Mitt Romney stars 2

Except about “God”, Mitt Romney was really funny in his speech at the annual Alfred E. Smith charity fund-raising dinner last night. Most of his good-natured jokes are at Obama’s expense. He looks great too.

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  • liz

    Yes, not only did well at delivering the jokes, but brings back the aura of dignity to the idea of President. You’ll never see Romney shift into “ghetto” mode to relate to certain crowds.

  • Romney’s writers get all the Kudo’s, fuking hillarious, well… Romney delivered them pretty well but they were so good the “I” could have gotten the laughs… and I am not very funny. O’bama did an excellent job delivering “his” lines, gotta be honest. But then, he is the speechmaker/clown in chief;-)… Romney definitely had the better jokewriter(s) though.