Three Head Socialism 9

Three Head Socialism

Or Three Head Fascism?

See Thomas Sowell on the fascism of the Left here.

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  • Liz

    Another sinister parallel is Obama’s use of environmentalism as a political tool to impose his control.  Re that article here a few posts ago about how environmentalism got started in Germany before Hitler took power. 
    Neither his politics or his disguise of it are new, just old enough to seem new to his ignorant and gullible voters. Even his slogan of “Forward” is recycled from the old socialist trashbin.

    • George

      Hi Liz :   

                       Bahrock Otrauma literally hoodwinked the American people. When I saw people cheering  “‘gloriously”  after he was chosen, I then realized without any doubt whatsoever what utter brainwashed “suckers” so many people in our great nation truly are.  The typical American citizen never checked this guy’s history and background but simply voted for him emotionally because he promised them a “rose garden”  with his utopian concept of CHANGE  ( aka: socialist heaven ).   Many people voted for this guy  because they were so ticked off at Bush ( and also wanted something for nothing ) but they got much worse with Otrauma.  They traded the bad for the awful. They jumped out of the frying pan into the fire itself.
                                   You see Liz , people in general do not know how to think for themselves . They follow ( not THINK ).    The media treats them and manipulates them like the mental puppets that they are .

  • Ralph

    Some may call it Socialism, National Socialism, Communism, Sharia, Christianity or a multitude of other names. I call it tyranny.

  • George

    Hi Liz, you’re right about not being too far fetched.  Gee ,  I really need to get a handle on these typos and slow down and do a spell check.  Sorry folks.  Even my name is messed up on here. I’ll get it right one of these years. On second thought we may not even have years the way things are going around the world now.

    • George

      Ok , it’s  not me , I checked my spelling of my name before sending and the site page is incorrectly spelling it as  Geoege while I wrote George. I checked twice.  I’m checking this post as well .

  • Liz

    Good article by Sowell.  It seems that the common denominator between Socialism and Fascism is authoritarianism.  In each case, those in charge think they know better than the rest of us, thereby justifying their taking control from us.
    They’re just the modern era’s replacement for theocracy and monarchy!  Like deadly viruses which become immune to the vaccines, they morph into even deadlier ones. 

    • George

      In the military we called it — [ FIGHT OR FLIGHT ]. You either move on an advance the enemy if you believe you have a chance or no way out or you pull back to regroup and reorganize and challenge him from a different flank.     Currently this administration is in [ FLIGHT MODE ] na dour enemies smell weakness and are taking advantage of it.  Our worse nightmare is if someone worse than Otrauma get’s in power  or if he gets re-elected and then he goes hog wild knowing this is his last election .  It’s up to the people as a whole to let their voices be heard —for the people and by the people . Our silence and inaction could very well spell our doom.

  • Geoege

    The only difference is that BahRock  Otrauma hasn’t YET  carried out the mass murdering  death camps , not YET at least.  If he had the time , there’s no telling what he would do and that is what gives me the eebie geebies !

    • Liz

      That really isn’t too far-fetched when you consider how closely tied he is with the UN, which is full of genocidal dictators and their enablers.