The persistent racism of the Left 13

That America is a melting-pot of ethnicities is one of the causes of its greatness. We only wish that everyone in this great federal Republic would become color-blind, for the worth of a person has nothing whatsoever to do with his skin color.

Racism will be gone from American public life only when no man or woman or child is chosen either for advantage or disadvantage because of the color of his or her skin.

The Democratic Party wishes differently. It persists in its profound dedication to judging people according to their race.

One of the few politicians we admire is Rep. Allen West, who recently did the country a favor by pointing out how many Communists there are in Congress. He was fiercely attacked by Democrats for – what? Inaccuracy? No. For having anti-left opinions while being black!

Derek Hunter writes at Townhall:

This is about how progressives continue to exploit race to keep us divided as a people and to manipulate voters.

This is about Rep. Allen West, R-Fla.

He loves his country, he’s a former military man, and he’s a black conservative. In other words, he drives progressives crazy. The only way they could hate him more is if he were a self-made millionaire or a married woman who carried a baby to term.

This week … asked if there were any communists in Congress, he said yes, as many as 80. You’ll know them, he said, because they are members of the Congressional Progressive Caucus (CPC)….

Aside from what they call themselves, not much differentiates CPC members from communists on policy matters, but West clearly was joking.

Joking in that he said it light-heartedly, but not kidding.

The Left was not amused. …

The outrage cascaded. Martin Bashir, the idiotic MSNBC host with a British accent (it’s the only way to differentiate hosts on that network since they’re all interchangeable, mindless Lego pieces) called the congressman “Joseph McCarthy” …

A much maligned man, Joseph McCarthy.

A spokesman for the Communist Party USA told Politico, “I just think it’s an absurd way to cast a shadow over his colleagues. It’s kind of a sad ploy … guilt by association, taken to an extreme.”

As someone who works in word, I couldn’t help but notice his comment infers there is an association and some guilt to be gleaned … but I digress….

The real criticism came from the black gossip site “Bossip.” Putting aside the weirdness behind the need for race-based websites on gossip or anything else, the staff at Bossip pulled the leftists’ favorite arrow from their quiver and called West an “Uncle Tom” and a “house slave”, both for his comments and for disagreeing with President Obama.

It’s quite common for black conservatives to endure such comments from liberals when they dare to think for themselves. And it’s equally common for the media to ignore such slurs.

That’s because most Leftists are racists, though not the traditional type you see in movies. Their beloved progressive movement was founded by noted racists and supporters of eugenics. They’ve known this all along. But now, they’ve realized they have to hide it.

There’s little difference between judging someone to be inferior to you based on skin color, and assuming they’re inferior because they don’t vote how you expect them to. That’s not to mention the racism involved in telling people they can’t succeed on their own, society is stacked against them so they shouldn’t even try. Telling them they need government’s help, doled out by Democrats exceedingly generous with other peoples’ money, just to get by. Or attacking successful people because, despite their skin color, they view the path to success differently.

Yet these are things in which progressives routinely engage. Even President Obama talks about the “unfairness” of America yet ignores the fact his own life story completely discredits his argument.

Americans used to celebrate success, regardless of race. We admired independence and self-reliance. We thought it better for people to thrive on their own than to survive on government handouts.

But the road to independence is paved with hard work and aspiration, and liberalism wants nothing of that. The generational death-spiral of government dependence has not led anyone out of poverty, but it has created reliably Democrat cities, districts and states – in other words: reliable voters.

The irony is that many liberals think they’re actually doing good for the people they’ve ensnared in poverty. …

You’d think all Americans would celebrate the life of a poor black child raised by his grandparents who worked his way up the ladder to the Supreme Court of the United States. Nothing is more “American” than that. But Clarence Thomas doesn’t subscribe to the notion government handouts are the only path from poverty. Therefore, he is despised and called unspeakable things by people who tell us to celebrate diversity. Because, to progressives, diversity means different colors but like minds – drones who think what they’re told.

Assuming things about a person based on their race is racist, even if it’s your own race. Hurling slurs and seeking to inspire hatred of someone because they don’t conform to your racist assumptions is disgusting. It’s also the cornerstone of the modern progressive ideology.

It may indeed be called that with good reason.

But the foundation stone on which “progressivism” – or call it Socialism, or Communism – is built, is the most terrible of all beliefs: that the individual must be sacrificed for the sake of the collective. Thinking of people in terms of the herd, counting individuals as items of the herd, is the way to tyranny, the road to serfdom.

Like racists, slavers, rapists, pimps and pornographers, collectivists treat people as things. But of all the things in the universe, a human being is least a thing.

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  • Liz

    The “progressives” mentality is so parrallel to the religious mentality, which makes it actually REgressive.  They share the religious characteristic of only accepting others when they conform mentally to the belief system of the group, and insist that all in the group must submit to and become dependent on it’s god/doctrine/leadership.  In other words, become slaves to it’s control.
    How tragic that so many African-Americans, since being freed from physical slavery, have become the slaves of either religious superstition or leftist brainwashing.
    And the problem with just letting leftists do their thing, and only counter them with argument, is that they, just like the religious, can’t be trusted to play fair and only persuade others with their own arguments.  They lie, re-write history, and infiltrate into the systems of government, media, and education to poison the system and indoctrinate the young.  McCarthy was right to raise an alarm – look where it’s gotten us!

    • George

                                        Liz , I have been saying this for decades now and the left-wing liberals have  attacked me venemously for having the guts to publicly say it.  You’re right on target.  The liberals are actually the ones pitting one ethnic group against the other . They stir up problems in our society and then they move in acting as if they are here to resolve the problems.    As a black man  ,  I acknowledge that my ethnic group are the  most brainwashed and gullible people on earth. My group has been so conned , shammed , brainwashed, fooled, hoodwinked and bamboozled than any other group on earth. It’s no wonder that we are still on the bottom of the totem pole so to speak. We have NO true leadership.   Look who our so-called leaders are . It’s sickening that sometimes it makes me want to scream.  A nation  is only as strong as it’s leaders. An ethnic group is also only as strong as it’s leaders. When strong leadership falters , then the group falls and chaos follows.  It’s amazing how the human race has now gone backwards .  The PROGRESSIVES are actuially REGRESSIVES.
                                  I have written articles in news-letters  and also letters to the editor in various papers and the liberals ( black and white ) have maligned me, villified me, denigrated me , mocked me and have thrown  every type of perceivable insult upon me that’s  imaginable.  The intent is to silence the message by silencing the messenger.     They are treacherous and deceitful to the very core.  They USE  ethnic minorities and women as pawns just to further their dubious agendas.   The quicker that people wake up to this widespread societal scam the better  off we will all be .  It’s crazy Liz and it seems to be getting worse , not better.

      • Liz

        Your right – it does seem to be getting worse.  It’s sad that we have had such treacherous, deceitful people, as you said, manipulating so many who if given responsible, honest leadership, would have made true progress – not the false progress of the “progressives”. 

        • George

                                   Liz  , look what these liberal bastards have done to my ethnic group .   Look what these liberal bastards have done to destroy the traditional family  ( men , women and children ).  Look what these liberal bastards have done to try and destroy capitalism and replace it with socialist big-government agendas.   Look what these liberal bastards have done to weaken our national defense and capitulate to our open enemies.     Do you feel the pain that I feel inside me Liz . You’re a woman —–look how the radical liberal left-wing man-hating feminists attack moderate and conservative women and turn women against men and have attacked motherhood  and maternal nurturing.    Do I sound angry  ?   That’s an understatement.  I’m pissed ! 
                                    I still cannot understand how  supposedly intelligent and mature people allow themselves to be so brainwashed and mindless stupid fools.  It’s mind boggling .  Liz , look at how these liberal bastards  are destroying our great society , attacking decency  , attacking morality , attacking patriotism and even attacking men and women of valor. 
                                   How could this happen in a modern day space-age society ?  How ?  Why are people so weak minded ? Why are people so closed minded ? Why are people so gullible ? Why are people so spineless ?    Why ?  Why ?  Why ? Sometimes I think the entire world has gone completely mad and insane . Sometimes I worry if we will have a civil society and a sane world left in the near future .
                                       Here it is ,  the year 2012 and we are worse off now than decades in the past.   It is truly horrendous what is going on around us , and what is even more  despicable is that supposedly intelligent people allow it to happen because of their selfish , cowardly and lazy attitudes . We as homo sapiens are the most self-destructive species that has ever existed.  It’s truly horrific and disgusting.

  • Richard

    I was listening to the radio the other day and heard a radio spot put out by the “National Fair Housing Alliance.”  It is entitled “Mom and Daughter”, and can be heard on their web site,
    Apparantly the National Fair Housing Alliance is trying to foster diversity in housing and everyday life.  However, in their attempt to encourage diversity, they put out a Radio spot that is actually very racist!  Daughter says to Mom – hey, Mom, at school there are all these “people who don’t look like us”  How come there aren’t “people who don’t look like us” in our neighborhood??  Mom replys that people that don’t look like us are good to have around, because they “have different ways of seeing things, different ways of thinking things and different ways of doing things.”  So the assumption of the ad is that “people that don’t look like us” (e.g. have a different color of skin) automatically MUST “have different ways of seeing things, different ways of thinking things and different ways of doing things.”  If this isn’t a racist idea, I don’t know what is.  I guess the goal of “diversity” is now so important that we must just assume that “people who don’t look like us” must necessairly have a different way of thinking and seeing the world than we do!!  So, they are saying that we can judge people by the color of their skin, and not the content of their character!  Amazing.  

    • George

      I agree Richard. I am black and my ex-girlfriend is white. The only ones who critized me about being with her were liberal left wing Christian black men and black women ( especially black women )  and black women harrassed her at our former apartment complex.  These are the same liars who say they believe in  Martin Luther King’s dream speech of judging a person not by the color of their skin but solely on the content of their character.  What hypocrites !  Now here they are engaging in the very form of bigotry that the civil rights movement was trying to eradicate in the first freakin’ place.    They simply replaced white racism with black racism as if two wrongs make a right.  Amazing !

  • George

                            Getting back to the central theme of the article .  Leftist liberals have a tendency to create divisive situations and then they pretend to “step in” and be the resolvers of the divisive situations of which they created in the first place.   This is a common tactic of the left. Why do they do it ?  Because it works.  Look at how many gullible people fall for it.  Much of the mainstream media today and colleges/universities are repleat with liberal left-wing propaganda which permeates our institutions of learning.   It’s in the media , in the schools, and also promoted by various social peer groups societally .  More and more rational thinking people of reason and common sense logic need to speak up more publicly and get the word out as much as possible. As Robert G. Ingersoll stated in one of his speeches , ——– each generation must carry the torch of reason and pass it on for future generations as we cannot afford to allow the flame of reason to be extinguished. Civilized society cannot prosper without it.

  • George

                         In Reply to Andrew M

         The liberal media promotes this perpetually Andrew . Even everything about conservatism is not all inclusively correct and right in ALL aspects . Even African societies of the ancient past and even today are the reflections of a continent totally vanquished by Muslim , and  Christian invaders and also caused by  rival internal societal conflicts and civil warring uprisings as well.    Customarily  societal groups within Europe  were called  “clans” while groups within Africa have been called and still are called “tribes” .  The terms themselves have prejudiced conotations.  The people who originally came to the shores of North America were NOT  “immigrants’  but were invaders  ( not merely explorers ) . They were not invited , welcomed or even accepted by the Native American indigenous people ,  but rather they  [Indians  ]  were massacred en masse and their home land stolen ,  and neither did the groups coming here try to assimilate into the already established culture and societies of the native Americans .  Africa currently is in shambles and with all the internal conflicts , skirmishes, and dictators that control that continent  ( with it’s many nations within  it’s  continental borders ) , nothing as of yet will turn it around until the tyrants are expelled and a new thinking and new culture is established.   While we could blame to a large degree outside groups of the past regarding Africa , currently the Africans just like the brainwashed ghettos of America are engaging in self-inflicting regression.  I do not agree that  ” communism and communists are best opposed not by force and paranoia , but by argument and honesty ” .  That would be fine if you’re dealing with rational thinking and rational acting people but not in these cases . Just like you cannot negotiate with terrorists  , one cannot fight communists with mere argument or honesty alone. Often times brutal regiemes , dictators and societies have to be fought with brute military force when they try to take over an subjugate other societies .  Hitler would have never been  defeated by mere “argument”  or being simply “honest”  alone  , but rather it took brutal military force via a major war to defeat his mass murdering and power grabbing regieme .  
                               There is racism in EVERY ethnic group and there is sexism in BOTH genders and every continent has it’s decent and smart people and each also has it’s ample share of hate-mongers , societal misfits and people who have absolutely no true interest in the advancement of the society at large but only the interest of promoting their own self-interests , and ideological agendas.
                                      These horrific acts transcend all ethnicities, genders , and national origins.                                

    • A quick riposte to our one disagreement because I have limited time:

      When an outside party declares us our enemy and reaches for its guns, we should obviously match if not exceed their firepower. Firepower isn’t enough, though: a battle of wits must also ensue. This, after all, is our greatest weakness in the fight against Islam.

      I am against the subjugation of any individual because of the group which follows him. I am also against the cruel and unusual punishment of peaceful individuals no matter how damaging their ideology-turned-policy would be.

      Many of these modern-day “Communists” seem like laughable excuses of their predecessors – harmless college students and Hollywood types trying to be trendy, loud old small-minded protestors. Do we really need to treat these people as thought criminals?

      Yes, I am nitpicky. I would treat trendy socialist Elle Macpherson differently from avowed terrorist Bill Ayers. Same ideology, different behavior.

      • George

                             In that regard  yes  ,  I must wholeheartedly say yes indeed we should not exceed militarily in what is deemed necessary in SOME aspects .   This is not just a matter of “firepower”  per se but broader in scope.
                             To clarify my position more intricately , for example —if we are being globaly physically attacked we should indeed use brutal military defensive firepower, and by the same token if we want to eradicate the mindset globally which produces such said  behavior then in that respect we most certainly must use rational argument to convey the societal message to the populace hopefully to change the societal mentality or indoctrinated mindset which produces such behaviors.  
                             It depends on the situation at hand to determine how we counter it.    Each situation being  different.  In some situations we can use either/or and in others we may have to use a combination of both.  Your point is well taken and I hope my clarification is as well.

  • What a strong, powerful, and necessary article!

    Racism is a disgusting barbarism which has no place in a society of individuals. This is because it substitutes merit for phenotype, the worst of all possible substitutions since it disregards the character of a person. I am so glad you stressed the important point that racism affects anybody regardless of their ethnicity. Whites can be racist against whites, like what happened when “native” Americans hated against new Irish immigrants. Blacks can be racist against blacks – the deep tribal schisms of modern-day Africa bear testament to this point.

    The point about Communists is an interesting one, and I respect Allen West for calling progressivism by its less glamorous synonym. On the one hand, I know that this economic form of collectivism is an ideology of poverty – a nasty, brutish, hungry power which promises ruin and mobocracy wherever it emerges. Yet on the other hand, I feel compelled to distrust the McCarthyite impulse which encourages a witch hunt for Communists. Even though I find their philosophy despicable, this is a nation of principles. If we spend our most cherished freedom of expression on security against a perceived threat, then we shouldn’t be surprised when we soon have neither. Communism and Communists are best opposed not by force and paranoia, but by argument and honesty.

    Lastly, but certainly not least, I must disagree with your comment regarding pornographers. I see nothing wrong with directors forming contracts with actors and actresses with the obvious expectation that they will be engaging in sexual acts. Human bodies are certainly objects, many of them very pretty one. It is the consciousness itself and its ability to perceive pleasures and pains which rises above objectivity.

  • George

                        Wow !      This is right up my alley.   As a black conservative  myself , no one on here can identify personally as I can on what I have been put through by leftist liberals . Left wing liberals are the most racist bigots on earth.     Leftist liberals are the ones who are race-baiting and causing racial divisiveness in our society.     The liberals pretend to be friends of ethnic minorities ( and women ) and yet they make ethnic minorities and women nothing but modern day slaves to the federal government or wards of the state.
                                   Then we have the poverty pimps , and race-hustlers like Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson et al , who are posited as being  some form of self-righteous , self-appointed so-called black leaders.  Spare me .     These individuals make me sick to my stomach. It’s leftist liberals that created the ghettos and destroyed self-pride and also destroyed the work-ethic  , the traditional family and self-responsibility  which in turn created the poverty situation and dependency on welfare , government handouts and no desire to improve one-self . It’s sickening and pathetic.    This is why our society is so  f***ed up . I have been called every insulting name in the book by leftist liberals because I refuse to blame any of my failures on others  , or engage in “group-think” or have some “entitlement mentality ” or go aound whining as if someone owes me everything. Typical liberal leftist mindset.        This mindset is what is holding my ethnic group back .  One black female  author wrote a book  whereby she calls it ——    [    Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome ].   Modern day people still living with a slave mentality in our modern society.     It’s a mentality   of self-defeatism and self-hindrance.    It’s a mentality of blame everyone else for self -failures.       I spit on liberals———- they make me so  f***ing sick to my stomach.  No , I’m not    ” politically correct ”  and I never intend to be . Thanks for the article Jillian.