Why we must challenge Islam 6

The greatness of the West resulted from the Socratean wisdom that all ideas must be questioned. (Though it endured a thousand dark years when the Catholic Church forbade and punished all such questioning.) Critical examination is the wellspring of science. Our superiority in science and technology – and economic and military might – came about precisely because we doubted, questioned, examined, and experimented.

Islam is backward because it does not permit criticism. It does not allow any questioning of its beliefs. It punishes doubt and dissent.

If we give up criticism at the behest of our implacable enemy, we will be abandoning the mainstay of our might and poisoning our civilization at its root. If we silence our objections to Islam, we allow Muslims to claim that it is the Truth.

Nothing is more important for our survival than freedom of thought. Thought is argument. Argument is progress. We cannot accept any restriction on our expression of ideas. None. Ever.

We should do everything we can to make this absolutely clear to those who believe in an unquestionable orthodoxy like Communism or Islam.

Islam cannot be allowed to claim immunity from criticism on the grounds that it is a religion. Religion is anti-reason, and of all ideas those of religion are the least defensible.

The sacredness in which some hold a belief cannot preserve it from doubt. Reason knows no blasphemy. If Islam appalls us, we must be free to say so in whatever terms we choose. If Muslims take offense, let them try winning us to their beliefs by arguing with us and not by killing us. Violence is no argument. Murder persuades nobody. It might compel obedience, but never intellectual conviction.

Let us express our offense at being assailed by blunt ignorance, and at being ordered by foolish politicians to hold our tongues. If Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton cannot understand that Islam must be criticized, may – considering its doctrine and practice – be denigrated, they must not be left in a position to pay our mortal enemy the ransom of our freedom.


Jillian Becker  September 23, 2012

  • liz

    Funny how Obama and Hillary so “heroically” railed against authority when it was their own President they were railing against. But give them a real threat and their true character shows – apologize, grovel, roll over.

  • Andrew M

    This message strikes very close to home for me.

    Muslims taught me Arabic and invited me to come to the Middle East. I nearly lost the opportunity to stay with my host family in Tunisia because of the furor raised in that country over Israel’s advance into Gaza. These events placed me in a peculiar position – even as I was discovering the atrocities in the Qur’an in its original language, I enjoyed the language and the hospitality of my professors.

    I welcome those who want to make a better life for themselves in the West, even if they were born into Islam. Nowhere else does there exist as vast a wealth of resources for them to improve their lives and to show them the follies of their faith. Many of them barely understand their religion, much less the concomitant political ideology which remains separate from them only by their ignorance of the texts and traditions of Islam.

    At the same time, I hope they can contribute their skills towards making our society prosperous and eventually leave their faith. Between their lived experience in the faith and the 24/7 security they must tolerate just to keep them safe from crazed true believers, ex-Muslims are by far our most potent allies in the opposition to this cruel, ceaseless jihad. I refuse to lose this battle.

  • Nice Piece Jillian. It is another reminder that the real enemy is ignorance, and the ideologies that perpetuate and encourage ignorance. One should attempt to build a bridge for those isolated in ignorance, but not to extent of making one’s self vulnerable. What no one seems to want to say is that we must take the role of parent, and firmly lay out the rules for children. Much of society in the middle east is stuck in arrested childhood, and to many of the children are being persuaded by bad influences.

  • Fan of Heather MacDonald

    “Let us express our offense at being assailed by blunt ignorance, and at being ordered by foolish politicians to hold our tongues.”
    Yes, yes, a thousand times yes! Is there no one in the MSM with this kind of conviction and support for freedom?

    • Interesting, I have only recently been turned on to Heather Macdonald, and love her work very much. Do you know that according to some studies it requires remarkably little intellegence to be a successful politician… or a muslim for that matter… Hey I’m merely referencing a Harvard study on IQ, its not personal. If a society is incapable of forming responsible, capable structures of government, they cannot provide security either for their own people, or for any one else. There are obviously elements within all middle eastern societies that wish to act responsibly. O’bama has actually made their efforts much more difficult by signaling weakness to the forces of ignorance and chaos. It is human nature to seek alpha, and it must be estalished by the strongest. Failing to do so tempts the weaker, who must later be dealt with even more harshly. This is what liberals in the US refuse to understand. Showing weakness leads to MORE death and MISERY, not less. Machiavelli should be required reading for every student. This is how our world still operates at every level, liberals are the three monkeys who just don’t want to know.

    • Jillian Becker

      Delighted to hear from you again, and to see that you are still with us, (fellow) Fan of Heather MacDonald.