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May 7, 2010 by Dan Mitchell
Important Announcement from the California Bureaucracy! 

Sacramento (May 7) — This financial crisis is forcing California State and local agencies to make some tough decisions. If things continue for much longer, there’s a real risk that we may have to lay off Jose.

That’s how it was two years ago.

This week Jose was fired as the City Council that employed him went bankrupt.

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  • WmarkW

    Fifty years ago, many futurists were predicting that by the turn of the millenium the standard American work week would be something like 25 hours.   This was not unreasonable, since it had dropped from 60 hours to 40 in the previous half-century. 

    We avoided this fate by creating jobs  that add little to the production chain.   Not only the ones pictured above, but Diversity Coordinators, Education Specialists and attorneys who do nothing but oppose each other.   These are the very jobs that private industry has laid off, government has been forced to stop creating more of, and that the Occupiers took out large student loans expecting a gravy train of never-ending work to pay off.  Oops.