World communist government begins 12

– with the implementation of Agenda 21.

No freedom, no private property, no rights, no math, no hope …

Watch, learn, fear – and act?

This video is from 2009.

Agenda 21 is being zealously carried out now in our town. How about yours?

Look for the building of many large blocks of very small apartments  – reminiscent of the kind built by Communist regimes in Eastern Europe between 1950 and 1990 – along railway lines. They are mentioned in the video, and we can see them going up near where we are headquartered. People will be corralled into them. Families will be separated. They provide space for bicycles but not cars. You will cycle or walk in your home town, and be taken to more distant destinations by train or bus, if you are permitted to travel at all.

This is the spread of world government from the tower of evil, the UN.

It is not scare-mongering. It is really happening.

Agenda 21 must be stopped.

The UN must be destroyed.

  • Liz

    I can’t edit my last posts and they ended up in the wrong place.  My post about cyclers is for S. Simmons.

  • Liz

    The post below is a reply for Shane Simmons. 

  • Liz

    Like I said – I SLOW DOWN for cyclers, even when they ride their bikes out in the middle of the  road where the speed limit is 65.  I can see why that would provoke some to road rage, but of course that couldn’t be the oblivious cyclers fault.
    As for Big Oil, Big Farm, etc, etc, I guess your solution to all that eeeevil Big Business is to let Big Government keep them in line.  Your saviour Big Government will gladly let all you “poor urban folks” ride your bikes to your community garden, beecause you’re staying in the limits THEY have decided for you.
    Guess what?   YOU’RE the one who’s being duped.  If you would get off the Big Government brainwashing program and allow free enterprise to work, alot of those “poor urban folks” would become less poor, and maybe even be able to afford to have their OWN gardens, right next to their OWN houses, and their OWN cars.  You’d be amazed how many of them would go for that option over your altruistic bicycle. 

    • Ronnie Safreed

      Agenda 21 will ban backyard veggie gardens because all food will be in the hands of the globalist nanny-state! All will be eating a narrowed down bland neo-vegan diet with bugs as the only sustainable animal protein & all food will be “gmo” ! All eating in communal dining halls controlled by the nanny-state! All will be in permanent hunger & malnutrition & kids will not grow to only early adolescence & that is it!!!!! This new diet is meant to slow you down & to kill you in your older youth!!!!!! Bye-bye useless eater, old & middle age will never come !!!!! When you get 40 watch out you will be terminated!!!!! EVERYONE WILL DIE OF MURDER IN THE FIRST DEGREE, NO MORE NATURAL DEATH !!!!!

  • I just threw out Avatar and The Day the Earth Stood Still remake. Those Agenda 21 propaganda movies will NEVER be viewed in my house again!

  • Liz

    Yes, this is being implemented in my area, too.  Great name for it – “sustainability”.  Makes it sound like practical common sense, when it is exactly the opposite. 
    It is exactly what you do if you want humanity itself to become unsustainable – oh wait – that IS what they want!  Destroy humanity so that others may live.  How noble.
    We have just about reached the saturation point on being “dumbed down”, what with the Christians re-writing history and science to make the Founding Fathers all evangelical Christians and the”theory” of evolution highly suspect, and socialists inventing “social studies” while re-writing history (and math) to make capitalism look evil and economic suicide look like “smart growth”. 

  • regeya

    “They provide space for bicycles but not cars. You will cycle or walk in your home town, and be taken to more distant destinations by train or bus, if you are permitted to travel at all.”

    Have you seen the highways and freeways lately?  I’d love the option of being able to bicycle without having some a-hole in a pickup try to run me off the road (tyranny of the masses), or the option to ride a bus or train.

    I live in a rural area, in a country that holds only 3% of the world’s population, and THERE’S STUPID LEVELS OF TRAFFIC.

    • Jillian Becker

      Most people will not be allowed to live in rural areas under Agenda 21. Other than sections set aside for collective farms (to be run with primitive tools and back-breaking labor), the countryside is to be returned to wilderness. You may be permitted to cycle about in it, or you may not. 

      Will you find that degree of control enjoyable, regeya?

      Also, it is not certain that you’ll be allowed to own a bike for your personal use only.

      • Ronnie Safreed

        Agenda 21 is like the ole John Lennon’s song “Imagine”! Imagine no posessions, I wonder if you can, no need for greed or hunger, a brotherhood of man! There will be no money & even the electronic/cashless banking system coming will eventually stop! No buying or selling or consumerism! No inheritance or wealth of any kind! Even gold & silver & precious stones banned & taken!All wearing a globalist uniform of unisex clothes & they are not really yours! These shoe-box/coffin apartments will give way to 14 story open dormitory housing with no privacy & all eating a neo-vegan gmo diet in communal dining halls! Yes no personal or recreational use of bicycles, only what the nanny state tells you to ride where & when & how long it shall take you & if you do not peddle fast enough????? “WELL” your punishment is coming down on you hard!!!!!

    • BigSoph

      You’re right – things would be so much better of people were relieved of options beyond those prescribed by the government
      If we look at the failures of capitalism (too much food = poor getting fat, prosperity = used resources) and the successes of collectivization, in whatever name we choose (smaller carbon footprint as we depopulate the planet through selective resource denial (holodomor) and a population that follows plans and procedures set by the government with minimal issue and protest)
      Onward to a glorious future!

    • Liz

      I live in a rural area, too, and my pet peeve is having to slow down to avoid running over a-holes on bicycles who think they own the road.

      • Shane Simmons

        This is more of a reply to everyone who replied to me rather than just Liz, but it goes better in one comment.

        Liz, you might be one of the people who I’m about to talk about, then.  You know what happened the last time I dared to ride a bicycle down my country road?  I pulled off the road for an F-150 coming down the road.  The driver then proceeded to swerve toward me, come within about FOUR INCHES of me, then swerved back over when he was past.  And I was OFF THE ROAD.  I’ve had it happen multiple times.

        The message from people like you, Liz, is pretty clear: if you use the public roads for anything other than driving a car, you will be executed.  Where’s my liberty?

        Note that I’m not talking about a U.N. conspiracy; I’m just talking about having the option of riding a bicycle or walking down the road, unmolested.   People like you don’t want me to be unmolested.  You want me dead.

        The thing that pisses me off is that you’re all thinking you’re more enlightened than the average person because you’ve jumped onto the Agenda 21 bandwagon.  The thing is, so have the pro-big-business Republicans.  They’re ripping out bike paths, doing away with pedestrian paths, doing everything they can to prevent developments like community gardening.  Instead of poor urban folks riding their bikes to the community garden to put in an honest day’s work tending their own food, they WILL use their “freedom” to either take the bus, or use their own car to buy Big Oil’s fuel to go to the grocery store to buy Big Farm’s food, the way God intended.

        You’re being duped.

        By all means, oppose the U.N., but again, this is being used as an excuse to keep us under the thumbs of the people who are already in charge.