Hurray! Atheists shout down Muslims 13

Happy atheists shout down grim, hate-spewing Muslims at 2012 Atheist Convention in Australia.

“Where are the women?” the Atheists ask the Muslims – loudly, in chorus.

Good fun, and a victory for our side.

An expression of triumph, a spontaneous burst of sympathetic exultation, is perfectly in order.

  • cheongyei

    I cannot even find words to express how much I detest the mindlessness of the adherents of isslamm.  Such backward-directed, primitively silly nonsense, and they take it sooo seriously.  How many billions of them are out there now demanding that the rest of us submit to their utter foolishness??

    • Liz

      I know – I can’t understand how this religion could be growing – how could anyone be so insane as to WANT to become like that?  And then go beyond that and be convinced that it should be forced on everyone else.

      • George

        This is what theological BRAINWASHNG does. It grows by forced indoctrination , terror, fear , oppression , threats, violence  and subjugation.   Let the beliefs stand on their own merits and let people judge for themselves but these zealots know it wouldn’t “hold water ” otherwise so it’s forced upon the populace—-that’s why .     

  • I am filled with mirth watching this video.

    These atheists are genuinely happy. They are clearly not pining for any god or leader. They are a herd of cats, united solely by their diversity. Whatever differences they have matter not in the face of grisly Islamic barbarism, against which they form an impregnable wall of skepticism and launch vicious cannonballs of reason.

    It may not be strictly scientific, but it is certainly uplifting! Let’s hope this spreads to America to oppose the creeping Islamic-Christian theological encroachment.

  • WmarkW

    Good for them.
    But out-shouting is not our best debate strategy.

    • George

                    WmarkW , it wasn’t meant to be the best debate strategy ( or ANY debate strategy ) for that matter ,  but an example that people weren’t going to be pushed around and are finally taking a stand to say they are not going to be bullied and lay down and have others force their religious dogma on them—–plain & simple.  When you’re dealing  with religious fanatic zealots who don’t listen to reason or are totally irrational , debate in itself is futile. You can’t rationalize with the irrational.   If we were dealing with rational , reasonable , logical , sensible and intelligent people then using the “arena” of debate would be in order of course , but in regards to these people , trying to engage in civil discourse or rational dialogue ,  or any form of logical debate is pure vanity.   
                            These people only recognize one thing and that is THEIR indoctrinated organized religious dogma and everyone else be damned. If you actually believe that you are going to approach any of these Muslim people as illustrated here and engage in some “meaningful ” conversation with them and that is going to make them change their mindset or become open minded or listen to reason then ( no offense )  you would be foolishly delusional .    Sorry , but    — AIN’T  GONNA  HAPPEN DUDE !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • IndigoRed

    Wow, a point of agreement: Infidels!

    • Jillian Becker

      Yes. Muslims – and all persons who have “faith” in the supernatural – are infidels (ie unfaithful) to the distinguishing human faculty of reason.

    • George

      As Jillian stated — not having faith in reason is a form in  “infidelity”.  I checked that I liked your comment ONLY if it was meant as a form of joking sarcasm.  I hope I didn’t make a mistake , if I did not  then thanks for the input IndigoRed.

      • IndigoRed

        I was being sort of sarcastic. The muslims were chanting “Infidels!” at the Atheists as condemnation. I noticed a few Atheists pointing at themselves and chanting “Infidels!” as an honorific. If mohammadans want to call me an infidel, all I can do is agree with them because I am proud and honored to be an infidel.

        • George

          You’re right IndigoRed  , the Muslims even refer to Jews and  Christians as infidels. Personally I prefer to be in the company of Christians than the LIBERAL left-wing atheists . At the end of the video , there are 12 video selections that pop up and one is a video of creationists protesting the atheists at this convention.     

  • Liz

    This is great!  It really is encouraging that the tide is turning against the spread of the plague that caused the Dark Ages.  Thanks to the atheists here not being about to take crap off of anyone, these religious morons succeeded only in making themselves look ridiculous.
    My favorite sign is the one that declares “Atheism is the humiliation of reason.”  That really brings the delusional, lying to yourself religious mentality to light! 
    It could not be more opposite of the truth, that RELIGION is not only the humiliation but the total abnegation and death of reason, but they are so convinced of their lie that they proudly display it on a sign for all to see!

  • George

                               If only we had more and more gutsy atheists like this in  Europe, Africa and America .  Looks like there may be hope for us after all. I find this to be an inspiration and an insight that perhaps people are finally turning around after all and speaking out . Hopefully more and more atheists will come aboard and begin to follow in the footsteps of these gutsy atheists .  Looks like atheists and people in general have had enough of the throwbacks trying to force their hate-spewing dogma upon all of us .
                              It looks like secular people are starting to wake up after all.    It’s a start.    More and more atheists will start coming out of the closet when they see atheists in general speaking up , standing up ,  and proudly & publicly proclaiming their rights to be free from forced religious dogma.
                           These atheists are brave and bold trend setters and pioneers for true freedom , justice, equality and civility.   Looks like my pessimism is starting to swing around to more of an inspirational optimism after all.   We have to fight fire with fire and not this limp-wristed “political correctness”  BULLCRAP of cowards  and  capitulators.   Tyrants, dictators, radical forceful religious proselytizers and bullies do NOT respond to niceness . They only respond to standing up to them meeting force with force.   We can’t back down now.   It’s time to turn up the heat and speak out and speak up more and more for freedom for EVERYONE who appreciates true freedom, equality, justice, fairnes, reason, rationality,  and plain common sense.  Wear those T-shirts and display those bumper stickers proudly and boldly and if theological zealots attack you for it —simply tell them to go f*** themselves if they get nasty toward you. If they simply inquire intelligently , then of course respond intelligently to them in kind. Hopefull the tide is turning after all.  People will only take so much and these Muslims are trying to force their dogma upon the entire world and the world is finally saying NO MORE .  It’s about freakin’ time !