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  • Religions make complete sense. If you can manipulate people through a combination of fear, guilt, reward, and punishment, then you can persuade them to do your bidding. The difficulty in trying to lift humans above the fog of religious superstition, is that a lot of very powerful people benefit from keeping that fog in place. Vast amounts of resources are poured into perpetuating religion, because it is a proven means of controlling the masses… sigh… that and the reality that the bell curve of human intelligence is still mostly underwater. Below a certain IQ level, there is a rapidly diminishing capacity for people to confront paradox, and follow reasoned arguments to their logical conclusions… much less have the intellectual courage to accept those conclusions.

  • Ralph

    They did this in the name of their god. Therefor their god is guilty of crimes against humanity. Of course one reason humans create and maintain gods
    is to justify criminal behavior.

  • thephukface

    The people in the buildings committed suicide to get away from burning to death. Committing suicide is a sin. Sinners go to hell. I have a hard time believing that a truly benevolent god would allow those people who jumped to their deaths; to burn in hell for eternity.

    • liz

      Unless, of course, you were a Muslim. Just think of all the brownie points they think they got with that one.
      Either way, for both Christians and Muslims, to continue believing in either god since 9/11 must now require a total mental shutdown, extreme denial of reality, and deliberate avoidance of any knowledge of scripture. But thats pretty much standard procedure for believers already.

    • Jillian Becker

      No religion makes any sense.

      Religious belief is a lie.

  • Frank

    Never forget the vile belief system that caused this.