Civil war brewing in Europe? 9

The stupid and dangerous policies of the lefty governments of Europe (they’re all on the left, including those who call themselves conservative), to encourage massive Muslim immigration and then privilege the immigrants over the indigenous populations, has unsurprisingly provoked the rise of extremely illiberal factions. Some of them speak of war. Here’s an example from France.

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  • bg

    Fascists exploit the problems and bad blood caused by leftist politicians; I saw it happen with David Duke’s run for La. governor. In a way, they have a symbiotic dependance on each other.

    • Jillian Becker

      Absolutely right, bg. Glad you point it out. I have written a whole novel illustrating (inter alia) that very phenomenon. It will be advertised on this site soon.

      • liz

        By the way, I’m reading “L” right now – fascinating!

        • Jillian Becker

          Oh, Liz! Yes, it is “L” I am talking about – but a new updated edition with a new Preface.

          Thank you for saying a kind word about it. It is highly applicable to America now, though it is set in England in the 1980s.

          More about it soon.

  • liz

    It’s awesome to finally see some French people (especially young ones) who actually understand what is being foisted on them and have a will to resist it.
    I don’t doubt that at this late point in the game, war really is the only option they have in stopping the tidal wave engulfing them.

  • I highly recommend to participants here that they check out the “Tehran Times.” This is their most widely read news publication, and provides marvelous insight into the current and evolving state of Iranian politics and attitudes.

    The link I am providing will take you to articles by a gentleman who actually lives in Denver Colorado (I don’t have his street address yet… kidding… sorta).

    His name is Yuram Abdullah Weiler.
    He calls himself a “dissenting voice” from inside the belly of the beast”. He is one of the primary columnists for the TEHRAN TIMES, and What he is doing is trying to generate hatred within Iranians for the west. What the hell is up with Colorado anyways? is it the new “Mecca” for alienated crazies?

    He is a recent convert to “Shia Islam”, and to our eyes looks exactly the part of some old nut job out pan-handling for liquor money. To the Iranians he simply looks like an underfed Ayatollah…

    He is, however, a highly skilled and persuasive writer You will almost certainly see his name start to surface when things heat up a bit more. Please read the following article in particular:

    here is a list of other articles.

    • Jillian Becker

      Thanks for the link to the Tehran Times, Steve. Such a short list of such harmless doings by the wicked West! Of his nearly 3000 compatriots atrociously murdered on 9/11 he does not speak. Of Daniel Pearl’s beheading, Klinghoffer’s drowning, he does not speak. Of the American sailors killed on the Cole he does not speak. Our comprehensive list would be very long. Like this American traitor writing for the Tehran Times, neither Obama nor Hillary seem to think that we have any cause to take offense. I think we can anticipate what the Tehran Times would say about any issue to do with Islam and the West. We cannot argue with it – Islam brooks no argument – or silence it, even if we wanted to. Obama and Hillary, though, we can do something about. We can vote them out.

      • And we must. The children have been allowed to run amok long enough. I am conforted in the confidence that this man is on the radar of any number of government agencies, as well as locals who are just waiting for an excuse. I feel Mr. Weiler will soon find he is not nearly as clever, or secure, as he imagines himself to be.

  • Frank

    That was powerful stuff and bound to happen. They have finally reached what I refer to as the Popeye moment.
    “That’s all I can stand I can’t stands no more.”
    ~ Popeye