A blasphemous pineapple 7

News Track India reports:

London, Oct. 5: A group of atheist students were thrown out of their fresher’s fair in London because they displayed a pineapple labelled ‘Mohammed’ on their stall.

The Reading University’s Atheist, Humanist and Secularist Society (RAHS) said they wanted to celebrate free speech and promote their upcoming debate ‘Should we respect religion?’ But they were ordered to remove the offending fruit by [students’] union staff who said their actions were causing ‘distress’ to a number of Muslim students and other societies.

RAHS refused to remove the fruit, citing that they had labelled the pineapple after the Islamic prophet to ‘encourage discussion about blasphemy, religion, and liberty’.

“We wanted to celebrate the fact that we live in a country in which free speech is protected and where it is lawful to call a pineapple by whatever name one chooses,”  …  a spokesman from RAHS [said].

But they do not live in such a country. There is no such country in Europe.

They claimed the union then issued them with the ultimatum: “Either the pineapple goes or you do”.

According to RAHS, a group of students surrounded their stall and removed the pineapple’s name tag before the society was ‘forced to leave the venue’.

This implies that action was taken by students who were not members of the RAHS and which was against the atheists’ will. It does not say whether or not the RAHS chose to remain there after its pineapple was vandalised and its message silenced.

We hope they did not remain. Or if they did, that they stuck another “Mohammad” name tag on the thing.

  • Jinn Tonic

    President of the society behind the “offensive pineapple” will be a guest panelist on The Jinn And Tonic Show http://www.blogtv.com/people/TheJinnAndTonicShow this Saturday at 9PM UK time (8PM GMT)

    • Jillian Becker

      Thanks, Jinn Tonic. We’ll tell our known British readers.

      • Jinn Tonic

        Hi Jillian, it’s an Internet show so it has a worldwide audience not just a British one 🙂

  • liz

    Yes, their country is free in name only. As ours will soon be, if we continue with our current Dhimmi in Chief and Dhimmi of State.
    The reaction should have been that a pineapple with the name Muhammed on it appeared on every other stall at the fair after the complaint. But they have lost the whole concept of free speech, so they are easy prey.

  • Chimini

    Okay, so a pineapple named Muhammad is offensive but Muslims calling for the annihilation of Israel, Islamic takeover over the world (aka pulling the world into Dark Ages, probably much worse), calling the killing of Christians and Jews in public is not offensive


    If the pineapple were called Jesus, will they be evicted or celebrated? Why is it that the secular world has become hypocritical? I mean when Christians get offended, people laugh at them; when Muslims are offended, people are persecuted. I don’t love Christianity but I rather find it double standards.

  • cheongyei

    Europe will be heading for hell again, and praying (to god) that the US will bail out their feeble butts when the muzzis get nasty.

    • Andrew M

      Which god will actually receive their prayers?

      I reiterate Chimini’s call that Europe is a land of “DHIMMIS!” and that “Allah” (mind the scare quotes) will receive their prayers for conquest. Good to see from this article that some of them aren’t going to take the jihad lying on their backs, but the fact that they must do so underground to be any effective (a la White Rose) should finally sink in after this event.