government – citizen abuse by authoritarian dictators who use phony scare tactics (the economy is about to collapse, or the environment is about to disintegrate, etc.) to control people.

    • George

      Organized religion is mass group control and look how the radical right ( in America ) uses  Christianity while hiding behind conservatism .  Look at how liberal leftist atheists  are all emotional and self-defeating and suicidal and also stupidly foolish and yet they claim to be so rational just because they’re secular. When we examine both the similar and conflicting parameters of both “camps”  we  see that both of  THESE examples are based on their desire to control others and feed their egotistical and emotional psyche rather for them to simply do what they know for certain is right.