Muslims made the anti-Muhammad video? 3

It now transpires that Innocence of Muslims, the anti-Muhammad video trailer that Obama blames for the murder of Ambassador Stevens in Libya and for setting the Islamic world on fire, was made by Muslims in order to incite anger against the US and inculpate Jews and Coptic Christians.

Walid Shoebat reveals this. A first cousin of his was closely associated in felonious schemes with the maker of the film, Nikoula Basseley Nikoula, who is not a Copt from Egypt but in all probability a Palestinian Muslim and terrorist supporter. Read Walid Shoebat’s story in detail here.

He also writes about it at Front Page:

When it comes to the film Innocence of Muslims, our government and the media use a narrative mired in contradictions and false statements provided by the filmmaker, who himself is an untrustworthy source.

If we stick to what can be proven we might obtain the possibility that terror supporters produced the film. …

So lets examine facts …

Court documents reveal that Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, the producer of the movie Innocence of Muslims, partnered in a scheme with Eiad Salameh, my first cousin.

Eiad is a Muslim terror supporter and is not an Egyptian Copt.

He comes from Beit Sahour, Bethlehem and is well known by the FBI and the Arab community as a conduit for Middle Easterners who can obtain authentic, legitimate identifications, from passports to credit cards including many nationalities. He then places these identifications in the hands of dubious characters to use for fraudulent purposes.

In fact, I revealed Eiad Salameh way before this whole fiasco erupted — in 2008, and the first knowledge of Eiad and Nakoula was revealed on September 14, 2012 … [by] court documents that prove these two connected in 2009 in a major financial scheme. …

Was the man arrested by the FBI actually Bakoula Basseley Nakoula?

No one … can confirm for certain that whoever holds an identity by the name of Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, is even that man. He, after all, held several identifications … He could have easily presented a valid I.D. when he was arrested, yet he was likely not the man in that I.D.

Such a claim isn’t easily dismissed; if an Egyptian by the name of Nakoula Basseley Nakoula is blamed for angering over a billion Muslims, it would not be that difficult to find the entire family in Egypt, including brothers, cousins, aunts, siblings, wife, wives, ex-wives, mistresses, pet names and all. Especially since Egypt sparked all the riots that spanned over 30 some nations.

In the Middle East you are known by your clan, yet Egypt cannot produce this man’s family and background?

Besides this, why would Nakoula, who claims to be a religious Coptic activist, have extensive connections with Eiad, a man who I know hates Copts and is well-known to be the best schemer the Middle East has produced and has contacts with terror networks? …

The Daily Beast reported regarding Nakoula’s arrest:

“The bust came around the time the feds were launching Operation Mountain Express, which would become a huge investigation into pseudoephedrine-dealing involving numerous people of a Middle Eastern background. The authorities initially insisted there were no links to terrorism, but suddenly switched and decided that a chunk of the money was going to Hizbullah.” …

Nakoula first presented himself as an Israeli Jew, a thing Eiad also did for years. He fraudulently holds an authentic Israeli passport. …

Both my cousin Eiad and Nakoula had multiple fraudulent identifications … [and they] were linked for at least a decade from the year 2000 …

Nakoula had used “P.J. Tobacco” and Eiad was linked to a tobacco smuggling operation into Syria in 2001 by using a fictitious name A&M Trading, as revealed in the U.S. Trustee report in 2001. Nakoula used M&A Trading in 2009 with his pseudoephedrine dealings. He simply switched letters; A&M became M&A. Nakoula used Eiad’s last name “Erwin Salameh” portraying himself as Eiad’s brother. … Eiad was also involved with someone with a last name “Tanas” and Nakoula had used the name “Thomas J. Tanas.”

Both clans “Nakoula” and “Tanas” exist in Eiad’s village in Beit Sahour, Bethlehem. …

[Nikoula] embezzled millions with Eiad. The money [for the film] must have come from these scandalous operations, which our government finally admitted is linked to terrorist activity. …

Nikoula was brought to trial on fraud charges.

Now to prove beyond a shadow of doubt that the feds were complicit: the Justice Department lawyers and federal agents, despite Nakoula’s two previous offenses, defended Nakoula and gave several excuses to Judge Snyder and pushed for leniency, all because he supposedly promised to help them catch Eiad … [for whom] warrants were issued, [but] no arrests made … in thirty some years. …

Eiad was … finally caught and locked up in Canada in January 2011. … The Canadians wanted to keep Eiad in custody as long as it took to extradite him to the United States, yet the U.S. refused for seven months to take him and preferred to fly him to Palestine.*

More will emerge about these men and the making of the film.

If it is confirmed that Muslims made it in order to rouse fury against the US and Jews, and to bring bloody revenge down on Copts in Egypt, what will President Obama, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Ambassador Susan Rice, and UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon have to say, we wonder. Nothing, we guess.

Though they should eat crow. Raw.


* “Palestine” does not exist, but we know what he means.

  • tyler520


    FINALLY someone else is drawing attention to this blatantly bogus false flag.

    Other notable issues that suggest the video is a fraud perpetrated my Muslims:

    The rioters were blaming a “Coptic conspiracy” before Nakoula was ever identified.

    Nakoula’s (only) favorite video on youtube is of a speech by the leader of the radical SALAFIST Al Nour Party

  • Even the Huffington Puffington post (as Rush likes to say) picked up on the “Smoking Gun’s article, and not to deny it either. Maybe this could actually gain some traction… but I’m still not holding my breath.

  • liz

    HA! Just what I thought of the whole fishy mess to begin with.
    The mud on Obama and Hilary’s faces just keeps getting thicker.