The most important struggle of our time 8

Lars Hedegaard, President of the Danish Free Press Society, accused of racism for saying that Muslims maltreat their women, was found guilty of “hate speech” on May 3, 2011.

He said at that time:

My crime is to have called attention to the horrific conditions of Muslim women and for my audacity the court has now enabled my detractors to label me a racist.

Muslims can say whatever they want with impunity. Just a few weeks ago Denmark opened its gates to the hate-spewing preacher Bilal Philips, known for his advocacy of wife-beating and the killing of homosexuals. He was provided a platform in Copenhagen and nobody thought of dragging him into court.

Our authorities and their allies among the pc elites have chosen sides in the struggle between the forces of freedom and the forces of darkness and so opted for the oppressors of their own people and against those deserving of their protection.

The real victims of this despicable case are freedom of speech and the tens of thousands of girls and women – Muslim as well as non-Muslim – whose plight may no longer be mentioned in my country for fear of legal prosecution and public denigration.

We cannot permit this outcome to stand. I have therefore decided to appeal my conviction to the Supreme Court and – if that is denied – to the European Court of Human Rights.

This is a fight for liberty against tyranny. It will be long and hard but losing is no option.

On Friday, April 13, 2012, his appeal against his conviction was heard by the Danish Supreme Court.

This is what he said (translation taken from FrontPage):

Honourable Supreme Court,

My attorney has presented juridical arguments to the effect that I must be acquitted and I shall refrain from elaborating.

However, allow me to express my quiet bafflement that somebody can claim that it has been my intention to accuse every last Muslim father in the world of abusing his children – particularly in light of the fact that I have carefully explained that it was never my intention to disseminate such an absurd contention.

For precisely that reason, I would have welcomed an opportunity to review the statements I now stand accused of having uttered before they were placed on the Internet. If the interviewer had fulfilled this basic journalistic obligation, I would have demanded that my remarks be corrected so as to reflect my true opinions and the prosecutor could have saved the trouble of dragging me through the courts.

I am even more baffled at one of the claims about my person that has been circulated in connection with this case, namely that I am a racist. I have never been, I am not now and I shall never be a racist. On the contrary, all my life I have opposed racist attitudes, by which I mean hatred towards and denigrating speech about people due their descent, skin color or other so-called racial characteristics – in other words, antipathy against or ill treatment of people due to circumstances over which they have no control.

Islam is not a race and therefore criticism of Islam cannot be racism.

Islam, which lurks behind this entire case, has been described from a variety of viewpoints. Some say that it is a religion, others that is an all-encompassing ideology that contains a religion, still others emphasize its cultural norms, its culturally transmitted customs and practices. Some even maintain that Islam is so multifaceted that it is impossible to describe it.

But regardless of one’s approach, it must be clear that Islam is not a hereditary human attribute.

If our Western freedom means anything at all, we must insist that every grown-up person is responsible for his or her beliefs, opinions, culture, habits and actions.

We enjoy political freedom and we enjoy freedom of religion. This implies a largely unlimited right to disseminate one’s political persuasion and religious beliefs. That is as it should be. But the price we all have to pay for this freedom is that others have a right to criticise our politics, our religion and our culture.

Islamic spokesmen have the freedom to advocate their concept of society, which implies the introduction of a theocracy governed by god-given laws, i.e. sharia, the abolition of man-made laws and by implication freedom of expression and democracy. They are free to think that women are inferior to men as concerns their rights and their pursuit of happiness. They are even entitled to disseminate such opinions.

I cannot recall a single instance in this country where an Islamic spokesman has been prosecuted for saying that sharia will become the law of the land once the demographic and political realities make it possible. This despite the fact that we have several examples of imams who have openly declared that the imposition of theocracy is a religious duty incumbent on all believers.

In return, these theocrats and sharia-advocates must accept the right of those who believe in democracy, free institutions and human equality to criticism Islam and to oppose its dissemination and the atavistic cultural norms practiced by some Muslims.

It is this right – I would even say duty – to describe, criticise and oppose a totalitarian ideology that I have tried to exercise to the best of my ability.

My speech and my writings have had no other purpose than to alert my fellow citizens to the danger inherent in the Islamic concept of the state and the law.

I have made no secret of the fact that I consider this fight for our liberties to be the most important political struggle of our time.

I would not be able to live with my guilty conscience if – out of fear of public condemnation and ridicule – I refrained from telling the truth as I see it.

And regardless of the outcome of this trial, I intend to continue my struggle for free speech and against totalitarian concepts of any stripe.

If the court rules against Lars Hedegaard, it will be a ruling against freedom – tantamount to a death sentence on Western civilization.


Update April 23, 2012:

From the Gatestone Institute:

Lars Hedegaard, the president of the Danish Free Press Society, has been acquitted by the Danish Supreme Court on charges of “hate speech” for critical comments he made about Islam.

The verdict, however represents only a partial victory for free speech in a Europe that is being stifled by politically correct restrictions on free speech, particularly on issues related to Islam.

Although Hedegaard was acquitted, it was on a legal technicality; in its ruling, the Supreme Court stressed that the substance of the charges against Hedegaard — public criticism of Islam, — is still a crime punishable by imprisonment.

  • Liz

    It is just insane that the courts there concluded that he was guilty.  They are knowingly participating as accomplices with the Muslims in destroying themselves! 
    I just cannot understand how people can be this stupid, even when they are leftists.

  • The progressives are eating one of their own:

    Bis 1982 war er Mitglied der Socialistisk Arbejderparti. Heute noch wendet er marxistische Gesellschaftsanalysen an.

    Roughly translated using my high school German:

    Until 1982, he was a member of the Socialistic Worker’s Party. Even today, he still applies a Marxist social analysis.

    Racists and cannibals, they are.

    • Jillian Becker

      This is very interesting, Andrew M. Hedegaard is still a socialist? A Marxist? Then perhaps his case signals that the Left-Islam alliance may be beginning to break.

      • If anything, I’d say this is a sign that the alliance is getting stronger. The rank-and-file Left tossed away a dissident from within because he was no longer useful to them.

        My source is the (short) German Wikipedia article which I’ve linked in my original post with the words “their own”. There is no English article and I do not understand any Danish, so this must suffice. Interestingly, a Google Search for hedegaard marxist turns up the Danish article as its second hit.

        I do not think this is mere coincidence.

        • Jillian Becker

          Your source gives no proof that he’s a Marxist. If it’s right that he set up his Free Press Society in opposition to PEN, he more likely is not. I resigned from International PEN years ago because of its strongly leftist bias. 

  • cheongyei

    Since when is isslamm a ‘race’?

    Such irrational nonsense modern Western nations have allowed to become part of their zeitgeist.

    I suppose calling them irrational would be racist, and I could be convicted. 

    What kind of world is it when freedom of thought and expression is a crime??

  • Frank

    That article literally makes me sick to my stomach.

  • George

                          Coming to America if we don’t speak out , stand up and get a spine.  They are incrementally trying to take over the world and they will if the liberals have their way.  This is why it is imperative that conservative men grow a bigger set of testicals and start fighting for our rights and freedoms or we all will become victims of a global theocracy .   This situation is getting more and more serious and we do not have time to be simply be complacent and just shrug our shoulders and say ” Oh well ! “.   
                               They are ultra-patient and they are taking over one degree at a time and they very well could succeed if  we freedom loving people don’t stand up and fight back.  They use violence , murder, and threats to terrorize people in order to silence those who love freedom , equality, justice and civility or refuse to convert to their creed. 
                                 If we lose this war for freedom , it will be because  WE  let them when we currently have every opportunity to win.   What is it going to take for civilized people to wake up ?   What is it going to take for decent people to come to their senses ?   What is it going to take for people around the world to realize what is actually happening around them ?  What is it going to take for people to get the fortitude to speak out for freedom ?   What has to happen next for supposedly intelligent people to wake the f*** up ?  How can people around the world be so stupid , gullible, foolish, and naive ?
                                 The sand is running out of the hour glass and who is going to flip it over ?  Who ?      Didn’t we learn anything from Sept. 11, 2001  ?   What has to happen next before we get our act  together and in gear  ?  All around the world we have throwbacks trying to convert  us or kill us and we sit aound ranting & raving about sports .  We sit around talking about who made a touchdown , or threw a ball into a metal hoop on a court , or who took a round piece of wood and knocked a ball across the field into the stands or who drove  around a track faster than the other guy or who took a metal stick and knocked a tiny ball into a little hole far away , or who sang & danced better than the other person , blah blah blah blah    .  Holy Crap !    These are our priorities ?  What has gotten into people today ? What ever happened to common sense ? What ever happened to valor, patriotism, pride and good ole guts ? Where did it go ?     Whare are the real men of world society ?  What ever happened to the first law of nature being SELF PRESERVATION ?   What ever happened to defending our soverignty ?  What happened to the will to survive and thrive in freedom ?   What ever happened to the will to preserve our future , the future of our children ,  grand-children , and generations to come ?       All that we have built up and developed could very well be gone by those still embracing an ancient ideology and are on a global mission to force all of us to comply with THEIR beliefs and  f*** everyone else .
                             How do they get away with this ?   Because of “political corretness”  ! Because WE let them .    Because this new pop-culture of  liberal  , effeminate , feminized  , limp-wristed girly-men cowards allow it—-that’s why !