The clueless vote for Obama 18

Posted under United States, Videos by Jillian Becker on Thursday, October 25, 2012

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  • Ray

    so painful to view…shouldn’t be allowed to vote without a W-2 in hand.

  • Steve M Cardon

    Here is a clueless Ted Turner who is happy about our soldiers commiting suicide:

  • Steve M Cardon

    Here is Ahmadinejad taking a page out of the Democratic Parties handbook…

  • Robert Yarber

    Oh my god… the sheer stupidity made my brain hurt. And they’re college students?!

  • Andrew M

    So happy you posted this video. I encountered this all the time at college, and it made me seriously sick to my stomach. If ever I thought stupidity was contagious – and deadly – it was at one of America’s institutes of higher education at the turn of the century.

  • julian mann

    That’s Ohio, the state that will most likely decide the election.

  • Steve M Cardon

    Sorry for only tangentially related topic. Thought this might amuse you. The Democrat controlled Senate will conduct “Intelligence comittee” hearings into Benghazi starting Nov. 15. How many of those students, would you guess, understand that when a party controls the Senate (or House) they also control the various comittees.

    • liz

      Yes, you have to laugh when you hear Obama saying they are going to investigate this and make sure “justice is done.” HA!

      • Steve M Cardon

        Justice would be O’bama and Hillary left alone and unprotected at our consulate in Yemen.

        • liz

          Yep. I think they should all be deported over there and left to fend for themselves. See how long they last, even after apologizing profusely, AND hiring their usual quota of mentally challenged lawyers and same-sex couples!

  • Steve M Cardon

    Wow… …. … well that pretty much explains 47% percent of the vote.

  • Azgael

    they need to raise the age of voting to 30

    • liz

      No kidding! This is really sad.