Who lit the Flame? 10

The White House has been “leaking” state secrets to make Obama look good.

To augment its boast, it has “leaked” that the US  is responsible for the tremendously clever malware, Stuxnet and Flame, that have hampered and stumped and spied on Iran. (In collaboration with Israel, the White House mumbles, hoping you didn’t catch what it was saying just then.)

This is from the Washington Post:

The United States and Israel jointly developed a sophisticated computer virus nicknamed Flame that collected intelligence in preparation for cyber-sabotage aimed at slowing Iran’s ability to develop a nuclear weapon, according to Western officials with knowledge of the effort. …

But though the White House boasters want you to know how cunningly the US under Obama has been crippling Iran’s efforts to make a nuclear bomb, it doesn’t want you to think that they themselves are guilty of the leak.

Last week, researchers with Kaspersky Lab, the Russian security firm, reported their conclusion that Flame — a name they came up with — was created by the same group or groups that built Stuxnet. Kaspersky declined to comment on whether it was approached [employed] by Iran. “We are now 100 percent sure that the Stuxnet and Flame groups worked together,” said … a senior researcher with Kaspersky Lab.

So we are to understand that the Kaspersky Lab leaked the info to “Western officials”, who leaked it to the Obama-supporting Washington Post – who blames Israel for the info having come out at all:

Despite their collaboration on developing the malicious code, the United States and Israel have not always coordinated their attacks. Israel’s April assaults on Iran’s Oil Ministry and oil-export facilities caused only minor disruptions. The episode led Iran to investigate and ultimately discover Flame. Some U.S. intelligence officials were dismayed that Israel’s unilateral incursion led to the discovery of the virus, prompting counter¬measures.

Rich with innuendo, that passage. It implies:

  • Don’t think for a moment that just because the US and Israel worked together on the malware, the US supports Israel’s position on Iran.
  • The malware they produced together, though stunningly brilliant, is not really very nice. (“The malicious code.”)
  • Those assaults on Iran’s oil industry in April – carried out by Israel, you know? Oh, you didn’t know? …
  • Well, actually, they weren’t anything much. As Israel did it alone, it wasn’t too successful, causing only “minor disruptions”.
  • What’s more, it’s a pity they were carried out at all, since it was because of them that Iran discovered Flame.
  • In fact, they were worse than ineffective; they were positively a bad idea. “Some US intelligence officials” were “dismayed” (annoyed) because Israel’s action provoked Iran (which otherwise has only peaceful intentions towards the US?) into taking counter-measures (not specified).

But wait a mo …!

Flame was developed at least five years ago as part of a classified effort code-named Olympic Games, according to officials familiar with U.S. cyber-operations and experts who have scrutinized its code.

It  was started “at least five years ago”? When G.W. Bush was president?

Well, yes (the White house might answer), but the decision to use it had to be made – or at least upheld – by “gutsy” President Obama. Not that they’re saying he is in any way responsible for it if you think it’s a bad thing. If it’s a bad thing, blame Bush, and Israel. If you think it’s marvelous, credit Obama.

Victor Davis Hanson calls this leaking of state secrets by the White House, “Securitygate”. He thinks it is more serious than Watergate or the Iran-Contra scandal.

He writes at PJ Media:

In the Watergate scandal, no one died, at least that we know of. Richard Nixon tried systematically to subvert institutions. Yet most of his unconstitutional efforts were domestic in nature — and an adversarial press soon went to war against his abuses and won, as Congress held impeachment hearings. …

Iran-Contra was as serious because there was a veritable war inside the Reagan administration over helping insurgents with covert cash that had in part been obtained by, despite denials, selling arms to enemy Iran to free hostages — all against U.S. laws …  [But] the media soon covered the story in detail, and their disclosures led to several resignations and full congressional hearings.

What I call “Securitygate” — the release of the most intricate details about the cyber war against Iran, the revelations about a Yemeni double-agent, disclosures about covert operations in and against Pakistan, intimate details about the Osama bin Laden raid and the trove of information taken from his compound, and the Predator drone assassination list and the president’s methodology in selecting targets — is far more serious than either prior scandal. …

Here is the crux of the scandal: Obama is formulating a new policy of avoiding overt unpopular engagements, while waging an unprecedented covert war across the world. He’s afraid that the American people do not fully appreciate these once-secret efforts and might in 2012 look only at his mishaps in Afghanistan or his public confusion over Islamic terror. Ergo, feed information to [selected journalists/book writers] so that they can skillfully inform us, albeit with a bit of dramatic “shock” and “surprise,” just how tough, brutal, and deadly Barack Obama really is.

Yet these disclosures will endanger our national security, especially in the case of a soon-to-be-nuclear Iran. They will probably get people killed or tortured, and they will weaken America’s ability for years to work covertly with allies. Our state-to-state relations will be altered, and perhaps even the techniques and technology of our cyber and special operations wars dispersed into the wrong hands. …

We all know how the deplorable practice of “leaking” works. But in truth, these were not quite leaks: information was not “leaked” by rogue insiders or hostile outsiders, but rather given freely to the press by administration officials.

That fact alone makes Securitygate different from any other past scandal over publicized classified documents or insider accounts of covert operations.


Following on from this post, see the video immediately above: the singing of an Israeli satirical song, Tell on me.

  • Ralph

    Obama’s leaks and scandals abound. I never thought I would miss Nixon.

    Many will say Nixon was a victim of the left wing press. That may be true.

    The fact is we are all victims of the left wing press.

    • George

      Hi Ralph :

                   Nixon may have been involved in Watergate , but Otrauma  is involved in Traitorgate .   

  • I’m hating Obama more and more. I’m seriously considering voting for Romney now, just to get Obama out of office!

  • Liz

    So typical of Obama – bash Bush and all his policies until he gets in the office and needs them himself, and then take credit for creating them.  Just as he did with Bin Laden and the other terrorists that have been eliminated since he took office, he takes credit for it even though it wouldn’t have happened without the info provided through the waterboarding, etc, at Gitmo, both of which he so self-righteously despised.
    And as if thats not enough, endanger more lives by leaking it all!  Endangering lives is another thing he’s good at, as in Fast and Furious.  That by itself is worse than Watergate ever was, but I guess no-one is supposed to notice that. 
    Woodward and Bernstien have better things to these days than fearlessly investigate presidents, being the national icons that they are. 

    • Agree with your comments 100%.  It is amazing to me how few people out there even KNOW what Fast and Furious is!  You can watch an entire mainstream news program and not hear a peep about it!  So sad that the media are such cheerleaders for Obama.

      Everytime I think about Obama’s popularity with mainstream idiots/liberals, I can’t stop thinking of the line from that Sara Jessica Parker advertisement (the one where she is raffling off dinner with her and Obama): “He (Obama) needs us and we need him.”  Doesn’t that sound like something Castro’s supporters would say?  Or Mao, or Stalin, etc.?

      WE NEED HIM?!?!?!  Are you f’ing kidding me?!?!?!

      • Liz

        I know – gag me.  Let’s have Streisand sing “People who need People’! 
        Their hypocrisy is unbelievable.  If a Republican President had done half of what Obama’s done already, it all would have been the biggest scandals of the century, covered nonstop in minute detail. 
        It’s so easy for them to manipulate, not only by lying, but even more so by what they leave out!  They knew Fast and Furious was all about sneaking in gun control, so that was never going to make it into the narrative, unless it had gone according to plan.  Then you would have seen tons of stories about the eeevil gun industry and the deaths THEY caused.   

        • George

          Hi Liz —

                                    Why are we playing around with these ancient throwbacks in the first place ?  We have the technology and military power to defeat them NOW  but because of our wimpy leadership ( or rather non-leadership ) we do NOT have the will.
                                 If President Truman or President Reagan were in office right now , either one of them would have  sent a sorti of  B1 or B2 bombers over there to Iran and dropped a bunch  of MOAB or Daisy Cutter bombs on that facility or launched a salvo of nuclear-tipped cruise missiles and blown that Iranian nuclear facility to smitherenes  and as far as colatteral damage or casualties of war is concerned—so be it.   Truman did it on Japan twice after they attacked us at Pearl Harbor and Reagan did it on Libya when that nut-case Kadaffii kept threatening the USA and engaging in terrorist acts.   That traitor Otrauma would let our enemies do it to us and still the stupid liberals would say after the mushroom clouds are rising all around them what a good job Otrauma is doing. How can people be so stupid ? How can people be such fools ? How can people be so gullible ? How can people be so naive ?  How can people  NOT uses their brains ? Do they have any ?  The enemies of our great nation ( America ) are literally laughing at us. They are truly amazed at how  we can be so technologically advanced and yet be such stupid fools.
                                They are patient. It’s a waiting game for them. They are destroying us incrementally—one degree at a time. They immigrate (infiltrate ) nations around the world and then have massively large families to increase their population numbers exponentially and then when their numbers get to be a very significant number of the host nation , they then demand changes to that host nation’s constitution to change their laws to fit the laws and beliefs of the immigrants . It’s just like the tale of the frog in the boiling water — [ If you put a frog in a  pot of room temperature water , he doesn’t mind and is relaxed. But then you turn te temperature up one degree at a time and the frog gets use to it and doesn’t sense the change much if it’s done gradually and then the from ends up boiling to death because he didn’t realize what was happening –and then it’s all over ]. That is what is happening to us by America’s enemies.  It’s not because they are smarter , it’s because our leaders ( or rather mis-leaders ) are stupid & cowardly fools . They have sold us out and are endangering all of us .  Hopefully people will wake up by the next election and vote Romney into office to save America and hopefully the world . Romney has my vote for sure . He may be the lesser of any evils if so , but he is definately a trillion times better than what we have now.

        • Liz wrote: “I know – gag me. Let’s have Streisand sing People who need People!”

          Thanks for that – it gave me a good chuckle!  🙂

        • Liz and George,

          At this point, we need to just hope Obama will be handed his walking papers in November.  The good thing is, lately, Obama’s campaign really seems to be coming unhinged.  His comment about the private sector doing fine, Clinton speaking out against him, all these silly fundraising ploys, etc.  I am more optimistic now about Romney winning than I was a few weeks ago.

          Have you seen the latest Obama fundraising ploy?  There is a gift registry page where you can set up people to donate to “Him” instead of getting you a wedding gift, or anniversary gift, or whatever.  So if you are getting married, this ploy is encouraging you to register their campaign donation as one of the gifts your guests can get you on your registry!  Is that hilarious or what?  Well, hilarious, and yet pathetic at the same time.

          Check it out – there is an article about by Guy Benson on Townhall.com.

      • George

                       Look at how the liberal-left media played the  beating video of Rodney King ( a black man ) by four white cops continously , but the same scumbag liberal-left media practically ignored the beating of an innocent white guy ( Reginal Denny ) by four black punk thugs .
                          Look at how the feminists were out in massive numbers ( probably hundreds of thousands ) marching at Washington D. C. on abortion rights claiming that  they care so much about women’s rights while even today women are being stoned to death in the Middle East and forced to dress like mummies , and treated worse than farm livestock   and the same stinking liberal left media and feminists are totally SILENT.   The same media grabbed a nobody socialist radical left-wing  college professor ( BahRock  Otrauma ) out of nowhere that nobody even knew and built him up and made him an exalted icon in the eyes of the general populace and the stupid fool brainwashed “sheeple”  swallowed  it—hook , line and sinker .
                          The brainwashed masses fell for it and never did their own independent research to find out who this guy really is . They attacked Bush non-stop and blamed him for all the ills of our nation and claimed that Otrauma inherited the problems from Bush but they never admitted that Bush inherited the problems  from  Clinton  .  Clinton was so busy in the Oval Office  ( I meant to say —the Oral Office ) with Monica Lewsinski .  The secret service had to search Clinton whenever he was with Monica to make sure he wasn’t carrying a concealed cigar ( no telling where  that cigar has been —-hhrrrmmpphh– cough cough  !! ) .
                               Here we are in a nation that is the most advanced in technology and industry in the world and yet are the most stupid mindless fools imaginable when it comes to using common sense and protecting our soverignty and freedoms . Unfreaking real !
                            Most people think that Fast and Furious is just some Hollywood movie about racing cars and that’s how braindead the general populace truly are.    Here we have Otrauma capitulating to America’s enemies , dismantling our needed defenses , destroying our ecomomy , putting us a zillion times more in debt , unemployment is skyrocketing , and these stupid brainwashed liberal left-wing fools are still talking about what a great job Otrauma is doing. Can you believe this bullcrap ?  It is truly mind-boggling !!!!