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A hundred years ago, when a workers’ paradise was about to be born in Russia, there was a joke which may by now have fallen down the collective memory-hole. It went like this:

Communist rabble-rouser: “Come the revolution we’ll all be eating strawberries and cream.”

Voice in the crowd: “But I don’t like strawberries and cream.”

Communist r-r:  “Come the revolution you’ll bloody well have to like strawberries and cream.”

There is a type of human personality that believes he/she knows what’s best for everyone, and will go to any length to force everyone, “for their own good”, to do as he/she decrees.

People of this type often choose to be sociologists, priests, politicians or  bureaucrats. They are always collectivists, always authoritarians, always a pain in the neck. Theirs is the stuff great despots are made of. And many gods. And a certain type of murderee.

Their deep ambition is to possess total power. Not one of your secrets left unexposed. Not one of your  shelves or drawers unsearched. All your files downloaded. All your emails read. Your thoughts policed. Your actions monitored. Your words recorded.

They will tidy you into neat “housing-units”. They will count out the calories you consume. They will ration the energy you may use. They will decide how long you may live. They will tell you what you may know. They are merciless in punishment – they’ll trim off lone wolves and obstinate dissenters as fast as a barber will trim your neckline. They have no use for innovation, or for change of any sort. They grudge you leisure in case you use it for thinking. They know what work you should be doing and you’d better be doing it how and where and for how long they say.

(Doctors and army officers really do have to exert authority over other adults. They are exempted from this post’s otherwise sweeping condemnation.)

These order-imposers, these self-elected benefactors, these interfering meddlers just simply cannot mind their own business. They can see what needs to be “put right” and cannot rest until they’ve done it.

You can protest until you drop: “What’s it to you what I do? It doesn’t harm you! I don’t interfere in your life, so don’t interfere in mine!  If you don’t like seeing me do it, don’t look…”

Still he/she will insist, “But don’t you understand, it does you harm. It’s bad for you. You must do this instead. I’m only trying to be helpful. I care what happens to you.” –  “You” being all of us except himself/herself. As if we were all children.

Usually they are puritans. Occasionally one pops up who lusts for destruction speedily, and might even orchestrate chaos to achieve the perfect order of utter annihilation. Nothing is so tidy as a world cleansed of human life.

Whatever their particular way and final goal, they are the Enemy.

This is from PJ Media, by Joe Hicks:

If you enjoy having a Big Gulp along with your burger and fries, you’d better drink up fast if you live in New York City: do-gooder Mayor Michael Bloomberg thinks you are too irresponsible to know what’s good for you. He believes super-large sugary drinks contribute to all sorts of bad health issues, so he’s determined to make you downsize whether you like it or not.

The mayor’s ban on these drinks could go into effect as soon as early next year, and would affect drinks larger than 16 ounces. Bloomberg’s ban is aimed at drinks sold only at movie theaters, restaurants, or from street carts, meaning you could still get your large-sized drink fix at convenience stores, supermarkets, or other retail sellers.

This isn’t Bloomberg’s first foray into the “nanny state,” or employing excessive state action to protect people from themselves by restricting freedom. Under Bloomberg’s leadership — and via an equally meddlesome and liberal city council — the city has banned trans fats from food preparations in restaurants (the ingredient that makes french fries, doughnuts, and other deep-fried foods taste so yummy) and has forced chain restaurants to post calorie counts on their menus.

Bloomberg, in one of his most Orwellian moves, even banned donations of food to the homeless because the city didn’t have the ability to monitor these much-needed and welcomed gifts for things like fat, salt, or fiber content — a concern not typically voiced by individuals desperate for a meal.

Of course, the mayor’s rationale is the protection of public health. After all, there is an epidemic of obesity and diabetes. However, who among us really believes regularly downing upwards of 32 ounces of soft drink is a healthy thing to do? And since anyone addicted to gigantic-sized soft drinks can easily ask for a second 16-ounce drink or find a nearby retail outlet, is this ban likely to impact obesity among people already making unhealthy decisions?

And what business is it of the mayor’s anyway?

For libertarians and conservatives, the far greater concern is government intrusion into our private lives. There can be no confusion about this: controlling the intake of food and drink is simply not a function of good government as outlined by the framers of our Constitution. …

The problem of meddling “I-know-best” bureaucrats obviously isn’t just an affliction local to New York City. In 2008, Los Angeles City Council member Jan Perry succeeded in imposing a resolution banning any new fast food restaurants in a 32 square-mile area of South L.A. Like Bloomberg, her rationale was the disproportionate rates of obesity and diabetes among the largely poor, black, and Latino residents of her district. The racist, infantilizing message: poor minorities living in South L.A. are too stupid to make their own food choices. Her patronizing solution: experiment with their lives by forcing them to eat what she wants them to eat.

If government bureaucrats can ban the types of fast food outlets available, manipulate the size and types of drinks we can consume, and regulate every aspect of food preparation, what couldn’t they attempt to ban? Some studies have suggested that red meat is “unhealthy.” Will Bloomberg next propose a measure limiting red meat intake to one steak per month? Will the nanny state do-gooders ban hot dogs, or force Americans to take part in government exercise programs like those promoted by the first lady? …

Now listen up. You gotta eat every one of those strawberries, no arguments.

But cream? Do you know there are 20 calories in just one tablespoon of cream?

It oughta be banned.


(Michael Ramirez cartoon from Investor’s Business Daily.)

  • George

                              Thanks Liz , Andrew and Robert .    When I first started posting on this website long ago , I stated that it will be conservative atheists that will bring about dignity , respect , more citizen tolerance of our secular position , and also less of a hostile perception of secular freethinkers . I meant that totally in all honesty. Why ?  Because the left-wing liberals have virtually  “hijacked”  the freethought movement .  The average citizen actually believes that to be a secular freethinker , one has to be a flaming  dyed in the wool ,  ” politically correct ” , bleeding-heart , whiny , left-wing limp-wristed  liberal and it is these LIBERALS that have bastardized the great logical position of FREETHOUGHT —plain & simple.  The liberals have perverted freethought and it is the foolish conservative theologians who embrace logic on everything else demanding proof for everyuthing else they believe all of a sudden  leave their logic behind when it comes to the subject of religion. 
                               Societies end up with brutal tyrants and dictators for their failure and refusal to stand up and speak out from the original onset of a tyrannical regieme forming at the beginning. Then they wait too late after the ruthless and dictating regieme attains power and control over everything and then whamo—-you’ve got mass murder, chaos , exploitation, oppression , enslavement, human rights violations, hatred , bigotry and an entire society subjugated.

                            This could actually happen right here in the USA  if we THE PEOPLE don’t stand up and speak out and let our voices be heard publicly and boldly.  Remember —— All it takes for tyranny to prevail is for good men and women to do nothing . Do you remember that ?  Here we are in the era of the space age and we still have barbaric savagery going on . It’s mind boggling how this could even exist in a modern era of time . Why does it exist ?  Because world so-called civilized socities allow it —that’s why.  Political correctness is political corruptness. Our ultra-tollerance could very well spell our doom. We have to fight fire with fire .  You can’t pee on a forrest fire to extinguish it  , you have to get the fire hoses and aerial tankers of water buckets—that’s how.
                   Brutal tyrants only respect brutal military force , not pc rhetoric of any kind –and this has been proven to be factual for ages.  Think about it—-the liberal atheists even hate us because we are conservative.  The liberal left-wing atheists don’t accept us because we don’t embrace their socialist pc dubious agendas which are assinine and self-destructive .  Believe it or not , many Christians are in accord with much of our positions moreso than the limp-wristed liberal atheists.  That is why we get attacked so often by these sicko trolls who log onto this website to attempt to sabotage our civil discussion forum.  We all have an uphill battle on our hands but a battle that is necessary indeed for the freedom of thinking for ourselves and living our lives as we civily see fit without dictating control or force.  Keep plugging away guys and gals .   Freedom is NOT free !!!!!!!!!!!                      

  • Ralph

    Big Government is more hazardous to our health than a Big Gulp.

    Good to hear from you George!!

    • George

      Hi Ralph. My latest  activism is engaging in motivating more and more secular freethinkers to come out of the ‘closet” and to speak up and speak out.  I have more in common with conservative  Christians  ( to an extent—minus the supernatural belief and the biblical spirit nonsense )  than I do with liberal atheists . Liberal left-wing atheists drive me up a wall.  The liberal atheists embrace Big Government as the State Father Figure   ( liberal Christians are no different ).  Conservatives have their faults also.  The overwhelming problem today is that in regards to religion in America ( read-  Christianity primarily ) we have the religious Bible-thumping  fundamentalist right that has “hijacked ” conservatism , and then we have the liberal socialist left-wing atheists that have “hijacked” secular freethought. It is one f***ed up situation .  Both camps engage in propaganda agendas to fuel their dubious agendas and both groups want to capture our minds and take control of our lives.  The world has progressed industrially and technologically but has actually regressed logically, rationally , ethically and  civilly .    World civilized society needs to rise up and stand up for true world peace  and civility. Propagandists realize that to control a person , you must control their mind ( their way of thinking ) which in turn controls their behavior and actions.  We are living in dangerous times and it’s getting worse every day. Hang in there Ralph and keep the REASON ( not the faith ).  Later ! 

  • Andrew M

    Prohibition is a moral failure, NO MATTER the temptation.

    This, of course, does not mean it is a good idea to succumb to said temptation. I myself almost never drink soda, and certainly never to the abandon I witness daily. It is a dessert. No substance can substitute water for a thirst-quencher. I am smart enough that nobody needs to explicitly tell me this. Especially not Mayor Bloomberg. How dare you steal my right to purchase a 16.0001 oz soda!

    The same argument works for snorting cocaine, prostitution of consensual adults, and legalizing rattlesnakes. Strangely enough, Mayor Bloomberg seems to understand this principle, but only regarding the decriminalization of marijuana. Why can’t this logic penetrate the rest of his brain?

    • Liz

      Yes, in addition to the separation of Church and State, which so many Christians don’t see the need for, we need the separation of PC personal bias and state, which so many government nannies don’t see the need for. 

      • George

        You are a very intelligent and smart woman Liz .  I wish all ladies were as enlightened  to what is going on in the world as you , Jillian Becker and Brigiite Gabriel are .  POLITICAL ORRECTNESS = POLITICAL CORRUPTNESS.    You nailed it !

  • Apparently these people all have memory loss. Have they forgotten that the first Revolution was started because someone tried to tell us what type of beverage we could drink?

  • Liz

    At this rate, in another ten years we’ll all be forced to eat our food in pill form, doled out by the government, of course.
    I think your theory is correct, Jillian: there always have been and always will be those who are prone to control.  Mankind’s history has probably always been endless cycles of those types of people gaining control, everyone else finally getting fed up with them and rebelling, and then it repeats itself all over again.
    Hopefully this next election will begin a new cycle before we actually have to suffer the consequences of the entire agenda of this latest crop of control freaks.

    • George

      Hi Liz. You and Jillian are correct . Pardon my typos on previous post . When I get ticked off  at trolls , I type at light speed  and forget the spell check. All this can be eleviated if more and more people  would get out and speak up and and stand up to those in political power.   The biased media is also at fault. The media doesn’t simply REPORT the news —–they manipulate the news as a means of mind control and social control . It’s pure propaganda plain & simple.

      • Liz

        You’re right, the media is a huge propaganda machine.  They have no brains left, and no respect. 
        By the way, glad you’re back!