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Munir Muhammad’s Coalition for the Remembrance of The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad is one of the fragmented organizations squabbling over the vicious legacy of the Nation of Islam … one of the country’s oldest hate groups. [It] has an ugly fratricidal history. Along with its violent attacks on those outside its circle of race and religion, fueled by a belief that white people are subhumans created by a black mad scientist, it has carried on an equally violent campaign against its own. The list of Nation of Islam dissidents murdered or assaulted by their own people stretches back nearly eighty years. …

Daniel Greenfield writes about Munir Muhammad, the Nation of Islam, and the Coalition for the Remembrance of The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad, and how they stand in high favor with powerful Democrats in Illinois, at Front Page:

The difference between the Nation of Islam and most hate groups is that NOI members and groups can receive government contracts and plum posts from the Democratic Party.

Munir Muhammad … has spent the last nine years sitting on the Illinois Human Rights Commission, with a nearly fifty thousand dollar salary …

How does the business manager for a hate group get appointed by two Illinois governors to a human rights commission? It’s surprisingly easy. It’s just a matter of knowing the right people. …

CROE-TV, the Coalition for the Remembrance of The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad’s broadcasting arm …  puts out several television shows featuring Munir Muhammad. … Guests  include Valerie Jarrett [senior advisor and assistant to President Obama], Secretary of Education Arne Duncan and Barack Obama. …  former Chicago mayor and brother of the former Chief of Staff, Richard M Daley, .. Senator Dick Durbin, … Louis Farrakhan …

When Cook County Sheriff Michael Sheahan wanted to get rid of one of his critics, he just swapped him out with Munir Muhammad, who became Vice-Chairman of the Board of Corrections, not to mention also serving on the Cook County Sheriff’s Committee on Religious Tolerance

Ponder that: a man notorious for his intolerance serves on a County Sheriff’s Committee on Religious Tolerance …

… and the Chicago Police Department’s Multicultural Forum.

Illinois politicians didn’t just give Munir Muhammad lucrative policy gigs, they donated thousands of dollars directly to his organization. An organization whose reason for existence is promoting the ideas of a bigot, whose views, aside from skin color, have little to distinguish them from those of Aryan Identity groups.

Governor Blagojevich had doled out some 50,000 dollars in state money to Munir’s hate group and even proclaimed February 12, 2006 to be “Coalition for the Remembrance of Elijah Muhammad Day” and encouraged citizens of the state to recognize the organization for its “ongoing commitment to ensuring the legacy of this influential African-American leader”—an influential leader who had described white people as devils and “born murderers”.

Similar proclamations from the governor’s office in 2004 and 2005 described the Coalition as “an important voice in both the African-American community and the general public”. …

After Blagojevich was gone, Governor Pat Quinn renominated Munir Muhammad to the Illinois Human Rights Commission.

But this time – confusingly to observers like us, resigned to the extreme cynicism of most politicians – there was a sudden astonishing upsurge of decency, or conscience, or revulsion, or something we don’t know about, in the minds of some Democrats, and this notorious racist was voted down:

The result was a brief debate and a close vote with the Illinois Senate splitting mostly down party lines. Twenty senators voted to reappoint Munir Muhammad and thirty voted against—with only seven Democrats crossing party lines to vote against him. … The Illinois State Senate transcript for Munir Muhammad’s original appointment shows that it was carried without a single opposing vote. Obama appeared to be present at the session, which means that he voted to confirm Munir Muhammad.

In 2001, 75,000 dollars was allotted to the Coalition for the purchase of television cameras for its production studios, courtesy of Illinois State Senator Donne E. Trotter. When Gilad Atzmon, a figure so repulsive that even Anti-Israel groups have deemed him too Anti-Semitic to be associated with, appeared on Munir Muhammad’s show, the cameras filming the whole thing may well have been the ones paid for by taxpayer dollars. At the time Barack Obama was a member of the Illinois State Senate and his funding requests appear next to those of Trotter.

But wait, there’s more:

It would be nice to think that Munir Muhammad’s success was an individual blind spot in the system, but it wasn’t. Claudette Marie Muhammad, Chief of Protocol in the Nation of Islam, had been appointed to the Illinois Anti-Discrimination Panel.

And there was Willie Barrow, the Chairwoman of the Commission on Discrimination and Hate Crimes, an enthusiastic admirer of Farrakhan and one of Obama’s Faith Endorsers. A woman whom Michelle Obama described as “our friend”.

Munir Muhammad has lost his position and his fifty thousand dollar salary, but there is little doubt that Illinois politicians will continue trooping down to the studio to chat with the bigot …

Corruption is the way things are done in Chicago and that includes turning a blind eye to black racist groups who may believe that white people are the devil, but can be counted on to deliver the votes from Elijah Muhammad’s mothership.

Chicago’s dirt is no longer just the property of that city; it belongs to all of us. And Munir Muhammad also belongs to all of us. The men and women he sat across from are no longer just big wheels in state politics — they run the country. And the Chicago Way has become the American Way.

Only for a little while longer, we hope.

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  • George

                           I cannot understand how any white person could vote for Obama .  Obama , a man who sat in the pews of the church headed by Rev. Jerimiah Wright for twenty years.     Wright , the man who refers to America as the US of KKA.  Democrats are socially suicidal and uterly FOOLISH and STUPID.  Democrats have always been the real Dixiecrats . Democrats have been the party in history of the KKK. It was Republicans that overwhelmingly passed the Civil Rights Act , but you can’t tell brainwashed black Democrats this because they have been so hoodwinked by the mainstream liberal media. Robert G. Ingersoll was a Republican. Rev. Martin Luther King ( the famous civil rights leader ) was a Republican and most don’t know that.    Senator Byrd ( Democrat ) was a former klansman and we know all about  Al Gore’s father don’t we ? Ethnic minorities ( specifically blacks in America ) have been tremendously BRAINWASHED and don’t even know they are brainwashed and also don’t realize they are joining hands with the very people that have been anti-ethnic minority and anti-women’s rights from the onset.
                          Liberals have replaced white racism with black racism and have also replaced male sexism with female sexism .    You do not eleminate one form of bigotry by replacing it with the opposite form of bigotry as a substitute. We should strive to eliminate ALL forms of bigotry entirely . This should be our goal and mission in life everywhere.     

    • George

      I’m going to have to slow down and check typos and mispellings . My apology again.  I love this website as it gives us news and articles that we simply do not get elsewhere. The hate-mongers and religious zealots are attacking us ( atheists ) in the mainstream media and on various  websites as well. Please write letters to various news publications and post on internet sites as well ( in addition to this website ) to get the message out to counter the propaganda that is being spread around. I’m going to leave it at that and stop here so that I do not take up much of the space regarding [ recent posts ] .  I’m going to cut back on my number of posts . I’ll just make a lengthy post on a topic if necessary  rather than several blurbs  here and there. My apology again as I am driven to being an outspoken individual on these matters and I don’t want to get carried away so to speak. Keep getting the message out guys and gals .  Thanks !  Keep the REASON ( not the faith )     !!!!!!!!!

  • cheongyei

    Racism is racism, pure and simple.  For racism to be tolerated when it is practiced by the likes of the Nation of Islam (black-on-white hate) or La Raza (brown-on-anyone else hate) is scandalous in America.  Having racists heading the Department of Justice does not help.

  • Liz

    Can you imagine the outcry if these politicians were giving positions like this to Grand Wizards of the Klan?  Yet these people are just as racist and just as crazy.  It’s no suprise to find Obama right in the middle of it, either.