Believing in freedom 7

Again Pat Condell speaks for us. Inter alia, he faults atheists who cloud their clarity of thought with leftist political correctness.

Although this video is not new (it dates from August 2010), its message is still very much to the point: for freedom, against religion –  especially Islam.

  • WmarkW

    The best known atheist writers criticize Islam (or more precisely, the anti-humanist activities of Muslims) all the time.  What they never criticize, is the African-American church:  Sharpton, Farrakhan, Wright,… it’s like Democratic politics is the test of good religion.

    BTW, my religion is the marketplace of ideas… the scientific method, capitalism, democratic-republicanism… societies flourish to the extent they adopt cutural norms of testing ideas against evidence and experience.

    • George

      As a black secular freethinker ( and conservative ) I have crticized the various    “African-American”  self-righteous , self-appointed demagogues and so-called  black “leaders”  all the time and as a result it is liberals  ( black and white ) who have attacked me for it.  Amazing isn’t it ?

  • George

    I’m wondering if there is  something happening here on the website . I’m not sure if it’s disqus or what or my PC.    I posted a comment message and then it dissapeared totally on the website  and then I saw Frank’s comment on the  ” Recent comments ”  section and then when I went to the page his message dissapeared and only showing mine  having reappeared.  I saw the same thing on a few other comment sections happen when I later did an inquiry. Has anyone else experienced this ? Strange.   I now see Frank”s message title on “Recent comments” but not in the comment page section.   Just wondering.  

    • George

      Now  , it’s corrected again . It may be a PC fluxuation . I was just wondering if anyone else had experienced the same .  Disregard if not.  I’ll have it checked  later.

  • Frank

    As usual Pat is spot on with regard to Islam. But who are these so called “atheists” he’s talking about? I have never met an atheist who would even think about defending Islam. It sounds to me like Muslims are sending him emails and claiming to be atheists. 

    • Liz

      Never met an atheist who would defend Islam???  What about every politically correct liberal on earth, many of whom we know to be atheists?  It’s a good bet that at least some of the idiots that convicted the Danish guy of hate speech (for speaking out against Islamic mistreatment of women) are atheists. 

  • George

    Gee , I wish Pat Condell were running for President of the USA .   He would definately get  my vote .   Right on Pat !