A sermon in Benghazi 6

An imam of the “religion of peace” (President Bush’s and President Obama’s ridiculous description of Islam) preaches violence against Christians and Jews and action to damage the US economy, on the Friday following the attack by Muslims on the US consulate in Benghazi and the murder of the ambassador and three other Americans.

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  • Lolly

    I am a Christian, but what you sow you will reap. Many Christians have been talking hate against the Muslims. Hate causes hate. Mark my words, if you mock Muhammed or Allah, the Muslims will not sit and take it. They are not Westerners , so do not try to paint them as Westerners. Formerly American Christians also would not take attacks against their Christian religion sitting down. The Christians have forgotten that God asks us Christians to be forgiving and to be peaceful and to be understanding and not to be mocking others which is rude. Christians are supposed to practice the fruits of the spirit. Hate is not one of those. Burning Korans and urinating on them and on dead Muslims is disgusting and not what a true or smart Christian does. If you disrespect the book of the Muslims, then expect the Muslims to possibly disrespect the Bible. What you sow you will reap. Thanks to ignorant Christian actions , the Christians in Muslims countries are being attacked and some killed. The Gospel is being demoted and tossed out of Muslim lands due to the ignorant actions of some ignorant Christians. Almost all Muslim lands have small Christian communities and they become endangered when ignorant, selfish Americans or Europeans push their “freedom” .

    • Jillian Becker

      Do you really not know, Lolly, that Muslims “talk hate” as you put it against Christians? That they are actually commanded by their “holy” writ to kill Christians and Jews? Read the Koran! Do you really believe the West is to blame because the Muslims persecute Christians? Is it more offensive to draw a cartoon or make a video mocking Muhammad than it is to fly planes into buildings full of people, or hack off the head of a Western journalist, or blow up a plane full of passengers in the air? I admit it is a very Christian thing to do, to cringe before those that hate and persecute you on the grounds that you must turn the other cheek, and forgive, and “not resist evil” as your pathetically weak “Sermon on the Mount” counsels you. But do I need to remind you that until quite recently Christians were great persecutors of other religions – and of fellow Christians – and that an incalculable number of people were tortured and burnt alive by the Catholic and Protestant churches? Why isn’t it obvious to you that religion as such is a chief cause of strife and suffering? Can you not understand that all ideas must be subject to the test of thought, including religious ideas? As we say in our Articles of Reason: Many an idea has survived persecution, but not critical examination.

    • Lolly – so you are saying we should not judge Muslims for raping women, then stoning them for commiting fornication? They get a break because they are not Westerners?

      Or are you saying that that is the Middle East, therefore it is “Allah’s” jurisdiction, and so the Christian god most respect “Allah’s” Turf?
      I hate the religion and the culture in which violence and repression toward women is an accepted norm. I hate other religions that condone and turn a blind eye to it as a sort of “professional courtesy”. This is why I disrespect both the bible and the quran. The sooner all of that corrupt religious programming can be erased from the Earth, the sooner the human race can truly move forward.

      Atheists get verbally pilloried from podiums all across Christiandom every Sunday. I suppose that does not pass for “hate speech” however because we are the lost minions of Satan, and therefore fair game. As an Atheist I get to be honest about my hatred. How do christians live with their own inconsistencies and hypocrisy?

    • liz

      Guess what, Lolly, Muslims don’t “possibly” disrespect the Bible, they most emphatically do, and not because of anything Christians ever did.
      If we reap what we sow, how about letting Muslims reap what THEY sow? They have been attacking all non-Muslims, unprovoked, for a very long time. being “polite” to them is not going to change their minds.
      Ambassador Stevens was an extremely polite and unselfish individual. Did that stop hate-filled Muslims from raping and murdering him?
      I know Christianity teaches you to be a door-mat, but that’s not how freedom is defended. And by the way, freedom isn’t something that can be “pushed”. Tyranny is.
      Like Romney said, we don’t dictate to other nations – we free them FROM dictators.

  • liz

    And to think garbage like this is being spewed in 80% of the mosques in our own country (I could be wrong but remember that % mentioned on one of the links provided on a previous post). Garbage in, garbage out.