The scandal of foreign aid 8

Sen. Rand Paul introduces a Resolution in the Senate to attach conditions to the aid given by the US to Pakistan, Egypt and Libya. He makes a good case against  giving foreign aid in general, and states plainly that he would like to stop it, but stresses that he is only asking for it to be restricted. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, he reminds the Senate, is asking for aid to be increased to Egypt where the US embassy has been attacked and the US flag burnt. Libyans killed the US ambassador, but their country continues to get US aid. In Pakistan the doctor who helped the US intelligence services discover the whereabouts of Osama bin Laden has been imprisoned for life, and Sen. Paul wants aid to be withheld until this innocent man is released. He points out that China, to which America is heavily  in debt, continues to receive development aid from American taxpayers. China gets $27 million a year in “economic development assistance”, and $71 million goes to Russia. But  for all the aid Americans give, they get nothing back; not even the protection of their embassies. He describes how Arab and African dictators spend vast sums of US taxpayers’ aid money on luxuries and grand living for themselves and their wives while their peoples remain in abject poverty.

The video is an hour long, and Sen. Paul is not a very good speaker, but he is worth listening to because he makes a compelling case. We don’t agree with him on every point he raises, but we too are against giving foreign aid. And we certainly agree that if it is to be given to badly governed states, it should buy something for the donor –  at the very least, protection for US embassies and diplomats.

Sen. Paul says he knows that all but ten or perhaps twenty Senators will vote against his Resolution. (In fact they voted 81-10 against it.) But the people they represent, he tells them, voters in every state in the Union, are overwhelmingly on his side.


(Video via Creeping Sahria)

  • liz

    The amount of money we waste is ridiculous, especially while being trillions of dollars in debt already. But wasting it on people who use it to harm us is insane. But thats what you get when the inmates are running the asylum.

  • Chimini

    You know what is ironic?

    The US is giving BILLIONS of dollars to countries that sends and trains ISLAMIC TERRORISTS in long-time US allies like the Philippines and Thailand, who have been, FOR DECADES (long before 9/11) have been suffering from Islamic separatists and terrorists, coincidentally, in the southern parts of these countries.

    Why not redirect the aid to these countries, instead?

    • Jillian Becker

      Good point, Chimini. It is crazy that US aid is used by some states to train terrorists who attack American allies – and Americans.

      (Actually, both the Philippines and Thailand are already recipients of US foreign aid.)

  • Foreign aid is simply extortion money. These countries have our political system down, and are exploiting it. By creating problems, they can threaten the re-election prospects of certain key politicians who will then pay them what they ask in order to keep a lid on things.
    Senator Paul is correct about the absurdity of continuing the foreign aid to
    countries who cannot at least assure us of assistance and security. He is incorrect to think that by simply leaving they will start to like us. In any event, Leaving is not a realistic option. We need the oil. We need it at least until new sources completely replace the volume coming from the middle east, and that will take time if it can be done.
    Energy security aside, we cannot abandon Israel to her inevitable genocide and destruction. We cannot let Iran have the bomb. We cannot leave pakistans nuclear arsenal intact. Politicians have been kicking the can down the road, hoping things will blow up on someone else’s watch, but time is about to run out.
    Machiavelli said there is no avoiding war, only delaying it to another’s advantage. That is what we have been doing. Netanyahu, who is likely the most brilliant of all our world leaders, understands this all to well. We ARE going to war, make no mistake. Lets cut the aid, and make the hard decisions.
    Those who have been threatening us, need to be shut down decisively. It will prove to be the most humane course in the long run.

    • Amended comments after realizing I had mixed up my Pauls again… I hate when that happens;-)

  • Ralph

    This is one reason I voted for him.