Christianity the moral rot that bred socialism 5

The English author Wyndham Lewis wrote this (in a Foreword to Rotting Hill, a book of his stories published in 1951):

Socialism as a final product of bible-religion.

Conscience is at the root of the principle of Social Justice – without it what would be there? … It is all that remains of Protestant Christianity …

Let me try and show in a few words how absolutely impossible socialism would have been without the Christian religion. … Liberalism was an early stage of socialism. … The logical conclusion of … [the] preachers of social fair play, of social justice, was for the classes possessed of money and power to surrender them, and, of course, for England itself as a nation owning a quarter of the globe to surrender everything – as has recently been done in the case of England’s greatest possession, India – except this island; and even that must in the end not be looked upon with too possessive an eye.

Now, without the teaching of the New Testament – and we must not forget the Old, and that the Jews were the most moral nation the world has ever seen – or some similar teaching such as Stoicism (and there are exceedingly few teachings of this type), no man gives up anything he has acquired whether it be wealth or land or goods. Why should he? He will fight to defend them with desperation. If you informed him that “Property is theft” he would laugh at you. Such a saying, in the first instance, to be successful, had to appear with a supernatural sanction. To test the accuracy of what I am saying, you only have to consider whether you would give up anything but a small fraction of your property in order to share it with your less fortunate fellows. There are very few of us who would willingly do so. But a long process of religious conditioning (latterly operating through such words as “decency”, “fair play”, etc. etc.) has led us to a point at which we empower the State to deprive us of practically everything. This is the work of Jesus.

Actually, no, not Jesus. Though we agree with his point that Christianity bred socialism, we need to correct him there. It is the work of St. Paul.

St. Paul invented the sentimental morality of Christianity.

St. Paul invented Christianity.

St. Paul invented Jesus.

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  • Harold

    It always struck me as odd that Christians seem to be aligned with conservatives- Jesus seemed to promote left wing ideals.

    • Liz

      I’ve always thought that was odd, too.  But it’s as if Leftism is a competing religion.  If this article has it right it actually emerged out of the root of Christianity.  It demands self-sacrifice and subjugation of the individual to a higher authority for the greater good.  And since Christians are already doing that for the Church, they naturally aren’t going to be willing to sacrifice themselves to more than one cause.

  • Jack

    I agree with this but it has been my observation that the modern Left operates almost exclusively on secular premises. If you read the “New Atheists”, ie Dawkins, Dennet, Harris, you see that their main project is to validate egalitarian and altruist, and thus collectivist, premises on scientific grounds. Harris for example is desperate to justify Rawlsean egalitarianism with neuro-science.

    I think today’s academic Left no longer needs religion. They think that science justifies the welfare-state and its entire apparatus. In economics, pretty much every economist of an econometric bent will use behavioral science to argue that men are not rational and that the premises of laissez-faire are false and government central planning is necessary. Religion doesn’t really play into pro-socialist/welfare-statists arguments in the academy.

    Which is my point. I fear today’s secularists/atheists more than I do today’s Western Christians. Very few atheists are like us; ie pro-capitalist, pro-individual liberty. Most atheists and secular humanists are Leftists/socialists. We are offered a false alternative today of religion on the Right and socialism/egalitarianism on the Left.

    Its depressing.

    • George

      In reply to Jack : 

                                   A big HIGH FIVE on that one Jack   !!!.  

                             Jack , if you ever get a chance , check out the following topics on the internet via keyword searches :

      Christian Communism —-    Wikipedia
      Christian Socialism ———- Wikipedia
      Chistian Communism Exposed
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      Christian Socialists
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      Christian Socialist Party USA

                                  I however do not agree  with the statement  ” …..that the Jews were the most moral nation the world has ever seen…..”   While it is indeed true that SOME  Jews did  indeed assist in the formation of the NAACP ( which is liberal and also controversial ) , as well as many good contributions societally and this is in no way being anti-semitic but stating factual historical data. I have volumes of files on these situations that illustrates contrarysituations as well.    We  should give credit where credit is due and also point out horrible acts as well.  In fact all societies have had their attrocities, hatred , inhumane treatments and injustices.  Check out the website titled — [   Blacks & Jews Facts & Quotes  ], or go to   . There are many more too numerous to submit here.   
                             There have been good and bad in every society that has existed —-some worse or better and even that can be debated  regarding the circumstances in question.   Christianity was the birth of socialism from it’s inception but Christians in America will have the world believe that socialism is strictly a secular construct  and nothing could be further from the truth.  
                           You are right Jack in your assertion that the New Atheists are promoting the “collectivists ” agendas. Just as yourself  ,  I also fear today’s liberal left wing egalitarians moreso than the today’s Western Christians. 
                                   The Biblical parables asserted for example that — ” It is better for a camel to walk through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of Heaven “.  That certainly sounds like a form of socialistic class-warfare to me. Go to any ghetto in America and you will see the result of Christian socialism in action , and yet the blame is directed at conservative free-enterprise/capitalism. People are a product of their entrenched indoctrination ( aka-brainwashing ).

    • Liz

      You’re right about most of the “New Atheists”, except Hitchins in his last years.  I often wonder why Ayn Rand’s vision didn’t catch on better.  Maybe because she was attacked from both sides – from the Right for being an atheist, and from the Left for being a Capitalist.