The last days of Europe 4

We are living through the self-extinction of the European civilization that shaped the age we live in.

So writes Giulio Meotti at Front Page. He goes on:

The inquisition against Europe’s “racist” and “Islamophobic” writers and journalists sheds a unique light on this demographic and religious revolution. Cartoonists, novelists, intellectuals, reporters, these are … the new reactionaries … Western intellectuals “guilty” of fighting the stereotypes of the Western elites: multiculturalism, the “droits de l’hommisme”(the human rights turned into a spoiled child), Islam and anti-Semitism. These new witches are demonized in the name of anti-racism, which the French philosopher Alain Finkielkraut called “the communism of XXI century.”

The latest victim of the leftist bien-pensants allied with the Islamic fanatics is Eric Zemmour, Jewish journalist and author of the bestseller “Mélancolie Française.” A few days ago, Zemmour has been dismissed from his radio show for having criticized the new French Minister of Justice, Christiane Taubira, “gentle and compassionate as a mother with her children, the poor children of the suburbs who steal, peddle, torture, rape, and sometimes kill.”

The late Italian writer Oriana Fallaci went to trial …  in France and Italy … The Nobel Prize Laureate for Literature, Wole Soyinka, known as the “Nigerian Joyce,” has been demonized as a “racist” for having called the UK “a cesspit” [of] Islamists. Finkielkraut … has been tried, after he dared to comment on the French suburbs that “if the thugs were white everyone would have evoked fascism, when a school is burned down by an Arab then it’s ‘rebellion’”. …

The writer Michel Houellebecq was on trial for his best-selling novel “Platform” and interviews where he called Islam “the most stupid of all religions”, [and] V S Naipaul, another Nobel Prize Laureate, has been demonized as “racist” and “reactionary” by the liberal press.

In many cases, the journalists became refugees in their own countries. “My house is protected as a bunker with cameras,” Kurt Westergaard [told me], the Danish artist who created the cartoon of the Prophet wearing a bomb in his turban for the Jyllands Posten newspaper. Visiting his paper’s office is like entering a US embassy in an Arab country. The journal had erected a 2.5-metre high, one-kilometer long barbed-wire barrier, complete with electronic surveillance, around its headquarters in Visby. Mail is scanned and newspaper staff members need ID cards to enter the buildings. When Flemming Rose, the cultural editor who took the initiative of publishing the cartoons, attended a conference in Oxford, the British police had to set up “the same protection as for Michael Jackson.”

In the Netherlands, where filmmaker Theo van Gogh was killed by a Muslim for his criticism of Islam and the biggest mosques of Europe frame the luxuriant, wooded, watery countryside, cartoonist Gregorious Nekshot uses… a pseudonym to protect his own identity. At the University of Leiden, Rembrandt’s city, the office of Law Professor Afshin Ellian, who escaped the Iranian religious dictatorship, is protected by bulletproof walls and policemen. …

I recently spoke with Robert Redeker, the philosopher and columnist condemned to death for an article in Le Figaro newspaper. His piece, a response to the controversy over remarks about Islam made a week earlier by Pope Benedict XVI, was titled “What should the free world do in the face of Islamist intimidation?” Redeker was sentenced to death in a posting that, in order to facilitate a potential assassin’s task, provided his address, telephone and a photograph of his home. “I went to Austria for a conference and even there the bodyguards were always with me,” Redeker said. The police did not even allow him to announce his father’s death, because someone could have noted the surname. “I had to bury my father like a criminal,” he said. The marriage of his daughter was also attended by the police. Redeker had to sell his house and buy another one in a secret location. “I cannot go out to buy bread or newspapers or for a glass of wine. I cannot walk in the streets. I cannot take the train, bus or subway. I cannot answer the question of what I can expect from the future. … ”

A few days ago I received another email of threat, saying: “Dear feces eating insect, continue to scratch around the Zionist dung as it’s natural for you, the Israelis will give you thirty coins.” To quote from Walter Laqueur’s masterpiece, these really look like the last days of Europe.

Other honorable names that must be added to the list of Europeans who have spoken out against the advancing conquest of Europe  by Islam are: Geert Wilders, Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff, and Lars Hedegaard. See our posts: The West on trial (December 16, 2009); Freedom versus Islam (January 20, 2010); Civilization on trial (October 11, 2010); An honest confession of hypocrisy (October 23, 2010); The new heresy (January 11, 2011); Darkness descending – again (February 7, 2011); Sharia is the law in Austria (December 25, 2011); Only the gagged may speak freely (December 26, 2011); Darkness imminent (January 8, 2012); The most important struggle of our time (April16, 2012); Marked for death (May 10, 2012).

What will Islamic Europe be called by its conquerors? Al-Andalus, perhaps?

Will European civilization live on in America?


Note added June 11, 2012:

Gatestone reports:

Finland’s Supreme Court has found a prominent politician guilty of defaming Islam for “Islamophobic” comments he made on his personal blog. The ruling represents a major setback for free speech in a Europe that is becoming increasingly stifled by politically correct restricions on free speech, particularly on issues related to Islam and Muslim immigration.

  • Ralph

    Islam’s intentions were made clear on Sept. 11, 2001. It was a wake up call to the civilized world. Only those who sleep deeply or pretend to sleep out of fear can ignore it.
    It was the Kristallnacht of the twenty first century.

    • George

                        It SHOULD have been a wake up call Ralph , but the stupid fools still DIDN’T wake up.  That’s the problem . What else has to happen before these SHEEPLE get the f***ing message ?  This is why these zealots have gotten bolder and bolder , because they see sheer stupidity in so-called advanced America . Oh sure, we are  advanced technologically and industrially  but we are backwards as %$#@ when it comes to using common sense for our very survival and protection of our soverignty and freedoms. How can a society that has the ingenious brains to build spaceships, computers, cell phones, etc.  be such a bunch of f***ing dumb a** fools ?   It’s mind boggling !    Hopefully people will get to the “boiling point’  and take no more of this insanity and wake up from their delusional fantasy mentality and face reality and smell the coffee.  These throwbacks are literally laughing at us LITERALLY because they smell weakness , foolishness, stupidity and gullibility in such a technologically advanced society.  Both Europe and America had better get their sh** together or we’re doomed —LITERALLY.    If Europe and America get some gutsy and strong patriotic leadership and do the right thing and take back our respective countries and stand up and fight –we could certainly take control of this outlandish situation but we have these wussyfied , sissyfied COWARDS in power who are selling us all out and could very well get us all killed by crazed zealots who only live to kill, torture, create violence , terror and mayhem as standard procedure of their culture. The reason that they get away with this is because the sellouts allow it and people in general won’t stand up and speak out and fight back—-that’s why.

    • Liz

      Your comparison to Kristallnacht is very fitting.  I always use to wonder how the people of Europe could have allowed the Nazis to do all those atrocities – why couldn’t they see it coming?  This article gives a perfect snapshot of how and why it happened – history is repeating itself. 
      Our present enemy is accomplishing it thru the strategy of the flood of immigration. Just like a slow flood seeping thru cracks in a basement – it doesn’t come rushing at you.  It starts out at your ankles, and creeps up until it’s up to your chin, and then it’s too late – you’re drowning.
      9/11 may have been our enemy’s undoing, at least in the USA, because it did hopefully wake enough of us up to stop the flood from rising high enough to drown us.

  • George

                   They have been planning this for a very long time and have been implementing it incrementally one degree at a time and yet the stupid brainwashed liberals allow it to happen. The same liberals will turn on their own kind to protect those who want to anihilate them. Stupid is what stupid does.  After Europe goes then America will be next.  A  conservative radio talk show guest stated— ” We currently  have the ability to defeat them but we do not have the will” .  That’s putting it bluntly and to the point. The wimpy wussie girly-men limp-wristed liberals  will end up getting us all anihilated to appease those who hate us and want to destroy us. Can you believe this idiocy ? Do people use common sense anymore ? Do people use their brains anymore ?  Do people think anymore ? Do people rationalize with simple logic anymore ?    Liberals are the bunch representing emotional group-think and “political correctness ” nonsense which is pure non-sensical self-destructive rubbish.
                             Those who want to destroy us are using “stealth tactics” posing as simply wanting equal justice and equal recogninition when in reality they want to take over and institute their global tyrrany and dogmatic world  dictatorship. They will use lies, deceit, trickery, posing as friends, and anything that they feel will work to impose their beliefs, culture, and practices on everyone else. They have absolutely NO respect for the values, views, beliefs of others . It’s either their way or the highway—plain & simple.  People are silent out of fear. People are silent because of the overhanging threat. If we had stood up and fought back from the onset , this would have never gotten to this point. When countries started opening their borders completely and left the  border  ” floodgates ” wide open and of out of control , the  immigration got out of hand  ( and still is ) , then their societies became taken over by people who do not respect the laws, customs, traditions, beliefs , and practices of the host nation & society. Entire societies and civilizations have been destroyed this way ( it happened to continental Africa ages ago and Africa has never recovered even to this day—-look what is going on now ).  I  am hoping ( not praying of course ) that things are going to come to a boiling point and people worldwide will simply say –ENOUGH ENOUGH ENOUGH ENOUGH——NO MORE , WE’VE  HAD IT !!!!! ) . I just hope it’s before it’s too late. If we fail , then world civilization will cease to exist. If we fail then barbarism and savagery will be the order of the day. If we fail our children, grand-children and generations thereafter will live in total misery, and tyranny for ages to come . The world had better wake the f*** up and get it together because these people are on  a mission to take over the world and they care for no one but themselves and their indoctrinated dogmatic beliefs and everyone else be damned in their minds.