The size of the national debt 9

We don’t agree with all his opinions, but Tony Robbins does make clear how unimaginably big is the national debt.

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  • liz

    Truly staggering. Interesting that if the dollars were seconds, the trillions would take us back to before man was even evolved, which is exactly where the Gaia worshipers want to take us in the future (de-volved). and exactly where we will end up at the rate the economy is going down the tubes.

    • Andrew M

      While I agree with your phrasing in a political sense, I must stress that evolution is directionless. Complexity does tend to increase over time, yes – it’s improbable for intelligent, sentient beings like humans to exist very shortly after a planet coalesces into solid matter. However, we cannot take even this principle for granted. You’re right – at the risk of sounding Lamarckian, it’s always possible that humans will choose to console themselves in the comforts of their stupidities rather than strive to be something better.

      Tony Robbins makes an excellent case for reducing the size of the government, even though I suspect he himself doesn’t realize it. I just got back from seeing Dinesh D’Souza’s “2016” documentary, a well-research documentary which makes me forgive his absurd Catholic apologetics. in the film, he brought to light discussing with a former comptroller how we might be slated for over $20 trillion in debt by the time Obama’s first term ends.

      Let’s make sure it’s his last and keep Romney firmly on the cooker to reduce government spending.

    • I make the same mistake. We imply that evolution is moving us in the direction we see as desirable, but the truth is we may actually find a divergence. Humans who value intelligence, and the move toward Higher intelligence, will group together and form superior gene pools. Many of those will accept transhuman modification, and enhancement. Those who think god will punish them for tampering with his creation, will not. Humans with inferior traits may well head towards an idiocracy. We can offer them drugs to make them content with their lot, in return for their performing more menial functions and giving their voting proxies to smarter people who can actually be bothered to educate themselves on macro-economics, geo-politics etc.
      It’s frustrating. Conservatives believe in being fiscally responsible, and rewarding competance, proven capitalist concepts… and a god being. Many liberals find conservative religious fantasies to be amusing… yet they think an endless supply of government programs and handouts could be afforded if only the greedy rich were taxed more. Truth is, most of them don’t even seem to understand the difference between the national deficit, and the national debt. Forget explaining about baseline budgeting, or what drives market investment.
      I was pleasantly surprised that D’Souza’s film was very thoughtful, and paced slowly enough for the ideas he was putting forward to take root. Don’t worry Andrew, Romney’s massive ego is completely centered on turning failing enterprises around, and making them economically successful. He could care less about all the social issues Democrats are fear mongering on. He is the right man, at the right time.

  • ralph

    Your comment has convinced me to abandon this site.

    • Jillian Becker

      Please don’t abandon us, Ralph. We accept all opinions within the bounds of decency. It makes for interesting debate. No one wants to be forever preaching to the converted. Why not just argue and enjoy it? In fact, Timothy’s general view on taxation is not all that different from yours, is it? (Killing the golden goose.)

    • Andrew M

      This is one of the finest discussion platforms on the Internet. Nowhere else have I seen a place where disagreement is so celebrated and stances are actually argued instead of dogmatically assumed.

      I’ve abandoned many a website before, but this one is a keeper. It’s worth breaking my silence to say that it would be a utter shame to see one of our most thoughtful readers leave our site over a single comment.

      • Jillian Becker

        Thank you, Andrew M. Please don’t ever fall silent again.

        Ralph, I hope you read this.

  • Ralph

    Corporations do not pay tax. A few years ago Chrysler sent a notice to it’s dealers explaining why they were raising the price of their cars. In that memo they stated that over $230 was added to the price of every new vehicle to pay for advertising. Chrysler doesn’t pay for its advertising much less its tax. We the middle class pay the tax of corporations.

    Because corporations don’t pay tax and the rich can’t pay government debt they must tax the middle class.

    • You weren’t listening to the video, and your expertise on tax law is suspect. The point is so simple that many children understand it: You don’t kill your golden goose and expect to be better off.