First lady, prime hypocrite 8

These quotations come from The Amateur: Barack Obama in the White House by Edward Klein*:

Michelle is the president’s most important political adviser and the one he listens to above all others before he makes major decisions. (Page 107)

Michelle Obama is further to the Left politically  than her husband. And that’s saying a lot. (Page 107)

Everyone in Michelle’s family is afraid of her … Despite her fiery reputation among friends and family, stories about Michelle’s temper have rarely appeared in the liberal mainstream media, which have gone out of their way to protect her. (Page 113)

Chicago-style cronyism marked Michelle’s tenure at the University of Chicago Medical Center. … [E]veryone expected Michelle to promote programs to assist the underprivileged denizens of the black South Side. Instead, she helped launch a program … to save the hospital millions of dollars by reducing poor and uninsured patients from its emergency room to surrounding community hospitals in the South Side. The University of Chicago’s Medical Center beds were reserved for prosperous patients who used profitable procedures. The president of the American College of Emergency Physicians, Dr. Nick Jouriles, released a statement saying Michelle’s program came “dangerously close to ‘patient dumping’, a practice made illegal by the emergency Medical Labor and Trade Treatment Act, and reflected in an effort to ‘cherry pick’ wealthy patients over poor.”  (Pages 117-118)

Michelle’s personality … is acquisitive and materialistic by nature. For her forty-fourth birthday, Obama bought his wife … a set of diamond earrings. He spent $5,000. She promptly returned them in exchange for bigger diamonds that cost $12,000. (Page 124)

The conclusions we draw from these passages are:

  • Michelle Obama is a too-powerful influence – for the worse – on her weak and indecisive husband.
  • She is loaded with the moral vanity, and indulges in the bleeding-heart self-dramatization, that characterize the elite of the Left.
  • She is a shrew.

Above all –

But first some clarification. We are heartily for maximizing profit. We are delighted to know that there are people who can pay $12,000 for a pair of earrings, because we consider poverty, not affluence, to be a problem. We do not believe in a “sin” of greed; we do believe in – and despise – the “sin” of envy. But the Left in theory disagrees with us on all these counts.

So our point in quoting the last two items is that –

  • Michelle Obama is a hypocrite, in this too being typical of the Leftist elite.


*The Amateur: Barack Obama in the White House by Edward Klein, Regnery, Washington DC, 2012.

  • George

                            Here we have Michelle going around telling people to eat the right foods and look at what she eats.  Yeccchhh !!  This is hypocrisy and a double-standard. We have one woman biased towards race and the other woman biased towards gender.  The most alarming and mind-boggling thing about all this is how gullible the American people are to not be able to see through this. This is what amazes me regarding how naive the American citizenry are.  I keep asking myself how can people in such a technologically  advanced society be so stupid, gullible, foolish, brainwashed and outright   ” suckers”.   The problem is not only the people who we have in office but rather the bamboozled people who put them there and voted & supported them in the first place. Let’s get to the root of the problem instead of just concentrating on the problem itself. Let’s address the cause of how we got here . Let’s now formulate a means of addressing this situation to correct the problem for the best interest of everyone. We need to get back to the basics of protecting America and our soverignty, protecting our constitution, protecting our borders, protecting our civil and human rights , and displaying real freedom, justice and equality for ALL  in reality and not just talk.  I don’t mean to rant but the mainstream media has chosen to ignore this and in many in cases they  censor these issues from the public.  The current media is nothing but a tool of propaganda .  Michelle would just be a ‘spinoff” of her husband ( only worse ) . Sure I enjoy discussing these issues (sometimes) but as  I’ve said numerous times before , we as a society at large need to get out and motivate the people and open the minds of the people otherwise we’re just spinning our wheels   and going nowhere fast. 
                             In ADDITION to our discussing these issues among ourselves , we should address these issues as well in the mainstream media throughout the nation and also  go beyond just OUR group of like-minded thinkers. This doesn’t mean that I’m calling for atheists to go out in the neighborhoods and get on a soapbox with a megaphone loudspeaker in some form of radical activism but rather to reach out beyond just ourselves or our perpetually “preaching to the choir”  , otherwise our commentaries amount to no more than “in house” whining sessions with messages that do not reach the general populace at large.  I’m truly glad we have this forum which I believe to be the best around but we as secular freethinkers in general need to take our voices a step further  to the general public   in addition to this . This is just my personal  perspective considering how the fundamentalists are kicking our butts with their radical proselytizing .
                             Don’t laugh but people like Michelle  ( or for that matter Hillary ) could very well run for office and win. Think about how BahRock was a nobody college professor , promoted by the liberal media and then became our president and rember that before the media promoted him, no one knew who this guy was ( and they still don’t ). Don’t put it pass the media considering Michelle. Remember , Hillary only got into her position because of her husband Bill. She certainly didn’t have the qualifications for the position , but it was her popularity that the American people voted for out of emotional “feel good” promises.
                      The mainstream media could very well do the same thing regarding Michelle and don’t put it pass them. We are living in a modern day crises and things are getting worse daily and this is no time to just shrug our shoulders and say ” Oh well ! ” .  Michelle acts as if she cares for the downtroden , the  poor and the common people while she lives in high society as the wealthy queen in a lavish and luxurious lifestyle. We have demagogue misfits running our nation. To put it further , we have demagogue  misfits running the world.  How do they get away with it  ? They get away with it because of the SILENCE and INACTION from the overwhelming populace  in general , that’s why. This site ( in my personal honest opinion ) is the best secular site around and I’m asking fellow secular freethinkers not to be complacent and let’s take it a step further and also voice our views in newspapers, magazines , other sites ( including the religious ones ) , and including  radio talk shows .  Imagine if we ended up with Michelle ( or even Hillary ) in the sat of the Presidency ( and you think we have problems now —–ha !, wow ! —that  would be a nightmare ).  Just one more question folks. If Michelle becomes  the first female President of the USA , then what would Bahrock be called ?  The First Gentleman ( that’s a joke ) , or The First Dude , or The First Hubby . Hmmm–just a thought.

  • George

            Please pardon my language in advance folks —but Michelle Obama    aka :         [ FIRST BITCH ] is simply being what she is. Then we have that wimpy sorry excuse of a husband and president —what’s his name , oh yeah  — Bahrock Otrauma  , the wuss , and American traitor who is selling our country down the toilet and jeopardizing our nation with his insane policies. I read about Mic’HELL’e   in supermarket tabloids of which many are full of BS as usual but the stuff  I read about her from various reports describes her as  something I can’t say on this site. Many  have talked about her explosive temper and I guess BahRock is probably sleeping in a separate bedroom with a guard at the door. This is the woman who said when her husband was elected to the effect that this is the first time in her life that she felt proud of her country. She’s a spoiled  [ you know what  ].   Here we have a so-called president who has to get his wife’s advice on political matters  ( or personal matters for that matter ). Looks like our WIMP IN CHIEF is p***y whipped as many people have portrayed him.   Holy crap—can our nation get any worse ?

    • Liz

      Ha!  Can you imagine the scene in a few years if we get Hillary and Michelle running against each other for President???  That would be entertainment!  Debates would probably end up with hair flying and everyone running for cover! 

      • George

        Hey Liz , just imagine if during those  debates ( between Michelle  and Hillary )  they both were on  PMS .   Holy crap– they would have to call out the SWAT team pronto or the SEALS .   It would be a  “chocolate- vs- vanilla”   cat -fight . Then they will probably put it on pay-per-vue and the viewer subscriptions would be off the charts.  Then Hollywood will make a movie about it and people will have lines at the box office two miles down the street. Of course the down side is it wouldn’t have a “G” rating because of the extreme violence  and  profanity.   Talk about ENTERTAINMENT   !!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Liz

          Yeah, people would be making bets!  Hard to say who would win that fight – it would be too close to call which one of them is the meanest!  Barak would be hiding under the bed, while Bill was taking the bets.  Not a bad idea for a fundraiser!

      • George

        Couldn’t reply to your last post directly  .   BahRock would actually probably be on the roof taking off on the white-house chopper while Bill will be in the bathroom interviewing  Monica for her ORAL exam  !!

        • George

          I’m sure Bill will want to make sure that Monica gets aHEAD of all the others.  You see Liz, Monica will be demonstrating her new designer series line of kneepads while Hillary will be at her radical feminist convention promoting lesbian rights . 

        • George

          Of couse you know Liz , this time the secret service agents will have to check Monica and make sure she’s wearing a stain proof dress——just so there are no “accidents” .  I’m sure that dude (Bill) wouldn’t want to go through all that mess again.   Then Bill will also  be searched just to make sure he isn’t carrying a concealed cigar.  Oh my !