Two evil men 5

Bill Whittle gives his answer to the question we ask in the post immediately below.

He calls Obama and Holder evil men – and explains precisely why he calls them that.

  • George

    In response to Soulstraw3 :

                        Soulstraw3 , I for one have no idea what Obama’s actual religion is and whatever claim that anyone makes either way cannot be confirmed merely by claim alone.  I don’t know anyone on this site that has claimed that Obama is a dictator , although many of his positions are inacted by an “iron fist’  order. Three forths of the American people voted against Obamacare , however  Obama , Nancy Pelosi and Hary Reid forced  it upon the nation anyway and it is now being subsidized by taxpayers who are paying for those who don’t work or pay into any of the benefits whatsoever that they are receiving. Such a posturing is in every sense of the word–ILLEGAL.  You say that YOU were right after all ? Right about what ? If you  say after all , then this leads me to believe  that you’ve been on this site before  ( —– Was it under another alias possibly ? Just wondering  ).    You didn’t come onto this cite truly acting civil but you start off right off the bat making ad hominem insulting personal attacks and vile  name calling instead of engaging in civil dialogue and simply state your position.
                         You also stated that 300 million people voted for Obama. That cannot be true and is impossible. If the total population of this nation is 300 million people  ( which includes women, men, children, toddlers, and infants    as well as illegals ) then that statement is absurd by the illogical claim itself which cannot happen. Nothing stated on this site has anything to do with Obama’s ethnicity but rather his horrible policies. You say he is getting troops out of Afghanistan. Say what ?   Obama is the one responsible for the [ SURGE } of having added a mass multitude of troops into Afghanistan by his own admission. Now he has gotten us into Syria . Where is the infamous UN to protect these people over there who need actual help from true theocratic and dictatorial tyrants ?  Obama’s so-called “withdrawal” is at such a snails pace that it could be next decade if any .  Please get off the RACIAL  rant and race-card nonsense , it’s gotten old ,  worn out and it doesn’t play anymore. All you see is RACE RACE RACE RACE and race isn’t the issue here but dangerous and corrupt policies are. I have personally  critized Bush just as harshly and I have never been a fan of Bush. I personally know of no Republicans that considers corporations to be the same as people and I know many ( and frankly speaking )  I am not a Republican and I am not beholden to the Republican party ).
                     No one on here is practiscing xenophobua but rather are against ILLEGAL aliens in the country ILLEGALLY and therefore are not eligible for any benefits as citizens because they AREN’T.  Obama did not get Osama. The military intelligence put in place by Bush and located by SEAL TEAM 6 located him, and reported back to the White House and Obama had no choice but to give the order at that point because key people were watching and taking note.  I doubt that you have ever been in the military and obviously you seem not to know military protocol and strategies. He had no choice and cannot be credited with finding or getting anyone. You have gone on an emotional rant & rave with accusations that are not true and I could write pages refuting the allegations .   Ethnic minorities have fared even  worse since Obama has taken office. Unemployment has gone through the roof,  his tax plans will cause more job loses and more businesses to close , and his so called stimulus plan has proven to be a dismal failure and I have personally heard many Democrats say that they have voter’s remorse for having voted for him in the first place. You accuse the posters on here of listening to Rush and Beck, well personally speaking again , I do not care for either one of those individuals whatsoever (IMHO). I as well as some others on here could very well accuse YOU of listening to ABC, CNN, CBS, MSNBC, and NPR radio.  Obama’s grandmother  stated herself that she was present when her son (Barack ) was born in Kenya and the so-called birth certificate that was presented from Hawaii was shown to be a certificate of claimed birth which Hawaii allows under their state policy and Hawaiin officials have acknowledeged to be true.  I am not going to jump on any conspiracy theory bandwagon  on either side and I am not going to lured into a pissing contest or a heated argument on this matter. If we are going to discuss this then it will be done civilly or there will be no dialogue.  Now , having said this , ——do I know this for a fact as has been presented by news sources  ? No !  I do not and I’m not making the claim either way but the liberal media has hushed it up but they would have been all over it if it had been Bush, or Reagan that had these allegations made about them.
                         Instead of you coming onto the Atheist Conservative  site as you have done with a highly charged , angy and emotional rant and simply stating why you disagree with certain issues or statements here , you came onto here being hostile and attacking right from the start.  If you wish to discuss these issues maturely and civily , I will be more than happy to discuss these maters maturely with you   but if you are only going to come on here engaing in trolling behavior then such dialogue can never be . It’s your decision and perogative .
                           This website ( of which I have no official affiliation ) is here to present  secular freethought from a conservative perspective and I assume that you are a liberal from your delivery and comments . To be totally honest , I am just as harsh on conservative Republicans who screw  up as I am towards any Democrat  for that matter. I do not play favorites but rather look at the issues squarely and what policies affect my life and others  and my number one concern is the protection of the soverignty of this great nation , and our national security .  Now having said all of  this , I have NOT called you any names or made any insulting remarks to you but simply stated my position civily and maturely if I do say so myself. This is not about race but about policy  and as I stated previously , I have NEVER been a fan of BUSH and frankly speaking I’m darn glad he’s gone and this is my honest position  and feelings.   

  • SoulStraw3

    Turns out I was right again. I don’t have a problem with your article, I have a problem with your ignorant denial of the right’s obvious racism!
    Despite an official, verified birth certificate, some (like Orly Taitz) say he was not born in Hawaii. Despite attending Christian church most of his adult life, some accuse him of being a Muslim. No credible evidence supports either of these theories. All verifiable evidence suggests President Obama is a Christian, U.S. citizen.  Muslims are not allow to eat pork and have to pray towards Mecca 5 times a day. I don’t see Obama not eating pork and interrupting his administration just to pray 5 times a day. Domestic terrorist? Obama killed the terrorist responsible for funding the 9/11 attacks. Osama Bin Laden. Fraud? Obama is Harvard Law School graduate. You need practically a 4.0 cumulative high school gpa to get into Havard with a 32 average ACT score and have a your SAT writing, reading, and math scores in the 700-800’s. To sum up you have to intelligent. Do you think 300 million people are idiotic enough to vote for a man who hates the country he’s running for President? Hate America? He tries to help out the majority of the people in this country: the poor and middle class. With policies like healthcare and the Dream Act. He’s just not a rich, racist Republican who prefers corporations and ignores the poor and middle class. And BTW: Republicans consider Corporations to have the same rights as people. That’s a huge argument between Republicans and Democrats. Democrats argue that Corporations aren’t equivalent to human beings. Destroying America? At least he’s removing troops from Afghanistan unlike Bush who was destroying families by giving a death sentence to thousands of young Americans by sending them to Afghanistan. Closet Homosexual? He looks very infatuated with the First Lady Michelle Obama. Just because you support homosexuality does not necessarily mean you are homosexual. There were feminist who were men. Does that mean they were “in the closet girls?” No.
    You have no proof that Obama is a Muslim/Communist/Marxist or whatever! I;m sick of these racists calling this man a fraud and for his impeachment!Those who call Barack Obama a fraud is a racist scumbag liar!.Anyone who calls Obama a fraud is a racist!Those who call for Obama’s impeachment ARE in fact racists!This country has gone racist, you just don’t want to admit it!
    The birthers are 0-143 because all of their claims have been debunked or proven lies. If they had any legal precedents I would be right with them but since that is not the case they have to resort to making up charges and to nominating people after lawsuits to try and get a win in the courts, and that has been shot down both times Tennessee and Arizona.
    If Obama was a dictator, Rush would have been shot, Along with Murdock and Fox news… Stop believing idiots like Rush. He does a disservice to your intelligence.
    More alarmist stupidity from the junkie.Meanwhile, OxyRush had no problem with a Supreme Court-appointed imbecile lying us into war.
    Anyone who says Obama is a Muslim is a moron and needs to quit listening to Glenn Beck 24/7.

    • Liz

      No proof that Obama is a Marxist???  You don’t have to listen to Rush, Beck or Fox News to find plenty of proof for that.  It’s believing that he ISN’T one that  requires uncritically swallowing whole the propaganda that passes for “news” in the rest of the media. And being really ignorant of history and basic facts. 
      Every one of the policies that he has implemented, from the “Stimulus” to Obamacare to banning oil drilling, etc, etc, have been plainly, blatantly Socialist in nature.  And simply pointing out that fact doesn’t make one a racist. 
      You have obviously sucked down every bit of propaganda that his fan club the media have done you the disservice of putting out there, and, like them, are all too willing to take the easy way out of every argument by throwing the “racist” label at everyone who dares to disagree. 

  • If any one has watched Star Wars Episode 3, it is eerily similar to what Obama is attempting to do. In the movie, Chancellor Palpatine manipulates events behind the scenes to cause a massive galactic war, and he uses this war  as an excuse to reform the Republic into the Empire. Similarly, Obama is manipulating events behind the scenes in an attempt to make firearm ownership illegal, because he knows armed citizens are the only thing standing between him and total dictatorship.

    Obama is quite possibly the most corrupt president in American history.

  • George

                                           Bill Whittle nailed it.  No Bill , the reporters and journalists have no shame whatsoever. They only care about using the media as a tool for brainwashing the public in order to promote their dubious agendas.  He’s right in saying that Otrauma only did this as an excuse to re-enact another assault weapons ban to engage in a massive gun control agenda ( just like what occurred under Clinton ).     Calling these two men evil is an understatement—they should be called treacherous and dangerous.
                                  In spite of all this , the American “sheeple” will continue to walk around with mental “blinders” on with business as usual. The purpose of gun control is to disarm the general populace and to make the general citizenry defenseless so that big brother government can easily subvert the second amendment to overpower the helpless citizenry with ease and no resistance at will .     Before Hitler took power and control , he disarmed the Jewish people using gun control and this left the  Jewish people defenseless and totally vulnerable.  If the Jews had been armed , they could have fought back against the nazi bastards. The same “sinister” scheme is being employed here.
                             The American people as a whole are mindless “puppets” of the mainstream media , corrupt politicians and ideological and agenda driven demagogues.  These people are elected and/or appointed tyrants and dictators posing as servants of the people when in actuality they are anything but. We are living in dangerous times and knowledge is power while ignorance is disaster.
                          The idea that these individuals [ Otrauma and  Scolder ] haven’t been arrested is beyond me. They both should be wearing yellow jump suits and carrying around a ball & chain  ( in the least ) for their brazen and overt criminal behavior .  If this had been a Republican president who did this , you can bet your bottom dollar that the mainstream liberal left-wing media would be all over it with scandal stories galore 24/7  but as usual when it’s a pathetic liberal scum , the media is silent or rather tries to cover up the matter via propaganda spreading .
                             This  stupid and assinine idea that giving drug cartel members assault weapons in order to track them would be like giving terrorists IED’s in order to track them  [ what’s the difference ? ].  It would be like giving  serial  rapists condoms in order to track their DNA semen samples ( and that’s putting it mildly ). Don’t expect any uproar from the liberal citizenry because just like with Clinton  , he ( Otrauma ) can do no wrong and whatever he does will be excusable or covered up or downplayed , or worse they will find someone else to blame . Stupid is what stupid does. People in our modern day society are ingenious when it comes to building things but are mindless imbeciles when it comes to using common sense , reason, rational thinking, and just  plain being logical and analytical.  They cannot think for themselves because they have been so indoctrinated to have others do their thinking for them while they follow along like the pied piper into the pit of doom.  
                              These are all orchestrated govermental schemes played upon the American populace but the “mentally blind”  sheeple can’t see the forrest for the trees . I wish Bill Whittle’s message could get out to the entire population  of our great nation but the low-life  lying  journalists with their “yellow journalism” would never allow it because they are the masters of propaganda , lies and deceit.   It’s truly pathetic  , disgusting  and shameful   !!!!!!!!!!!!!