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  • Chile’s Social Security is privatized. Here is what I could find on it: http://www.ssa.gov/policy/docs/ssb/v59n3/v59n3p45.pdf

    • Jillian Becker

      Robert Yarber – 

      Yes, Chile’s privatized Social Security system is highly successful. Thanks for pointing it out. 

      As you may know, after the bad years of Allende’s communist rule, free market economist Milton Friedman was called in – to Chile’s enormous benefit ever since. 

      Go here:


      and see especially the section on Chile.

      • George

                             I believe the  USA needs to model itself after Chile’s system.  How can we here in the USA be so advanced in some areas and yet so backwards in others ?    It’s amazing !

    • George

      Thanks Robert , I appreciate that my man !

  • Me and my mother are both on Social Security because we’re disabled, but I agree it is broken. If something isn’t done soon, Social Security is going to collapse like a dying star! I believe we need to model our Social Security after Chile’s, now there’s a success story!

    • George

                               Hey Robert , if liberals here in America had their way , 75% of Americans would be on welfare and 25% would be paying for it with their excessive taxes.   People who worked a large part of their lives and invested in their retirement, social security and other benefits deserve their lot , but illegal aliens coming into our nation illegally and collecting  American taxpayer benefits is outrageous  as well as the loser misfits in America who have never worked a day in their lives but have always had their hand out for everyone else to take care of them and then scream bloody murder when it’s past time to pull the rug out from under them. I will have to study the social security system of Chile thouroughly before  I comment on it   so I don’t end up putting my foot in my mouth.
                               If people in general would simply take care of their own personal responsibility and stop wanting everything for free ( or rather for OTHERS ) to pay for it , the better off we all will be.

    • George

      Robert , could you post some info regarding the social security system in Chile so I and some others can get an insight of how it functions. I’m curious to know.  Thanks.

  • George

                           Obama’s safety net is making people more and more dependent on Big Brother Government . As America’s citizenry become more and more aging and they too become retired and dependent on medicare, medicaid , retirement sustenance ——who is going  to pay for all this ?   Will it be the loser , inept , do nothing and know nothing unemployed and underemployed young punks of today ?  Look at the population explosion in America and how we are being saturated with illegal aliens and home-grown  bums who want something for nothing and have an entitlement mentality.    Safety net ?   What safety net ?  That safety net has a gigantic hole in it and just like skydiving —where is the reserve safety net or back-up safety net ?   Who is going to pay for this so-called safety net ?   Where is the funding going to come from regarding this safety net ?     Who will finance this safety net ?   How will this safety net be maintained from henceforth ?   
                      People today have become both physically and mentally lazy .    If we don’t reverse our current trend , then we will eventually become a third world country ( or probably a fourth world ) nation by our next generation.  It’s truly appalling and a sorry state of affairs how supposedly advanced and intelligent people have caved in to the negative and self-destructive cultures of “political correctness”  BULLCRAP  !!!!!!!!!!       A leap of faith my a**     !!!!!!!!!!