Blatant cowardice, patent courage 5

A Jewish organization caved to Muslim pressure and cancelled a talk to be given by Pamela Geller, who is one of the bravest warriors against Islam in America.

It was a cowardly and stupid thing to do.

Also, it means that law-enforcement is not trusted as it used to be in the US.

The videos come from Atlas Shrugs:


She gave her banned speech elsewhere:

  • Well said 
    Pamela Geller, you’re the mouth of many Jews and Israelis that don’t come into expression in the (mostly leftist)  media.  And I’m sure that most of the American Christians think the same about Islam and it’s end goals. Bless you and all those that help to reveal the face of Islam to the “Infidels” of the Judeo-Christian Western world.   

  • AnsweringAmericanIdiocy

    You are either a Jew, or Dumb. You claim to be atheist but you never  say a word about the Settler terrorists of the west bank killing Palestinians, uprooting trees, and acting in a buggish way because “God” gave them that land. You are another one of those Fox News Whores and the world is definitely worse because of you.

    • Liz

      I supppose the Muslims aren’t killing Jews and everyone else because “God” commanded them to?  The world could hardly be worse than it already is because of the most barbaric, ignorant, racist people on earth, Muslims.

    • You are either a wacko or a liar. Jews are
      the original natives of the land of Israel. Jews settled in Israel 1500 years
      before the Roman conquerors call it Palestine. There is no “P” in
      Arabic, so how can Arabs call their presumably land in a letter that doesn’t
      exist in their vocabulary? They have been forced them selves to call it first
      “Balestine” (“B” is the immediate closest alternative for
      “P” in Arabic but had changed by their scholars to “F”,
      although most of Arab still call it “Balestine”). Jews settled the
      land through all written history and were ruled by more than 25 invaders since
      the Greek invasion. The Arabs invasion was easy and minor but continued for
      many centuries.  In any given time since
      the Crusader defeat there were Jews in almost the same numbers as Muslim
      invaders or Christian inhabitants, at-least the 18s century. But in any case
      Jews were the biggest community in Jerusalem sinse 1840.
      Jews lived in Hebron, Gaza and other  now-days “Palestinian’s  West bank” until the 20s of the 20s century,
      until the Arab mobs murdered or expelled them. Christian communities were
      similarly attacked.

      Arabs act of terror started in early years of
      the British mandate occupation, after the British failed to promote the idea of the Jewish independent
      state in the West bank of Palestine from the River to Sea, after they passed
      Trans Jordan (the River), the East bank of Palestine, from the River to the
      Desert,  to the Arabs.

      The ultimate solution for the Palestinian
      problem is to have a Palestinian Arab state with it’s capitol Amman next to the
      Palesinian Jewish state with it’s capitol Jerusalem and border in between to be
      the Jordan River.

  • Liz

    Pamela Geller deserves the Medal of Freedom! 
    Great and inspiring speech, that really brought things into focus, put the peices together.
    Islam is carrying on the agenda of the Nazis, and we are capitulating to their intimidation in the same way the world did during the Holocaust.  “Never Again” ?