Hitler is told that Obama ate his dog 2

(From PowerLine)

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  • George

                  Ha ha !    Many people based upon our societal “norms” and practices have an affection for dogs ( especially as pets  )  as you stated yourself therefore consider the eating of Fido as “blasphemy” which is a psychological , emotional and indoctrinated construct.   Actually humans are not the ONLY species that eats meat or even other carnivores regularly even though we as a species do so indeeed.  
                          I agree with your premise Andrew considering that humans eat  pork (pigs ) , beef (cows )  , chickens (foul–birds ) ,  crabs , lobsters, goats, turkey , etc etc etc —and yet they say —-      ” A dog ———yecchhh !  .    I have never eaten a dog and have no intent to and perhaps that may also be cultural as well .   Look at how people in India worship cows.  Imagine going to India and ordering a BigMac——– NOT ! 

  • Even though this video was very funny, partially because the subtitles bore no relation to the actual dialogue, I really don’t get why it’s such a big deal to eat the flesh of canines or felines.

    Yes, I understand that dog lovers are emotionally attached to their pets. No, I would never eat your Fido – that violates your property rights. And no, I have no done it. But would I deign to eat the flesh of a canine raised specifically for its meat? You bet. As far as I can tell, anybody who claims that it is “just wrong” to eat dogs is not thinking rationally, but feeling emotionally.

    There actually is a rational ecological argument which limits the consumption of dog meat, and it has to do with their status as carnivores:

    100% of the energy which fuels the food chain comes from the sun. However, photosynthetic plants can only extract about 10% of this energy for their own uses. Herbivores, in turn, can only extract 10% of their energy from these plants, and the carnivores that eat them can only acquire 10% of that remaining energy. This means that a carnivore has access to .1% of the sun’s energy because of its biology.

    A human who eats a carnivore (we are the only species which does so regularly) will extract a whopping .01% of the original solar energy which sustained that carnivore, not to mention that its flesh will have absorbed all of the toxins which lie upstream from its position in the food chain. This, not some fallacious appeal to emotions, is ultimately why there is a conspicuous absence of dog farms.

    At the end of the day, like with any trade which does not directly violate the rights of non-consenting humans, I say let the free market make the heavy decisions. If I see any dog, cat, or horse meat (horses are not carnivores, so this is the energy equivalent of eating pork or beef) when I go to the supermarket next, you bet I would vote for that business with my sacred dollar.