The rise and rise of Barack Obama 5

Before he crashes down next week (as we ardently hope he will), here’s an outline of his amazing rise while Americans were not paying attention.

The video was made when Barack Obama was standing for election to the presidency in 2008. It didn’t get the attention it deserves.

It bears re-showing now.


ET Williams comments on Obama’s lack of credentials to be president of the USA. ¬†Repetitive yes, but apt.

  • There are actually a fair number of Blacks I have run across who really understand the cultural myths and lies, internal to the black community, that are out there. They no that racism will not go away until “everybody” stops being racist… particularly the Liberals.

  • liz

    I think its awesome when a black person, like this E.T.Williams, has the sense and the guts to judge politicians by their ideology, not their race.

    R.I.P., George.

  • Sorry for “off topic” but I woke up to this one, and couldn’t believe it… but I could.

    The cover up lies have moved into a new phase. Now they are saying the CIA sent forces 25 minutes into the attack, but did not ignore requests for help… but… doesnt that put a complete lie to any of the “muhammed video” claims made by the administration? This stinks to high heaven.

    • liz

      Oh, right – since they NEVER politcize ANYTHING!!!

      • I’m really dissapointed with Christina… now I absolutely will not go out with her;-)