Democracy kills itself 5

Millions of voters who have resided in America their whole lives have immigrated without moving an inch. They don’t live in the country of their birth even if they’ve never travelled outside its borders. This is not your father’s America. It’s not even your older brother’s. 

So writes Daniel Flynn, in an article at Front Page.

The electorate that voted Ronald Reagan into the presidency in 1980 was 88 percent white, ten percent black, and two percent Hispanic. The body politic that reelected Barack Obama in 2012 was 72 percent white, thirteen percent black, ten percent Hispanic, three percent Asian, and two percent “other” …

But –

The changing complexion of America may be the most superficial of the major demographic shifts. Getting married and bringing children into the world are less popular now than at any point in U.S. history. In 1980, just 18 percent of births occurred to women not married to their child’s father. Now, that figure exceeds 40 percent. Without a daddy in their house, many single mothers look for a daddy in the White House. …

So many Americans now depend on government for food, shelter, retirement, education, health care, and even jobs that the party of government almost guarantees itself a majority long before the campaign has started. Consider that in 1980 slightly more than twenty million Americans received food stamps. In 2012, the number approaches fifty million. From bailed-out Toledo autoworkers to the comfortably unemployed approaching 99 weeks of benefits in Detroit to Georgetown co-eds desiring free birth control, the Democrat constituency is the coalition of the bought. …

Republicans Tuesday suddenly came to grips with the changes that have been slowly transforming the United States of America. …

There has been a revolution within the form.

The nation’s name remains the same. Its habits, and inhabitants, have changed beyond recognition. 

A majority of Americans chose socialism. They may not call it that, but that is what they’re getting with their choice of Obama.

As Daniel Flynn says, the transformation of America did not come suddenly. The November 2012 election was only the consummating event. Preparation for it started decades ago. To choose an arbitrary date, one might say 1968. But the realization that it has happened has come suddenly to the Republican Party.

The change came to the West in general.

Since the advent of the “New Left”, generations of children have been educated to believe that socialism is good, capitalism is bad. In American public schools, the teaching of every branch of the humanities is an indoctrination of socialism. American history is taught as a shameful tale. The books of modern fiction prescribed for student reading more often than not carry the messages of the left: anti-capitalism, egalitarianism, environmentalism, multiculturalism. The nation state and military strength are bad. Pacifism and world socialist government are good. Business is a bad thing. (“Making a profit is a disease in our society”, declares that icon of the left, Noam Chomsky.) The person who succeeds in making money in business is ipso facto a bad person.

All this they were taught. It was a long concerted campaign. “The  long march through the institutions” (the slogan that became a program, first uttered by Antonio Gramsci, founder of the Italian Communist Party) was patiently undertaken by the footsoldiers of the left, and steadily achieved. One by one the institutions were conquered: the schools and universities, many of the churches (easily turned from irrationalism to irrationalism, from one faith to another), the media, the entertainment industry; in Europe, and parts of America, even the police and the courts of law; eventually the government, and so the military and the intelligence services.

And conservatives did not notice the march. Or if they noticed it, they didn’t think it worth the effort to stop it. And now it cannot be reversed. It is a one-directional movement, a political ratchet.

So America goes socialist. The spectacle of other societies failing under socialism/communism/collectivism/statism should, in reason, make Americans shudder, not emulate them. But it hasn’t. Americans have caught the disease that is destroying the West.

What is its name?

As a failure to notice that socialist experiments have failed, it’s mental blindness.

As a failure to understand why they’ve failed, it’s mental feebleness.

As an open-eyed, fully conscious commitment to self-destruction, it is, in the medical term, suicidal ideation.

Democracy kills itself.

  • consvltvs

    Yes. Historically, democracies have often destroyed themselves. The first democracy, Athens, is a perfect example, but Weimar Germany is another. As for suicidal ideation, the UK is a poignant instance of a formerly great democracy whose self-loathing has not quite finished killing freedom. Democracies do this as part of a cycle identified by Aristotle. (These are not new insights, but we don’t learn from history.) All too often, democracy degenerates into mob rule, and mob rule becomes so bad people ultimately accept a dictator just to bring peace in the streets. The Romans kept their freedoms far longer than any other major nation because they had a mixed constitution, not a pure democracy. Our own constitution was originally somewhat mixed, with the Electoral College and senators chosen by the legislatures, not by popular vote. But we are closer now to pure democracy than ever before, and the storm is coming.

    Here’s the good news: With a Romney victory, the Right would have become complacent. Conservatives would have made too much of the political victory, as they did in 1968, 1980, and 2000, while ignoring the cultural defeat. Now, there is a chance conservatives will wake up and realize they have to take back the institutions that create opinion: education and entertainment. It will be a long campaign, but we have to try.

    • Jillian Becker

      Thank you, consvltvs, for your informative and interesting comment.

      It’s always good to hear from you.

      And you are right – we do have to try.

    • Thanks for those very interesting and insightful observations… the suggestion of a silver lining doesn’t hurt either… especially with the liberals crowing, and spiking the football all over the social media.

      If the upcoming investigation over Benghazi gets a genuine break and reveals more than it intended, that might give us a good next opportunity to fight back.

      Here is a strange echo that occurred yesterday as well. This guy was set to take over as CEO of major defense contractor “Lockheed Martin “Note that he is an “incoming” CEO… was supposed to take over, as opposed to an already standing CEO… and it is a major defense contractor hmmmm

      He resigned supposedly over an improper relationship with a subordinate. See!!! obviously this sort of thing happens all the time.. except I have not seen a similar announcement in recent memory. So here is a weird three way coincidence (more actually) coincidence.

      Where else have I seen a similar cover-up trick… bells are going off.

  • liz

    I feel as if we are trapped in a prison for the criminally insane, and they have seized control of it.
    I would say they do have a fully conscious (though insane) commitment to self-destruction, and we are being forced to go along with it.
    Obama has achieved his dream – the Joker in the Dark Knight, with no Batman.