“If I wanted America to fail …” 5

  • If we want America to fail, we’ll remain silent.

    Do not cower away from adversity! Always speak your mind!

    Defend your freedom – this might be your last chance.

  • Liz

    This is great.  Obama should be so landslided so easily – he’s given us a mountain of evidence against himself in the last 4 years, and all that’s needed is to point it out, as this video does.

    • George

      If I wanted America to fail  , I would vote for Obama  ( aka– Otrauma ). Hopefully Romney will point all these things out in his campaign and expose Otrauma  for what he ( Otrauma ) really is.

      • cheongyei

         I really hope the Romney folks have the fortitude to take it to Øbyango.  Four years ago, McCain was completely, ineptly clueless concerning finding ways to connect with the average Joe.  Many called him Bush III and he could not refute that, nor could his team vet Øbyango in a meaningful manner.
        At least now more people are prepared to vet this Kenyan-marxist, and his Kenyan-marxist policies are now public record.  I doubt he will garner any new voters and trust that he will lose the votes of hundreds of thousands of the foolios that helped elect that nasty man.

        • Liz

          Yes, we can hope that at least some people won’t be stupid enough to make the same mistake twice. 
          The only problem is that the “public record”, thanks to the TV propaganda ministry, isn’t all that clear.