Islam explodes, and Obama lit the fuse 5

More US embassies were attacked today by Muslim mobs.

Muslim leaders deliberately stoked up the flames of riot on 9/11 and again today. They needed a pretext and by a stroke of luck they found one in a movie. It was sent as a gift to the Muslim Brotherhood government in Egypt, through the Egyptian media, by a brainless American member of the minority it is persecuting, Coptic Christians. (Will not the Copts in Egypt pay dearly for it?) Others of the group made the film – and maliciously alleged that it was made by Jews.

This is from (Glenn Beck’s) The Blaze:

Protests in the Middle East that are being blamed on an anti-Islamic and anti-Muhammad film continue to rage. And as details unfold about the shadowy figures behind the film, the plot thickens. This morning, The Blaze provided more details about Steve Klein, a man who served as a spokesman for the film. And last night, we learned more about Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, the filmmaker involved who has a criminal past.

Now, information is coming out about the man who is said to have intentionally translated and sent the video to Egyptian media, thus allegedly sparking a portion of the outrage. Since the initial violent reaction to the video emerged on September 11, many have wondered how the film came to the attention of Middle Eastern media and citizens, alike.

Religion News Service (RNS) is reporting that Morris Sadek, an Egyptian-born Coptic Christian, translated the movie into Arabic and sent it to Egyptian journalists. He also allegedly promoted it on his web site and through social media, the outlet reports. RNS has more about his background:

Morris Sadek describes himself as a human rights attorney and president of a small group called the National American Coptic Assembly, based in Chantilly, Va. Sadek says on his website that he is a member of the Egyptian and District of Columbia bar associations who has “defended major human rights cases” …

But fellow Copts depict Sadek as a fringe figure and publicity hound whose Islamophobic invectives disrupt Copts’ quest for equal rights in Egypt.

The film is very badly made and acted, but at least it denigrates Islam. And neither its quality nor intention are important. Everyone in America is free to make a good or bad film with any intention whatsoever. Nakoula Basseley Nakoula the film-maker, Steve Klein the “spokesman for the film”, and Morris Sadek who translated the dialogue into Arabic and sent the thing to Egyptian journalists are very small fry indeed in the drama of chaos and destruction that is unfolding.

It is the use of the film by Islamic leaders to arouse Muslim mobs to riot, burn, wreck, assault and murder that is evil. Those leaders are guilty of the havoc, the fire and the spilt blood, but they could only do what they’re doing because the present American leadership prepared the way for them.

The events that are shaking the pillars of the world would have happened anyway, because Obama and his administration have over and over again by actions and by words, from his first speech abroad as president in Cairo in 2009 to Hillary Clinton’s speech yesterday, impressed on Muslims the world over that they have been injured by America. And this despite the fact that Islam initiated war on America and is relentlessly pursuing it.

There could be no stronger reason to impeach and severely punish a president of the United States. It almost certainly won’t happen, but it should.


  • Jack

    Yes, but President Bush was just as clueless as the Left when it came to Islam. Bush appeased Islam and the Islamic world for 8 years. He set us on this disasterous course of trying to transform the Islamic world. And he was cheered on by the ENTIRE Republican establishment. Most of the Republicans are still beating the drums for the “Arab Spring.”.

    Islam is evil. It should be BANNED in the West. Mosques should be CLOSED. ALL OF THEM. And ALL Muslims should be DEPORTED. That is how to save the West from Islam and it is Islam that is our enemy not “Radical Islam” or “Fundamentalist Islam” or “Islamism”. All of the those are a coward’s language.

    A test of basic moral decency is whether or not you hate Islam to the depth of your soul. I would throw in hatred of the one thought system on this earth which is actually more evil than Islam – Leftism.

    I know. I know. I’m a real Islam hating hardass. But I’m right and anyone who doesn’t understand that there should be NO Muslims in America is a god-damn fool.

    • Jillian Becker

      Jack – I not only approve of what you say, I applaud it.

  • liz

    I still can’t believe that this utterly incompetent, arrogant ass is our president.
    Post soldiers as guards with no ammo? Allow your intelligence personnel to spend their time (what – playing video games? porn-surfing?) instead of actually gathering intelligence, especially in advance of 9/11?? Apologize to the murderers of your own Ambassador for hurting their feelings???
    It literally boggles the mind. We shouldn’t even have to impeach him – he should resign in shame.

    • The state department is apparently to blame for not posting a contingent of marines to guard the embassy. This despite an attack early in the summer. Who is the head of the State Dept? Hillary Clinton. But one wonders if the decision was left to her, or made by O’bama.
      Speiaking of O’bama, he is once again obfuscating the issue of iran by being obviously disengenuous in a conference call to a large group of Rabbi’s saying that he was not willing to impose a “set of conditions” on how he would handle Iran..
      He also said that Netanyahu himself would not put in place such conditions, as “no leader ties his hands.”
      “Setting conditions on how he would handle Iran” is a nonesensical phrase meant to be ambiguous, and confusing.. You can set conditions whereby you will act. Doing that does not require you state what that action will be.
      He is refusing to set red-lines for acting, and insulting us with double-speak. Like I said before, break out your 1984.