Time to despair? 11

It seems at the moment that a majority of Americans want the Democrats with their socialist agenda and pro-Islam sentiment to rule them, and therefore to change everything that the United States has stood for from the beginning.

If Obama is re-elected, and has his way – which he will if both houses of Congress are given Democratic majorities – what will happen?

Let’s look at the worst plausible scenario.

Most Americans will be poorer. The national debt, vast as it is, will grow even bigger. Unemployment will increase. The value of the dollar will fall as inflation rises. More tens of thousands will be on food stamps (45.8 million are now).

Much private housing will be expropriated. Large numbers of people will be herded into government-supplied accommodation. How warm you may keep your room in winter and how cool in summer will be decided by local government. Car ownership will be discouraged by high gas prices, lack of parking facilities, and pressure on town-dwellers to use bicycles and commuters to use public transport. The countryside will be returned to wilderness. Roads will be destroyed. (All this in line with Agenda 21. Put “Agenda 21” in our search slot for corroboration.)

“Free Speech” will be severely restricted and so cease to be free. This is happening already with the Obama administration trying to stop criticism of Islam.

Your guns will be confiscated.

Sharia law will be applied in courts across the land and take precedence over the Constitution.

What you may eat in restaurants, schools and hospitals, and what food stores may sell, will be decided by Michelle Obama (assisted by New York’s Mayor Bloomberg). (See our post The orderers, June 5, 2012.)

Obamacare will prevail. The treatment you may have or be refused when you are ill will be decided by bureaucrats. If you are old and ill your survival will be arbitrated by a death-panel, whatever euphemism of a name it goes under. You have only to look at the British National Health Service to see the horrid future of health care in America. (Put “death-panels” and “NHS” into our search slot to find the grisly details.)

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will be turned into the equivalent of the KGB. It is almost there now.

There will be no more free elections.

China, Russia, North Korea, Pakistan, and Iran will all become more powerful as America is deliberately weakened militarily. What will that mean? Let your imaginations soar.

World government by that collection of corrupt and savage despotisms, the United Nations, will be established with the enthusiastic help of the American government.

Innovation will cease as freedom goes. The great experiment in freedom that was America, its prosperity and its power, will be over. There will be no turning back.

And all that is just first-thought – but bitterly informed – prediction.

Readers’ gloomy predictions are invited. And expressions of despair.


The Republican Party is allowing this to happen. It seems to have lost the plot. The last election was the turning point when it insanely put up John McCain as it’s presidential candidate. With such a feeble alternative to a candidate who offered the electorate a chance to feel good by voting for him chiefly because he was black (a thoroughly racist reason), the ideology of collectivism triumphed. Now that so many people have been reduced to dependence on the state is it likely they will vote away their free ride through life?

Of course, socialism does not work. The system will collapse as it always has because it must. And the country will come to ruin, like Greece. But apparently more than half the voters of America are unaware of this terrifying fact, or else they don’t give a damn.

Why aren’t the Republicans telling the voters in the strongest terms that this is what will happen?

It’s a real question.  We’d like to know why.

  • John Hickey

    You ask, “Why aren’t the Republicans telling the voters in the strongest terms that this is what will happen?”

    Because nothing like it will happen, and only the most batshit lunatics like you imagine these scenarios.

    The United States has been “socialist” since 1933. Roosevelt pushed through changes so that the federal government stepped in to save the nation from disaster. It worked, thank God, and only fools want to go back to the pre-Roosevelt laissez-faire policies that let the “market” decide who lived and who died.

    Obama has done a great job, especially considering the mess he inherited from Republicans, who want to dismantle the government to make the world safe for robber barons.

    • Jillian Becker

      Thank you, Mr Hickey, for visiting our site. We are always interested in hearing opinions different from our own. We do not agree with you that Roosevelt saved the nation from disaster. We think he intensified and prolonged a depression and his policies have had lastingly bad effects. Among other evils, he allowed Stalin to swallow half of Europe. We also think Obama has done enormous, perhaps catastrophic, harm to America, and to the world at large. We would be happy to debate these points with you.

      What we want to know is, why do you feel compelled to call us “batshit lunatics” just because you disagree with us? It seems to us typical of the left. Can you not make a reasoned argument? Are you perhaps insecure in your beliefs because you have no reasoned arguments to advance, so prefer to shout and cuss? Do you think abusing us will persuade us? Are you perhaps attracted to the left precisely because you like bullying rather than discussing?

  • dkbp73

    Well, if America turns into Amerika, and socialism/communism prevails, I am moving to France. That way, I can at the very least eat and drink well. :-/

  • Frank

    I can answer your question – Yes. Look at what is being offered by both parties to the majority of disenfranchised voters. It doesn’t matter whether or not offers are true or realistic. What matters is does it give hope to people. What matters is their PERCEPTION not the reality. Here’s my take on those perceptions.
    Free healthcare for all
    Protecting rights of women
    Protecting rights of gays
    Taxing the wealthy to “level the playing field”
    Spend less on military and more on education
    Programs to create jobs
    Protecting us from pollution and global warming

    Take away free healthcare for all
    Reduce Medicare benefits and SocSec
    Take away a woman’s right to choose
    Protect “traditional marriage” from gays
    More tax breaks for the wealthy (fuck the middle class)
    More military spending and wars in foreign lands
    Teach creationism in public schools
    Revisionist history – Christian nation BS
    Beginning to make America a Christian theocracy
    There is an old saying, “All politics is local.” A better saying would be, “All politics is personal.” The vast majority of voters are not highly educated. They see the Scandinavian countries as proof that socialism can work. They are hurting and they are scared. The promises of the Democrats offer them hope even if it is false hope. The Republicans, thanks mainly to the religious right offer them nothing except to say “bend over and grab your ankles.” I still have a glimmer of hope that Romney can win the election but that glimmer is fading rapidly.

    • Wow, I was about to do a rosanna rosannadanna number. I read this, my back arched, and I was gonna do an hour long point by point refutation… until I absorbed the last paragraph of course. And you are right. The Republican platform gives Democrats more than ample ammunition to bury Romney in a hail of bullets. The platform, sadly, was necessary to provide a broad umbrella of support. Seeing past all that and realizing that Romney, once in office, will not care about the platform, is too much to expect of most people. The bell-curve of human intelligence needs to make much more progress.
      I have followed Romney’s career since the olympics just well enough to realize this: He has no interest in attacking social issues except for where they affect the bottom line. Romney is a Manager. He is a CEO. His aim is to make whatever tough choices are necessary to return America to fiscal health. His massive ego fancies it self a financial saviour… not religious.
      Unfortunately he walks a fine line, exactly as you suggest, because he is already under suspicion by the pernicious religious bigotry that is all too pervasive on the right, and is keenly aware of it. He needs to keep hammering away about the economy, and hopefully have an ace or two up his sleeve as we close in on the election.

      • Frank

        Hi Steve,
        Thanks for taking the time to read with full comprehension. 😉 I completely agree with your assessment of Romney in regard to his not really caring about the religious/social issues. Unfortunately he is carrying a ton of heavy baggage from the religious right. I just don’t know if he’s a strong enough candidate to overcome it.

        • I don’t either. Between the political imbalance in news coverage at home and abroad (BBC used to be respectable), O’bama’s YouTube Saturation (I can’t watch a Penn Jillette clip without an O’bama ad) WTF?!, and Facebook dominination, Romney is getting destroyed in the message war. He just is, and it’s not really his fault. Liberals are just more wired in, and willing to put out internet content on O’bama’s behalf. Liberalism has been perpetually hip, and sexy. How do we change that? How can we put Atheist conservatism forward as edgy? Maybe we need to rally more behind the Libertarian flag, and abandon the word conservative. After all, the religious baggage is inextricably attached to it. If we lose this election it will be because the Religious Right were too easy a target for self righteous liberals. If Romney loses, I strongly advocate cobbling together a Libertarian and/or Technocratic third party, and putting together a network of people who are wired in and start producing YouTube content.

          • Jillian Becker

            I like what you say here, Steve. We are very much inclined to libertarianism. But – as you imply – libertarians in the US fail or refuse to understand the extremely important need for strong defense.

            • Absolutely Jillian. At the moment the focus has to stay relentlessly on attempting to persuade every one we know that this may be our last best chance to avoid a very dark period. Getting every last conservative and libertarian to the polls is imperative. Libertarians do understand that Democrats want increased regulation, and redistribution.;-)

    • dkbp73

      Exactly. It doesn’t help that most of America is more concerned with their fantasy football teams than the future of the country. I just don’t understand their apathy/ignorance, especially those with children. My hope is fading, as well.

  • The good news is that just because a majority tell pollsters they support O’bama, doesn’t mean they will make it out the polls. You might think that those on the dole, sitting home and going “mmmm Hmmm, thats right!” to everything that comes out of O’bama’s, and Clintons pandering mouths, would make it to the polls in droves having little better to do… don’t bet on it. Lazy is lazy, and a lot of them will figure enough other people are voting for O’bama, so they don’t have to.
    We have to rely on engaged, and motivated conservatives to hear the call to arms, and all make it out to the polls. I am telling every conservative I run into that it is vital they vote, and press THEIR conservative friends to vote. It is time to put aside all other ideological differences, and reach out to the enemy of our enemies and get the vote out.