Who’s afraid of the big bad Islamophobe? 3

The great Mark Steyn talks about his book “America Alone”, his prediction that Europe will be dominated by Muslims, and the reluctance of some Muslims to debate with him.


Video from PJ Media

  • liz

    Steyn is great! In light of his findings, I can actually see great benefits in electing a Mormon – heck, let the Mormons overrun the country! Legalize Mormon polygamist sects!! At least that way we’ll be sure to out-populate the Muslims.
    When it comes right down to it, I’d much rather put up with the annoyance of 2 guys in white shirts and ties showing up at my door every week than the alternative.

    • Ha Ha. Yep, I was actually raised a Mormon, and deprogrammed after a year of BYU. As a rock solid Atheist now I have found myself in the strange position of defending Mormons against the uninformed on the left and right. Yes their beliefs are a bit out there, but so is every religion. The fact is Mormons believe in responsibility. Fiscal responsibility, and social responsibility. They do not believe you will burn in hell if you don’t get baptised, or accept their beliefs. Their god gives you a nice place to live, even if you are an Atheist… no thats not a hedge;-)

      • liz

        Most of the Mormons I know are good people. And you’re right -magic underwear isn’t any wierder than transubstantiation, or whatever. The other traits you mention are what really matter, and Romney seems to have all of them.