Thanking heaven for little girls 13

So those 72 virgins that heaven provides for good Muslim men when they “pass on” are nine years old?

Frank Crimi writes at Front Page:

As Iranian lawmakers now seek to lower the legal age of marriage for girls to nine-years-old, the number of Iranian brides already under 10 years of age is sharply rising.

The Iranian decision to allow nine-year-old girls the legal opportunity to be married to fully grown men was announced by Mohammad Ali Isfenani, chairman of the Iranian Parliament’s Legal Affairs Committee.

Isfenani called Iran’s current civil legislation, which sets the minimum legal age of marriage for girls at 13-years-old, “un-Islamic and illegal,” saying, “We must regard nine as being the appropriate age for a girl to have reached puberty and qualified to get married. To do otherwise would be to contradict and challenge Islamic Sharia law.”

Isenfani’s clarion call for prepubescent marriage comes at the same moment a new report from the Union for the Protection of Children’s Rights (UPCR) found 75 Iranian girls less than 10-years-old were forced to marry in the past two months, part of a sharp rise in the overall number of Iranian child brides under the age of 10.

According to UPCR, of the 342,000 Iranian marriages among girls under 18-years-old registered in 2010, at least 713 marriages involved girls under 10-years-old, more than twice as many as were registered in the prior three years. Moreover, of these underage marriages, 42,000 involved girls between the ages of 10 to 14.

There are now more than 50 million child brides, a number that is growing by 10 million each year and which is expected to reach 100 million young victims over the next decade. …

These unfortunate children are married off for a bevy of cultural and religious reasons, ranging from ensuring familial alliances to economic necessities, such as settling debts or overcoming natural disasters to ensure a family’s survival. …

Drought-stricken Africa has witnessed the emergence of so-called “drought brides” who are being sold for as little as $170. …

While the reasons behind these human transactions may vary, the one commonality is that the younger the girl, the better the deal. Specifically, it is important that these girls be sold off at a young enough age to better ensure their virginity, thus increasing their economic value and protecting the honor of their families.

Not surprisingly, once handed-off, these child brides are then consigned to a terrifyingly nasty, brutish and short-lived existence … The life expectancy of their frightful existence is likely to be cut exceedingly short given the multitude of health risks inherent in being a child bride, not the least of which is the high mortality rate from childbirth injuries, where an estimated 70,000 girls under 15 die each year from complications during pregnancy or childbirth. …

Most of these child marriages take place in predominantly Islamic countries spread throughout the Middle East, South Asia and Africa.

The deeply rooted Islamic attachment to prepubescent marriage finds religious justification in the [fictitious*] Prophet Muhammad’s marriage to a six-year-old child bride, a marriage consummated when she was nine-years-old …

While most would find it hard to believe that a 15-year-old-girl, let alone a nine-year-old girl, is physically or emotionally ready to start engaging in sexual activity and carrying a child, others think that girls barely removed from the womb are more than fully capable of handling those activities. That enlightened attitude was on display in January when one of Saudi Arabia’s most influential clerics, Sheik Saleh al-Fawzan, issued a fatwa allowing fathers to arrange marriages for their daughters “even if they are in the cradle.”

However, lest anyone think a man would actually engage in sex with such a young infant, al-Fawzan was quick to add that it wasn’t “permissible for their husbands to have sex with them unless they are capable of being placed beneath and bearing the weight of the men.”

You don’t want to crush your baby bride, do you? Not when you’ve paid for her?

Given that, it’s not surprising that many believe that underage marriage is little more than legally permissible and religiously sanctioned pedophilia. Yet, some defenders of the horrid practice argue that critics have no moral or ethical qualms about child marriage but are instead driven by less than pure concerns.  One such person is Yemeni Sheik Mohammed Hamzi, an imam and official of the Islamist Yemeni opposition party, Islaah. Hamzi had been asked his opinion in reaction to international complaints to the death of a 13-year-old Yemeni child bride who bled to death after being tied down and forced to have sex with her 23-year-old husband.

Should we still call it “making love”?

Hamzi simply ascribed their dissatisfaction to the fact [sic] that “No one wants to marry these women’s-rights activists anyway. They’re just depressed and jealous that they are not married.”

We are surprised to learn that there are any “women’s-rights activists”, married or single, who are trying to save little girls from being legally raped to death in accordance with Islamic law.

We listened hard and long for the voices of Western feminists raised en bloc against the plight of Muslim women and girls, but have given up hope of ever hearing them.


* See also our post “The Prophet Muhammad” did not exist, August 26, 2012.

  • Zahra

    This is the kind of thing that causes many “liberal” and “progressive” types to bury their head under the sand or shove their fingers in their ears and chant “la,la,la,la” to drown out the sound of inconvenient truth. I think it goes beyond an “inconsistency of attitude” into sheer hypocrisy born out of sheer self-righteousness and sanctimony.

    It comes from a very dichotomous, childish, and simplistic bias holding that things western, European, or white are generally “bad” and anything eastern, 3rd world, or exotic is “good”. So when they see the ugly side of one of their Sacred Cows it causes a state of cognitive dissonance for them. It’s hard for them to reconcile what they want to believe with what is real. It doesn’t compute.

    Political Correctness and the cult of multiculturalism only allows looking at the “good” aspects of 3rd-world, non-christian, and non-white cultures. It’s childish and silly, really. Every time I try to talk to liberals about things like abuse of females in Islam, I feel like they are on the “It’s a Small World Ride” at Disneyland and refuse to get off of it long enough to address objective reality.

    Women in Islam is something that many liberal feminists don’t want to touch either because they don’t want to disparage Islam or an exotic culture in defense of women…..which makes me question the integrity of their dedication to women’s rights.

    I don’t consider myself a liberal or a conservative. I’m too enthusiastic about personal responsibility, firearm ownership, and free markets to be a leftist, and I’m too supportive of women’s rights (especially abortion) and alternative spirtuality to be a conservative. I’m just a human who tries to live by the golden rule, use common sense, and look at facts.

  • Islam is one FUCKED UP religion!

  • liz

    We can see it happening here before our very eyes – regression back into the dark ages of a primitive past. Only religion could accomplish such a feat. Only the one thing so “holy” that no-one dare challenge it could be used to justify behaviour so disgusting and despicable that no-one would stand for it otherwise.
    And who needs “feminists” to protest it, anyway? Any decent human being should consider this an outrage. Which explains why not only feminists, but Obama and all his friends are ignoring it.

    • As a rare conservative Atheist, I constantly find the need to remind my self righteous liberal friends of the inconsistancies in their attitudes. They condemn Christian conservatives, while cheering, along with the fawning John Stewart, over Cat Stevens or “Yusuf Islam” as he now calls himself. Cat Stevens is on record in support of stoning women, and supporting the death fatwa against Salman Rushdie. Liberals love Bob Marley and Peter Tosh, both of whom were devout Rastafarians. Pull up page on Rastafarian rules for women. Liberals love Malcom X… Black Muslims etc. Self Righteousness on either the left or right is a blinding pitfall that makes us start reacting emotionally, instead of using higher reason and looking at factual evidence. The highest moralities are those reasoned from human experience, and the golden rule. No god needed here.
      Dawkins be praised;-)

      • liz

        I have never understood what could possibly have possessed Cat Stevens to become what he is. Bad drugs?

        • I remember listening to “Another Saturday Night” and “wild World” and thinking “this guy is very condescending and chauvenistic towards women.” This is long before he converted to Islam. When I heard about it, I was not the least bit surprised. Go to show, some men sing about peace and freedom, but they are referring to MANkind. lol;-)

          • liz

            Yes, come to think of it, those songs were somewhat that way. But it’s still a far cry from “wild world”, to supporting the stoning of women. I guess if he wrote a current version of that song, it wouldn’t get much airtime in the West. (“if you want to leave, don’t even think about it, hope you find alot of nice burqas to wear, just remember there’s alot of bad, and beware the local morality police”)

            • Nice. Hey, if we RE-WROTE it, it might get lots of air time. Lets work that one out, video it and post to you tube. We’ll get a million hits!! ;-)… oh but but the muslims might attack another embassy over it, and it would be ALL OUR FAULT!!!… if you want to leave me then take good care, hope you find a lot of nice burqas to wear, just remember theres a lot of big stones out there… ooh baby baby its Imam’s world… I’ll always remember you, now that your gone girl… yep… it could work;-D

            • liz

              OK I like your version better! Yes, this could be a big hit, but I can’t afford the security detail!
              It’s mind boggling to try to fathom how somebody like Stevens, who is educated and talented, could look at what Muslims are doing and still imagine he’s found his “peace train” ticket for believing all that crap.

        • Andrew M

          I tried researching exactly which drugs he might have taken. Unsurprisingly, my results were fruitless. All I received was that he “did” the nebulous drug called “drugs” – not even “good drugs” or “bad drugs”. Dealing with my frustration with the utter lack of clarity in our public discourse on pharmacology will have to wait for a happier, post-Obama day, though.

          At the risk of digging up Karl Marx’s grave, I will say that Islam is one drug that can damage a brain permanently. Those who are born into it often don’t think much about it and might even find it painless to escape (but not to be a refugee), while those who are introduced to it later than life will likely die with its delusions.

          Do you know about “ex-born-again-Muslims?” Yeah, neither do I. These high-profile sacrifices of liberty will not deafen my spirit, though.

      • Andrew M

        Okay, I fall to the right of the spectrum, but I very much enjoy Bob Marley and never considered this to be a contradiction of terms. He would do well to teach his fellow Christians about the Bible’s express approval of using the hemp plant. However, I did look up (and deplore) the role of “Queens” in Rastafarianism, and I also wish he was not so deluded as to thinking his toe cancer would cure itself with faith-based healing so we could enjoy his music for longer.

        I simply don’t politicize the music I like. Good vibes transcend any ideology the author might have. However, I do feel that conservatives tend to outdo their leftist counterparts in slaying their sacred cows (much less identifying them) and are willing to cross the aisle more frequently to recognize good ideas from their opponents, like you just did with the socialist Dawkins because of (I presume) his brilliant, calculated exposition of science against religious lunacy.

        • Andrew, I played keyboards in a Salt Lake City reggae band back in the nineties… before quitting to join a goth band. I loved Bob Marley’s music also. I was really trying to point out the Inconsistancies of Liberal thinking. On the one hand they try to paint conservatives as patriarchal, and condescending towards women. On the other hand they champion the “oppressed” in third world where the real oppression of women is actually happening.
          I read both “The God Delusion” and “The greatest show on earth” they are both beautifully constructed, and well laid out cases for both Atheism and Evolution. I don’t know how any thinking person could read these, and still believe in religion. Mr. Dawkins is part of my personal pantheon, and I forgive him for siding with the left because he is all about the atheist message, and equates religious zealots with the right. He has good cause to perceive it this way. Having said that, I don’t know if his personal politics really extend much beyond his mission to spread the word of Atheism. He will speak virtually anwhere he is invited whether it is a left or right leaning forum. You may know of more specific political endorsements, that I am not aware of… yes I give dawkins a pass, he is doing important work.;-)

        • liz

          I can usually overlook an artists politics unless they use the song as a vehicle to specifically express their political views. Then I sometimes have a hard time tuning it out.