Allen West talks sense about Islamic terrorism 9

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  • George

    I agree with Bobgood1   ,    Liz   ,   and  cheongyei.   If Allen West were our President right now , I would have a true sense of security and safety and  a confident feeling that someone is actually looking out for the safety , welfare and soverignty of our great nation.   Unfortunately we are currently stuck with that anti-American neo-Marxist in the White House  and it would horrify me  if he got re-elected .

  • Allen West is right.  All of this Political Correctness is making this country very venerable. That has become a way of Limiting Free Speech.  It is a way of Masking the real threat from the Nation of Islam. Certain words and phrases are being censored in News Papers & the internet.  If we’re not aware of True dangers in our society, then we can become easy targets.  We can be overcome as a nation without being able to defend it. 

    • Liz

      I think you meant “vulnerable” there – PC is definitely not making us “venerable”!  (as in, “Confucius was a venerable sage”).  : )
      Anyway, speaking of newspapers, has anybody ever noticed how they ALWAYS include Obama’s first name whenever he is mentioned?  His name can be mentioned ten times in an article, and it will never be shortened to “President Obama” – it’s always got to be “President BARAK Obama”.  They never did this with any other president I can remember.  Why is this?  It really is annoying. 

      • George

        Much of the PRINT media ( and TV )  in America is highly liberal and the editorial  and journalistic staff are liberals presenting these so-called news stories —-that’s why.  So therefore the bias will be automatically slanted in favor of the left wing liberal cohorts of whom THEY support and they pull out all the “stops” to push their propaganda agenda using the media as their voice to manipulate the general populace .  In the old  USSR  it was Pravda (newspaper ) and the USSR news media was TASS  which were all controlled by the communist government. Today in America we have the biased media which has freedom of the press and freedom of speech and freedom of expression but the people in charge are themselves biased so we still don’t have truth and fairness in journalism as a result. 

        • Liz

          You’re right about that, but what’s the point of always inserting his first name in print?  It’s like some unspoken rule, but what for?   It strikes me as either a weird fixation, or maybe they just enjoy shoving his “muslimness” it in everyones face.  But then, why not include the “Hussein” in there with it, if that’s the case?  (I still can’t believe that after 9/11 we could have elected someone with a name like that as President. I guess its just part of that “Stockholm Syndrome” thing.)  

  • Liz

    Amazing that such obvious common sense is so contrary to our governments policies. 
    What kind of groveling, pathetic fools are they that, after being savagely attacked, worry about offending their attackers? 

    • George

      I wish that Allen West had been our President instead of Otrauma . If so he would be taking care of the terrorism problem for sure  , but we as a society have lost nearly all sense of common sense.  It’s now “political correctness ” bullcrap ! 

    • cheongyei

       It is really amazing how the fundamentalist progressive / liberal / marxist types and the fundamentalist musslimm types are so equally anti-life and anti-mankind.
      And more amazing, the musslimms are waiting to slit the throats of half the members of the progressive base, whilst the progressive base still embraces all of the isslammist misogynists while claiming to care about women.

      It’s hard to believe how patently stupid so much of the world is.

      • Liz

        Yes, the progressives are suicidally delusional, but you can’t pity them because they are such hypocritical liars at the same time.