Romney rises 12

This is from Larry Kudlow’s account of his reaction to Wednesday’s debate between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama.

Mitt Romney politely cleaned Barack Obama’s clock tonight. A lethargic and at times tired looking President Obama was out-hustled, out-facted, out-energized, and out-informed by Former Governor Mitt Romney …

Romney had to correct President Obama on a number of issues, including oil tax breaks, healthcare issues, job training programs in the federal government and even how Obamacare works. Romney’s knowledge base was broad and deep, much broader and deeper than President Obama showed tonight.

At times, Obama looked petulant because he knew he was beat and he knew he was outhustled and not in command of the facts. What’s more is that Romney’s demeanor was calm but insistent. You could see a man who is for limited government and private enterprise, who wants to make sure that people understood his commitment to those key principles, and he never wavered. On the other side, you could see Barack Obama committed to big government all the way. …

For almost every question, President Obama had a government solution. For almost every question, Mitt Romney had a private-sector solution. …

We agree with all that. Though we did not like every single idea Mitt Romney expressed – for instance that he believes in some government regulation of the economy, and that he “likes” green energy (fortunately not as much as he likes oil and clean coal) – we are highly delighted that he overwhelmed Obama on all points.

But Larry Kudlow also writes:

We have no new knowledge of what President Obama would do if elected to a second term. We know he opposes everything Romney supports, but we have very little idea about what President Obama himself actually believes in.

Very little idea? Why’s that? His intentions and ideology have not been hard to read.

But we have a hunch that Obama might actually want to lose the election; that he is all too aware he is in over his head. We surmise that he wanted to be Chief Celebrity, but hadn’t anticipated how tough a job the leadership of America really is – even if his intention was to subvert  it, weaken it, impoverish it, make it ungovernable, bring it under the authority of the nefarious UN, and smooth the path of encroaching Islam, as he has done. He’s had to work for all that while yet seeming to be a patriot and do the chores of the job, however reluctantly and incompetently (like occasionally listening to or glancing at intelligence briefings). And now blame is pouring on his head, and the deluge will come harder as the dark truth behind the Middle East bonfire and the murder of Ambassador Stevens breaks.

He cannot cope with figures. As the sum of the national debt keeps growing he must dread looking at the dancing numbers. Another of our suspicions (we openly wear  the badge of skepticism) is that he has an affliction called dyscalculia. It is similar to dyslexia, only to do with numbers not letters. Hence “57 states”; “10,000 died” in a tornado in Kansas;  “millionaires and billionaires”, as if there was little difference between a million and a billion … To take just a few examples.

Well, he attained his celebrity. He attained power. He’s managed to do America a lot of harm. He was the first black president. He has his place in history. Why endure any more of the hassle? Enough already! Maybe he’s saying that to himself, as his hair turns grey, and Romney rises.


PS. For extra delight, see how disgruntled Obama supporters are over last night’s debate here and here.

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  • “But we have a hunch that Obama might actually want to lose the election; that he is all too aware he is in over his head.”

    That sure is an original idea. It would certainly explain why Obama was not prepared to debate Romney.

    I’ve been closely watching the latest polls and I was amazed. Romney could win Ohio, Florida, Virginia, and other toss-up states. Before the debate I had given up all hope. 90 minutes changed everything. A brilliant performance from Romney. I used to sort of like Romney. Now he’s my hero.

  • Frank

    It’s a glimmer of hope – dim, but still a glimmer.

  • Lazar

    I actually agree with the czech physicist & conservative blogger Lubos Motl who says:

    has actually understood that the left-wing attitudes are wrong. They
    don’t work. He’s not stupid, he had 4 years to study this issue from a
    rather powerful reference frame, and he has learned a lot – even though
    he began to have a clue before he became a president.

    He was
    manipulated into a position of a president from whom the extreme
    left-wingers expected a lot. They have “made him” but he has never been
    genuinely and internally one of them. He knows that the pro-freedom
    principles that Romney – partially – represented make sense while the
    opposition to them doesn’t make sense. He just realizes he’s in a rather
    sensitive position and if he admitted everything he already knows, he
    would create a lot of hassle for himself and the U.S.

    So Obama will do everything he can to lose (without making his intent
    totally obvious) the November elections. Then he will come out of closet
    as a conservative and will write a book on how the nasty politically
    correct left-wingers have been manipulating him for years to be another
    obedient left-winger.

    • liz

      That’s an interesting take on it. I don’t know if I would give Obama that much credit, though. This psychologist may just be projecting his wishful thinking onto Obama, so as to give him the benefit of the doubt.

      • Yeah, I think its impossible to overestimate the power of veronica and axelrod in his ear, who knows how they are describing what is going on to him. What I saw during the debate was a guy who is not as smart as the press has built him up to be. I mean, he didn’t actually write his first book, so who will ghost-write the next one if he has really swung to the right? OK, I volunteer… it would be good money… for one meeeeeeelllliiiiiiiooooonnn dollars I will paint O’bama as the most sympathetic character you have ever heard of. It will be an added benefit that I don’t have to do the book tour;-)

    • Andrew M

      Based on the perspective I received of Obama after watching 2016, I’m willing to doubt Motl’s opinion. He championed left-wing causes all throughout his youth and considered Communist ideologues like Frank Marshall Davis to be his political idols. The idea that he is not thoroughly steeped in Leftist ideology holds no water.

      It is certainly possible, though. Before I saw the debate last night, I made sure to review my history and watch the famous 1980 debate between Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan. The latter admitted that he used to be a Democrat, where he said and believed many foolish things before joining the force of reason (with the exceptions of his religion and scaling up the Drug War, if I may interject). We witnessed a similar transformation from the irascible Christopher Hitchens, who never quite identified himself as a conservative (good – I hate labels) but admitted the difficulty of giving up his previous faith in Marxism to make a distinctive shift to the right.

      For as much as I despise his policy, Obama seems like a thoughtful man. If he did make this transformation, I could almost vindicate him for the unnecessary hassles he gave my generation… almost.

      • Hi Andrew, if O’bama LOSES, THEN forgive him. That will be the price for his absolution. After all: if Mccain had won, it might have led to eight years of a democrat in office starting 2013.

        • Andrew M

          But of course. I was implying that Romney would win when I wrote my comment 🙂 Obama would certainly have much to think about if (when) he loses this election.

          Disclosure statement: I did not vote for McCain or Obama in the last election cycle, so I would have been fed up with either one. I couldn’t imagine how uniquely destructive Obama would be, however. I simply thought he was a run-of-the-mill Leftist running against a senile opponent.

          • liz

            Who would have imagined that there could be something worse than senility? : )

            • Andrew M

              Hey now, that was a dig at the Campaigner-in-Chief!

              Steve brings up a good point. If we didn’t elect Obama to office, who knows if the frog would ever notice it was boiling in hot water? The loss of our amnesia is the only good thing to come out of this presidency.

            • liz

              Well, you may be right – we did lose our amnesia. Only its the kind where you say “I saw my whole life flash before my eyes!”
              If we’re lucky this will only be a NEAR death experience, not the final one.

  • liz

    It’s a likely possibility that he is saying that to himself, but it is a certainty for all those he’s inflicted himself on. “Enough already” is an understatement!!!
    It’s time for him to step aside and let a grown-up take over the mess he’s made.