DNC scrubs God 3

We did not expect to like anything about the Democratic National Convention. But as it turns out there is one thing we like:  that the “Dems Scrub ‘God’ References from Party Platform“, as a CBN headline puts it.

However, the report includes this statement: “Democratic officials noted there is a paragraph on the importance of faith in the party platform.”

Faith in what? Obama, perhaps. To have faith in Obama is of course as defiant of reason as having faith in God or Jesus Christ or Allah. Obama is real – to America’s  detriment – but has surely proved that it’s as foolish to trust in him as in God and Jesus Christ and Allah. Still, gullible folk will go on believing in those three fictitious characters, and some will go on believing in Obama.


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  • Frank
  • Frank

    But Cardinal Timothy M. Dolan will deliver the closing prayer. So the pandering continues. They should have Jeremiah Wright give the benediction. Now that would be interesting especially if he broke out into one of his anti-American rants.

  • liz

    Is this so they can get the atheist vote? It’s a shame if atheists are stupid enough to vote for a whole party and it’s agenda based on one issue. Also a shame that the Republicans can’t bring themselves to do the scrubbing of God as well, as the Founders did when writing the Constitution. Whether you believe in God or not, it’s not appropriate to make it a political issue. But if it takes votes away from Obama, let the bashing of the “Godless” Democrats begin.