The way to dusty death 3

Berkeley … Peace Corps … Democratic Party … Middle East …

Christopher Stevens, US Ambassador to Libya, bien pensant par excellence, walked a sure path of romantic self-deception to an early, cruel, and violent death.


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  • liz

    So when are Hillary and Obama going to be held accountable, and take responsiblity for throwing this sheep to the wolves?

    • Never. If O’bama wins, it will run out of steam. If Romney wins, deals will be cut, and it will be allowed to go away… such is politics.

    • Jillian Becker

      A good question, Liz. Yes, Ambassador Stevens was killed by the State Department. By the Obama Administration. Indirectly, but certainly. They denied him the protection he asked for. Murder by Negligence. And Steve is probably right that no one will be held accountable.