Criminalizing free speech in America 17

An act has recently been passed with overwhelming support from both parties,  and quietly signed by the president, that empowers secret service agents to disallow free speech in “zones” designated arbitrarily by them where they are present.

Under the new law, any political protest in a public place could be forbidden.

Defiance will be treated as a felony.

Judge Andrew Napolitano points out in this video that the law is an abridgment of the First Amendment to the Constitution which guarantees free speech.


(Hat tip reader and commenter Frank.)

  • Liz

     Interesting that the liberals jumped up and down in protest when Bush did something similar, but now that Obama’s signing it, they’re all for it.
    They’ve changed their tune now that they’re the ones all the pitchforks are aimed at.   

  • This is exactly why I don’t list myself as a Republican, because in certain cases they are just as bad as the Democrats!

    • George

      Amen Robert !     Ooops, did I say “Amen” . I meant to say — ” Right on Robert ” !      You stole my thunder my man !   You’re absolutely correct.  

      • George

        Robert , I forgot to add a point and sorry for the second post.   If  I had to chose a Republican over Obama  , I would vote for the Rebublican any day to get Obama out of office  , that’s for sure.   Yes , I would be choosing the lesser of the two “evils” but  look what the consequences would be otherwise .    A very sad  delema  , isn’t it ?

        •  I was a Democrat for a pretty long time, but then I saw what they were doing to our country and switched my allegiance to the Republican Party, and then finally switched to the Libertarian Party when I got fed up with the religious wackos in the Republican Party.

    • George

      Hi Robert :

                                            I couldn’t reply under your last post as the setup wouldn’t allow it.  I went through the same situation as you Robert and we have a lot in common.  At first I stupidly  registered as a Democrat in my younger years deceitfully believing that the Democrat Party was trying to help improve the situations of my ethnic (black) group.   Then I began as usual to do independent research and investigation and discovered that the Democrats were and have been the Dixiecrats and the most racist bigots in America. The Democrats have been the ones that overwhelmingly opposed Civil rights for blacks and the majority of Rebublicans passed civil rights legislation.  Martin Luther King ( a famous civil rights leader ) was a Republican.  The liberals of yesterday were the Republicans and the racists were the Democrats.  I will  later post a comment by Malcolm X on this. I switched long ago to Libertarian . Now I see many ( not all ) of these so-called modern day black Democrat activists posing as civil rights leaders who are the most racist hypocrites imaginable . Here they are expousing that they want justice but have now become the very racist bigots themselves while always  sterotyping and hypocritically pointing fingers at whites in general.  In other words , we have bigots calling other people bigots.  Just like the radical feminists of today are blatant sexist women calling men sexist. 
                              A white conservative friend of mine (  knowing I’m conservative ) said to me at his home  : ” George , you must be feeling really embarrassed as a black man seeing how the first African-American elected to the office of President turned out to be someone like Obama ” . I told him — ” Actually Obama is NOT African-American . His mother is white and his father is black which makes him bi-racial or multi-ethnic  or mixed race  ( I don’t like the term mulatto ) . So he is just as much equally European-American as he is African-American .  We can’t accept his father’s biology  and reject his mother’s biology or geneology , so I guess that makes me 50%  embarrassed ” .  He then laughed and said — ”  Well I guess that makes me the other 50% embarrassed “.   If they outlaw open protesting and get away with it , what is going to stop them from taking it a step further and outlaw ALL forms of protest.  They are incrementally taking away our rights ( especially the right to dissent ) one degree at a time.
                          What is so pathetic Robert is that the “sheeple” allow it . Where is the massive and widespread public outcry regarding this ?  Where is the daily mainstream media reporting and denouncing of this ?   What’s next  , a ban on making protesting remarks on websites ?   Don’t laugh Robert —as  I wouldn’t put it pass them .

      • I used to believe the Republican Party was racist and bigoted, but then I did research and found out the Republican Party was founded by anti-slavery activists. The Democrats were the racist slave owners, and they still want to be slave owners today, except instead of just blacks, they want to enslave the American people to the Government.

        • George

          Hi again Robert —

                                      Well Robert , in regards to our previous conversation as I have always said , we have racism on both sides of the fence. Notice how the racists (  white , black , asian , hispanic, middle eastern , etc.  )  are overwhelmingly religious fundamentalists.    Some clergymen have indeed had good intentions although they followed religious beliefs as a result of their upbringing. There is another thing we should also point out and that is , notice how overwhelmingly the ones who have and still posit themselves as being  ” black leaders”  are or have been clergymen ( and that included Malcolm X ) .  Look at  the clergymen who have been/ or are considered  public figures today for black  Americans  ( whether self proclaimed or regarded as such by the media and/or populace )  — Martin Luther King ,  Farrakhan , Jessie Jackson, Sharpton , and many others.  I have met quite a number of clergymen who had absolutely no racist beliefs but still held staunchly upon  their indoctrinated theological beliefs.  Some good , some bad and some indifferent.
                                Ethnic minority secularists need to come out of the closet and take a stand for freethought in the general populace.   The Republicans are in cohoots with the Democrats.  I truly believe that it is RELIGION that has fostered hate , discrimination, injustice, prejudice, bigotry and intolerance around the world.  Having said that , secularists aren’t   “squeaky clean”  in  EVERY  aspect themselves but our social views come from our personal experiences and NOT indoctrination.  I’ll bet you and I could write a book together on this issue.   World society today in this space age era should be putting every effort to be bringing people everywhere together instead of stirring up hatred, divisiveness  and harmful dubious agendas.
                                   If we ALL don’t speak up for free speech , then that very right of free speech that we enjoy so much could very well be lost for good.  If we don’t publicly take a stand for freedom of speech and freedom of protest then we could very well end up  with  a new America that could end up communistic ( or simply socialistic in the least ) and that is  a scary and horrific thought.  I don’t mean to get off topic but I can recall when I marched and demonstrated back during the civil rights movement and now it looks like we’re going backwards  out of pure ignorance and selfish stupidity. The entire world  should be speaking up and standing up for true freedom and justice for all ——but people today are still mentally asleep and psychologically stubborn to [ think outside of the social box ]. If we don’t stand up to protect our freedoms now  while we still have both a chance and a voice , we could very well lose them for good.  We must protect our First Amandment rights . Our rights didn’t come to us free .  People fought for and some died for these very rights and if       WE THE PEOPLE     just let these rights slip away , we will have no one to blame but ourselves.

  • George

    I agree with Robert , Frank , Andrew M , Keith and Jillian      !!!!!!!!!!

  • Robert

    Do you hear that? That’s the sound of our Constitution being torn in two!

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  • I have a question for you (for which I havent been able to find answer)… Where do our rights as free people come from?

    • Keith

      Your rights as free people come from free people not from the powers that be or your imaginary deity.

    • Jillian Becker

      Winston – 

      A right is something granted in law. (Believers in God like to say a right is “God-given”, meaning they think they were born with it. They’re not.) 
      In the US rights come from the Constitution. 

      The US Constitution has worked well for maintaining the nation’s freedom (until Obama?). 

      We at TAC prefer to say “an individual should be free to …” rather than “should have a right to …” 

      Generally speaking, since law-makers cannot provide for every human contingency, laws should be proscriptive rather than prescriptive. That is to say, they should tell me what I may not do (murder, steal, perjure myself, break a contract) but not what I must do (pay taxes, insure my health). 

      •  I agree with you 100%. I just wasn’t sure about it.

    • Frank

      Rights are an agreement amongst ourselves to protect certain privileges from being violated by others. Our rights evolve from our growing knowledge of what constitutes the best environment for members of our species to flourish. The Magna Carta and the United States Constitution were the first big steps to move us beyond the “right of kings” to the rights of individuals. Under the Constitution it is the duty of government to protect those rights. Unfortunately in recent years the government has been taking those rights away. We need to stop this erosion of civil liberties while we still can. You don’t lose your freedom all at once but in thousands of tiny little bites.

      • I would add the important point that it is the duty of a citizenry to hold their government accountable for their actions, an activity which the last two generations have so far stunningly neglected.

        The Constitution may be the actual law, but it’s not worth the parchment it was written on without the “spirit” of the Declaration of Independence animating the generations it governs.